Yes, you can haz Pony


4151058475_0936d934da_m[1] We’ve just announced that Pets are coming to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace. Tomorrow, the first shipment arrives and you’ll be able to choose from the following Pets at 240 points each:


Large Dog, Pug Dog, Dog in Bag, Cat, Siamese Cat, Long Haired Cat, Goldfish, Guinea Pig, Monkey, Bird, Snake and yes….a Pony.


I’ve uploaded a few examples to my Flickr site, but look for these new additions tomorrow on the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace.









Edit: Added link to press release


  • Trancekr

    Well, I don’t know about this.


  • Monhegan

    How about…

    Viva Pinata Pets!!! Fudgehog, Macaraccon, or Chippopatamus anyone???


  • XandizitxU

    Useless, if at least was a Skag =p . Major i’m dissapointed with u, u didn’t post important things on ur blog like, Zombie Island for Borderlands and Bayonetta demo today o.O


  • HFC

    @ zeDuffMan

    LULZ @ Pedobear. Me too !!!


  • MagicMartyn

    Loving the pets but I don’t see a guinea pig… :o/


  • dogsounds

    I love this idea, but I have to say…the animations are a bit…well, lacklustre? The labrador walks round once (badly), sits, and then appears to fall over and – as far as I can tell – die. Which would be about right for my pet-handling abilty 😉

    It just seems a bit lacking and spal-dash considering the usual funky animations we get.

    Would also be awesome for them to be permanent rather than pop-ups like props. But I guess there are memory constraints.

    I’ll hold out for a husky 🙂


  • shaz73

    Bought the cute pug dog then 5min later got the rrod. Awesome


  • Anonymous



  • TehBanStick

    I just had to buy that damned bird. -_-



    @ XandizitxU: Great idea! Having little Scrappy the Skag from Borderlands as a pet would actually be worth the 240 points! Now if there was just some way MS and Gearbox could make it happen…


  • HenkvdWeerdt

    Great stuff. Monkey is always cool 🙂


  • Exu

    The best two are the Pug and the Monkey. Well, they would be the best if it wasn’t for the Chocobo being free.


  • EveofLight

    Got my kid the pug and the snake, I got myself the monkey. Monkeys are way cool 😀

    I can’t wait for the chocobo the mid of this month.


  • High im Hungry

    i was disappointed in these pets..
    i mean i was hoping they were pets and would be by your avatar at all times
    even if they just laid there and got up every couple of minutes to do the same thing lol

    instead these are just props that look like pets i mean you should have posted it as

    “New props available for your avatar PETS style”

    you tricked me..and its sucks..


  • Casserole

    I’m quite happy with Guilty Spark thanks! Though I’m quite fond of Akitas.



    “I Can Haz OverPriced Digital Content?” says gamer
    “Yes You Can!!!” says MS

    Gosh stop charging these mad prices for such content.


  • Quaranj

    Alright, since I know you’re looking at the requests due to the most recent show, I’ll put this out there: Cthulu!

    I’d suggest a bunch more of anime-themed pets,(Totoro, Kodama, etc) but we subscribers in Canada don’t get access to the Anime stuff as is. 😦

    //Still bitter about not having Gunslinger Girl
    ///Not for me, the Missus


  • wolfzero01

    so do the pets just magically appear & run around & then disappear after a few seconds, cause that is just too creepy. too bad there isn’t a way to customize your pet, might be worth the price then


  • Zacabeb

    Yeah, the animals disappearing doesn’t feel right. The labrador laying down to take a nap but then being magically disintegrated by the avatar does feel like a death animation. As a dog person who lived through the passing of a dog a few years ago, it really gives me bad vibes (losing a dog == walking through hell). So no virtual dog for my avatar. It would have more tasteful if the pets had “homes” to stay in upon spawning and unspawning.
    In a nutshell, depicting animals spawning and unspawning the same way as toys and gadgets just doesn’t work out. The pets should have stuck around and have separated animation schemes that wouldn’t require dedicated avatar animations, or at least have graceful spawning and unspawning animations.


  • Darauk

    Pet or lightsaber… pet or lightsaber. If my daughter has her way, the lightsaber will be gone.


  • Quaranj

    I have to agree with Zakabeb, though I wont mind summoning and dispelling my mythical chocobo. This is why I’d be prone to suggesting more mythical beasts as avatar pets.


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