Games for Windows ‘Games on Demand’ now available


You can now download full version of games via the newly launched Games for Windows Games on Demand service. You can see the complete list of games now available here. Once you download the Games for Windows client, be sure and grab Tinker. This is a free game that will allow you to add some new achievements and couple of hundred points on to your Gamerscore for free and while you are sitting at your desk.


Download the Games for Windows client here, then once you install it you can download Tinker from within the Games for Windows LIVE application.


If you need some help in Tinker, we’ve got you covered here.


  • BlackSmoke

    I hope they offer Shadowrun, so we can get a few more people playing. After all this time that game is still fun and addictive.


  • UNSCleric

    “I found a bug: Using the controller, press the Guide button to bring up the menu. The button presses still register with the game along with the guide.”

    I also found that issue. I also say the prices are too high on nearly everything (I can get RE5 for $14 or less now). Where is Osmos or World of Goo?


  • goobot

    ah no mac compactly?


  • ol Velocity Io

    Set 07 Level 19 has a major bug, the par energy is -1, which is impossible to get anyway. But, beating the Time, Energy and Pick-ups requirements doesn’t make it Conqured, making the “Conquore Everything” achievement currently impossible to achieve.

    Any word on a patch for this glitch?


  • ggwenlan

    tinker is awesome! i would have paid good money for it! thanks!


  • Exu

    Grr, Tinker’s a glitchy mess. The achievement for completing 81 levels popped but I didn’t get it, and it kept popping after redoing the level.

    So I close and restart the game and BAM, progress gone. What the heck, MS?
    Added to that the already-mentioned glitches.


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