Deal of the Week: 3 of ‘em

  • Bacon McShig

    Even though we all may not want these particular deals, I hope it’s not lost that we all appreciate more choice in the Deal of the Week, and hope it becomes the norm. With thousands upon thousands of premium content items on the XBLM, its always struck me as pretty silly to limit these sales to 1 piece of content per week.

    Also, I’d like to commend whoever made the animated dashboard advert for the three deals this week. Very eye-catching and clean.


  • CaNiBaL Elite

    Good time to buy peggle.


  • Sly Jon

    I clicked the advert on the Dashboard to try out Peggle & STUPIDLY thought it would download the Trial Version first. I WAS WRONG! It downloaded the full version, I WILL NEVER CLICK A ADVERT ON THE DASHBOARD AGAIN, VERY SNEAKY MICROSOFT, VERY VERY SNEAKY!!!


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