Arcade: Puzzlegeddon


Puzzlegeddon™ Content: Puzzlegeddon
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Not Available in Australia, India, Japan, Korea or New Zealand
Dash Text: Set in an array of galaxies, Puzzlegeddon™ features a clever mix of puzzle, action and strategy in a game that is fast-paced and addictive! Compete for the top spot on the planet by creating multiple combos for the quickest way to gather enough resources to blast your enemies out of this world! There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see


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  • Sneeches

    downloaded it this morning and gave it a try, not sure its worth 800 pts, I’ll probably buy it once it comes on sale.


  • wiirule111

    I did try it and its ok, but its a typical 400 point game so i wont buy it.

    Getting the Alien Breed remake Thou..


  • Anonymous

    Yeah I cant see myself paying 800 points for this either, its just not that catchy of a game. If it ever gets a DotW discount for 400 it’ll be a insta-buy then.


  • VirulentDiurnal

    How many puzzle games need to be on this service?? Enough already!


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