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If you’ve ever wanted to know just a little bit more about how things work in your Xbox 360, be sure to head over to and read the new Xbox Engineering blog. While it’s not much now, it’s where our engineering team will be making posts to give you a little peak behind the scenes and how we solve hard problems in the console space. On behalf of the team, we hope you’ll enjoy what promises to some geeky posts.


24 thoughts on “Xbox Engineering Blog

  1. Is there an RSS feed for it? Otherwise, could you get Lith to add it to the links section? (the Operation team’s blog should be added to the links as well, even if e has been lazy…)

  2. If there are no comments and no RSS, it’s not a blog.

    I did enjoy the (rather infrequent) postings to the old blog, and was disappointed when it closed. Great to see it back!

  3. That RSS link leads to a feed for all of or all of the marketplace. I add another vote to please provide a RSS feed just for the engineering blog 🙂

  4. Major, you of all people know this. And you too Litheon. If it doesn’t have an RSS feed it is NOT a blog! You mean I actually have to open up another web browser link to check it out? Doesn’t work in Google reader? It has to have RSS to be a blog!

  5. How is it that the Gamerscore blog is closed down yet this blog is formed? Nothing against the Engineering Blog, it just seems weird to me. Also, I agree with some comments above, there needs to be an RSS (I realize this issue has been addressed) and there needs to be comments. It isn’t a blog unless people can comment, otherwise I could consider it more a journal.

  6. Remember when e and his team created that Xbox Live network engineers blog? That sure didn’t pan out, did it? I’m confident this blog one will fail as well. Other than MN all Xbox employee blogs have failed, actually… Just saying I wouldn’t bother putting too much work into it, nobody is going to visit after about a week.

  7. Oh yeah, they did that phenomenal blog a few years back. I wouldn’t mind if it kept the same kind feel to it, since it was extremely informative, but since it’s on the main site – I can’t help but feel it’ll be silly stuff mostly.

    In any event, I look forward to it!

  8. @Tree : “Major, you of all people know this. And you too Litheon. If it doesn’t have an RSS feed it is NOT a blog!”

    You *are* kidding, right? Blog stands for ‘web log’. i.e a website setup which has a log of activity publicly available? RSS feeds have NOTHING to do with blogs – they’re separate animals.

    Why are you being so anal about the definition? Don’t read it if you don’t want to. Take your head outta your ass and smell the fresh air once in a while.

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