This week on Arcade: KrissX


KrissX will be available this Wednesday at 800 points.


Information on the game is light, so here is what I was able to find::


In “KrissX,” players can play through an endless number of puzzles and unscramble over 3,500 jumbled words that will test your trivia knowledge and expand your own daily vocabulary

Available worldwide (except Japan and Korea) and rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.



33 thoughts on “This week on Arcade: KrissX

  1. Mr Major Nelson.

    would it be possilbe in a future system update to have the ability to deleite multiple items at once with some kind of select to deleite or group deleite feature for videos. i’ve over 9Gb in videos at the moment and i know removing them 1 by 1 will take forever.

  2. Major, how can you NOT know more about this game? Doesn’t MS thoroughly test these games before releasing them? I just don’t understand how you, of all people, can’t get detailed information on a new game.

  3. Which marketing genius decided to combine Word Puzzle and those awful crossword games? Oooh! I hope it has a lousy text input interface and doesn’t support keypad input!

  4. All the previews on IGN and Gamespot have me looking for Risk-Factions eagerly. It is a “cutesy” take on Risk, but it will hopefully still do well. It is certainly more of a new take on an old game than the Family Game Night stuff, but once you grasp a few concepts, it is all about dice. Not as deep as Catan, and hopefully the new modes shorten the “classic” game.

    I am not a big word game guy, so this week is a pass for me.

  5. I should also like to point out that Blitz Studios (who created this game) also created the excellent Burger King games and SpongeBob SquarePants Underpants Slam. Promising! I might have to pick this up!

  6. I hate to say it, and I shouldn’t pass judgment on a game I know nothing about… but it seems like Arcade is getting bogged down with shovelware. – Quite a few crappy games released lately.

  7. BORING ARCADE GAMES!!! Comon MS we want perfect dark or other blockbuster. I wont spend any point on these games…i think i will keep my point for dlc

  8. “Information on the game is light, so here is what I was able to find:”
    Ok that’s a HUGE red flag right there. It’s NEVER a good sign when Microsoft hasn’t even released any decent information about the game they’re trying to get you to buy!

  9. We’ve been REALLY spoiled last summer, this mediocre period is the lashback I guess. You can’t expect instant xbla classics every week/month :p
    But yeah, this game looks like utter garbage.

  10. oh, and the owl is called “Wordsworth the Owl”. Just awesome.
    Not that such a fact means a bad game (we all played Peggle after all :p), but this looks like it was trown together in XNA in a week or so.

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