Show #343: Interviews with members of 343 Industries about Halo and more


In this special 343rd episode, posted on the 343rd day of the year, I interview some of the team members at 343 Industries who are responsible for all things Halo at Microsoft Game Studios.


Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)  

Bonnie Ross – General Manager, 343 Industries

Justin Korthof – Community Manager, 343 Industries

Jon Goff – Community Manager, 343 Industries

Kevin Grace – Managing Editor, 343 Industries

Eric Nylund – Author

Jeremy Patenaude – Content Creator, 343 Industries (Formerly of
Jacob Benton – Content Creator, 343 Industries (Formerly of

Josh Holmes – Executive Producer, 343 Industries

Frank O’Connor – Franchise Development Director, 343 Industries

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  • Ganon255

    I love the time on posing.


  • Ganon255



  • hied

    34.4 MB ?!? .4? Oh, it’s an MP3.


  • oue

    Did Major stop doing the Top 10 Games?


  • Mulho

    Was hoping for an Interview with Ryan Payton. 😦



  • UNSCleric



  • CaptainCaterpie

    Significance of 343? Bungie’s lucky number is 7.

    7 to the power of 7 is 343.

    Do they not know that?


  • Sikamikanico

    Where’s the link to the Halo pants!!!?

    Great podcast by the way.


  • Joecr

    You should have released it at 3:43 AM to keep up with the theme.


  • Speed24Racer

    Great AWESOME podcast


  • Carl72x

    @CaptainCaterpie 7^7 = 823,543, but 7^3 = 343

    Can’t wait to hear the show! looks like its full of goodness.


  • Halwende

    Awesome play on the numbers Major 🙂 Always appreciate interviews with those in the industry – thank you!


  • Computerdude103

    WOulda been cooler to interview the people at Bungie (aka the people that created Halo, not the people that Microsoft designated to take it over)…. Nevertheless, Bungie is much too busy to talk to the likes of Major Nelson, and it will be good to hear from Frankie in this podcast (he was forcibly transferred from bungie to microsoft)


  • HsitH

    Another Awesome podcast you did Major. Have a nice 343 Day.


  • NeoXDonut

    Why can’t I Subscribe to the Podcast directly using the ” Zune ” software?


  • ABomb

    Bill Gates had at least two books that were on the NY Times Bestseller lists and I think there are some other employees that have made the list so Eric is not alone. Nathan Myhrvold was an employee and co-author of one of those books.

    Larry — While it is cool that this was show 343 I seem to remember at some point you bumped your show number by 100 or so, maybe back in July of 2005. Isn’t this really like show 243?


  • mchiefvs360

    I missed it, just didn’t scroll down the blog, oh well, it’s only a few days late.


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