Xbox LIVE Marketplace release schedule


To help your with your planning, I am happy to share with you with a release schedule for the next couple of weeks for some of the regular Xbox LIVE Marketplace features.*


Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week:

January 18th: Mass Effect’s Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station, 240 Microsoft Points each.

January 18th: Hasbro Family Game Night: Battleship, 400 Microsoft Points.

January 25th: Portal: Still Alive, 800 Microsoft Points.

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:

January 12th: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

January 26th: Dead Rising


Xbox LIVE Arcade:

January 13th: Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD, 1200 Microsoft Points

January 20th: Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, 1200 Microsoft Points

January 20th: Death by Cube, 800 Microsoft Points

Xbox Avatars Marketplace:

January 14th: Burton gear and Darksiders outfits.

January 21st: International attire , MX vs. ATV, and University style outfits


Starting today, the following Games on Demand are now available for a lower price:

BioShock, Saints Row, MX vs. ATV Untamed, Prey and Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution.


If all goes well, I should be able to share a schedule like this with you on a bimonthly basis.


Plus, this Friday January 15 from 12n ET/9am PT through Monday January 18 at 12n ET/ 9am PT, Xbox LIVE Silver members can enjoy on Xbox 360 for free.


*Current schedule, subject to change

Edit: The lower prices are not applicable to all regions. The Burton content is currently delayed.



  • AutomaticOcelot

    More information is always better! Thanks Major.
    May I suggest that instead of “Starting today” you default to “Later today” as a better phrase? I think it’s well established that changes take a while to propagate.


  • AutomaticOcelot

    Also, who’s been playing Frogger on your account Major? 🙂


  • StickyBeast

    Seriously where is ROYRIDE??? I really hope this game doesn’t fade into darkness and never be heard of again. It looked really good and got me and my friends excited. Some info would be nice. COME ON!!!


  • Exu

    @Xandek – You’re in for a long wait, Trials HD still sells a lot on a weekly basis, regularly coming top. The price isn’t going to be cut any time soon.


  • Wulf684

    No, there was a War outfit and a Ruin mask as pre-order incentives.


  • ianthe

    Given the dates you’ve given, do you mean “twice a month” bimonthly or “once every two months” bimonthly? Gotta love words that mean two different things.



    Thanks for posting this info! It’s always great to have something like this so we can plan out our points purchasing if necessary.


  • Phantaxus

    This is great now I can plan my live point purchases, never again will I be without points for a cool XBLA release


  • PriusGuy2004

    What is up with HFGN: Battleship being on this list…again…as a deal of the week? The whole HFGN was on sale last year (and I still feel cheated out of about $30 since you can buy the disc in stores now for under $30). I really wish some of the other board games went on sale…like Carcassone (sp?) for example. It’s great to let us know ahead of time…but a disappointment when something has already been offered once already. Bring on multiple deals of the week. That would rock in 2010.


  • Kandrick

    Bioshock still costs the same price here. Is the price drop only for some specific regions Major ?


  • GamingTailor

    Portal: Still Alive and Vandal Hearts seems the way to go 🙂

    Also, I’m curious to see how the Tim Burton stuff comes out.

    PS: Still waiting for my Ruins Head Mask.


  • TaygetaVendetta

    I hope this goes well and you can continue to post schedules like this, Major. Its great to know whats coming out in the following weeks. No more waiting till Monday afternoon to know what the week’s XBLA game is going to be.


  • yamayamayaamaa

    Thanks Major!
    This is good and prevents headaches!


  • moocow21

    Nice to see some price drops on Games On Demand!

    Bringing Down the Sky is probably worth the 240, but I’d recommend avoiding Pinnacle Station even at 240 pts unless you really have some spare points with nothing better to spend it on. Seriously, compared to how great the game itself was, Bioware dropped the ball big time on ME1 DLC. Here’s to hoping it’s better for ME2 (they say they have ambitious plans for dlc, but we’ll see).

    I always wanted to play Dead Rising. If it’s $19.99 I’ll probably bite the bullet.


  • Twilight Miasma

    Vandal Hearts o.O No wai!


  • murph17

    I’m thinking we are getting Burton Snowboard gear for avatars not Tim Burton costumes, but I could be wrong.


  • AnEternalEnigma

    I always thought it was humorous that they were selling Prey for an asinine $30 when I can drive 10 minutes go to Gamestop and pick up a pre-owned copy for $7.

    $20 is a lot more reasonable, however. Every game on this service should be no more than $20.


  • El Cid

    Good to see MS listen to its customers about providing better advance notice on downloadable releases and deals. I hope this is standard practice moving forward.

    Looks like they may also be getting the message that previous pricing for Games on Demand was insane. It’s still a little too high, but is almost where it should be ($10-20 for these older games). Strange that prices haven’t dropped on old XBLA releases though – they could help spur sales on titles that aren’t moving at all anymore with Steam-type bargains.


  • foxhunt99

    Lowing price on Games on Demand is a good start


  • Rossa AU

    No shock that the lowered prices only apply to the US………


  • Lucky 13 X

    This is great Major. I know some news sites have asked for such a feature to be a regular thing in addition of special events like Summer of Arcade. Here’s hoping this can be done throughout 2010 to make it Xbox’s best year ever.

    Keep it up!


  • L0rN

    so no price reductions for europe? Are we too rich?


  • Quaranj

    I like having the schedule, awesome if it can continue! It saves me the joy of getting a points card in the wee hours of the night when a good deal breaks. 🙂
    I scooped up a few offers during the holiday deals too, great stuff! Now about that Halo Wars DLC… 🙂


  • SkyyPlum

    Still no Perfect Dark, and constant $15 dollar arcade titles. I’m not saying these choices of games are bad like usual because I know plenty of people looking forward to Serious Sam, but not me and lately nothing is appealing to me on the arcade. I remember when I loved the arcade with the 5 and dollar titles that I loved like Geo. Wars 1 and 2, and Pac-man CE, Uno, Uno Rush, etc.. but now its just overpriced games that take only a few hours to breeze through. What about the Snoopy game? Why show videos for upcoming games on live many months before they are going to come out. Thats another thing I miss, back in the day we found out when a game was coming out just a short while before it did, now we see a game and here no release date or a release date for a year later and then hope it doesn’t get delayed like usual.

    The trends are ridiculous, will we ever get 5 and 10 dollar addictive arcade titles again or just the same ole, it would be great if you ever responded Major, but I know you won’t. btw, GO ORANGE!!!


  • ibelievein93x

    I want Perfect Dark and Plants Vs Zombies!


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