Demo: Aliens vs Predator Demo


Content: MP Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Germany, India and Japan
Dash Text: Hunter. Survivor. Prey. Which will you be? Will you lock and load as a United States Colonial Marine? Fight for honour as the savage Predator? Or go in for the kill as the murderous Xenomorph? And will you be the hunter… or the prey? Demo features one map in Deathmatch multiplayer. Full game features eight maps, seven multiplayer modes and three single-player campaigns. Online connection required.


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  • davidkenobi

    Despite the difficulty of offering a demo, the studios continue their efforts. Nice, appreciate that.


  • Blue Thunder28

    Really pumped for this!


  • GhStRdR2k

    This Demo is not showing up under the new arrivals section, but it is in the top rated section.


  • SumHydroponic

    Been playing the demo for the last two hours. Love it and cannot wait for the full game. Marine’s are pretty deadly in the demo, I haven’t come in under 4th place yet. Aliens are a blast to play as, still haven’t gotten to be a Predator yet. Execution kills are fun to watch. Wish this was a team deathmatch offering instead of a free-4-all, but great fun anyway.


  • Quaranj

    If this plays like the old PC FPS, I will be utterly happy. I loved taking out rooms of Marines as the alien. Mind the tail!


  • Kenjuan

    Looking forward to this. I haven’t played an AvP game since the first one on the PC.


  • Gonzo345

    Huh, I haven’t liked it 😦


  • Anonymous

    Downloading now! I cant wait to play it, I spent countless hours playing this on the PC years ago!


  • melkor2301

    Why not in Germany? 😦


  • Blue Thunder28

    This is very fun! I only wish the demo had a better mode than free-for-all 😦 though it’s at its best when everyone is chatting and organizes humans to stick together and aliens to stick together.. then it rocks. I just really want to play a mode not restricted by such a short time limit and really “stalk” my prey, as alien or pred… or hide as human haha. this 10 minute free-for-all is fast and crazy.


  • Hunkyandrich

    I downloaded it, but it always crashes after about 30 seconds.
    I deleted it and re-downloaded it, but I still have the same issue.
    Any help?


  • metallicorphan

    why did they change the Alien and Predator main attacks to the shoulder buttons and not the triggers?…..marines is great to play a+p not so much,bashing away on the shoulder buttons seem awkward
    should of had the A button to use for the Aliens to go climbing

    and when you creep up to someone and grab them you go into a little mini cutscene..if you know there are other enemies around then you are screwed,as they will attack you while you are dealing with your first prey

    @Hunkyandrich-i am in the UK,and i didn’t have any problems,sorry


  • OSKAR1983

    I think its kinda sickening that ms wants us to pay over 9 dollars a month just to get to test the demos. 69sek = 9.52usd. Please fix the sick prices.


  • snoopydoggy

    Downloading now. Keep the demos coming please.


  • Ark Hunter

    Nice. I’ll have to check this out. I liked it on the PC back in the day.


  • Spargo CXVII

    Need to check this out. Hope is good to buy.


  • Perkoli

    Cant test this demo i go to Player Match and it starts to look for a game but cant find any, i must be doing something wrong



    I played AvP2 on the PC back in the day and it was one of my favorite games due to the diversity and balance of the three races. Downloading this now, and hoping that gameplay has been preserved on this new format 😀


  • Grijpwijk

    I’m liking the game but I agree with the guy above, it’s awkward to hold the left trigger and then press the left bumper to do a heavy focus attack for the aliens and preds. The 360 controller isn’t designed for middle fingers on triggers! At least switch the bumpers and triggers around so you can use your index finger to hold and your middle finger to press, this is easy to fix.


  • JoJoStarFire

    I downloaded the demo, it’s great,It’s a real blast. I even had the opportunity to play all 3… but the bad thing about it is that in the middle of you getting to know your character, people rage quit. It’s a real downer. I hope when the full game comes out, that if one person leaves, the game still continues.


  • Sogeman

    Be happy Germany, India and Japan. The demo sucks.

    @melkor2301 Weil das Spiel nicht rauskommt bei euch. Das wird schnell indiziert werden


  • Metal Ghost

    Anyone remember this on ….the Jaguar!?! LOL

    Can’t wait to get home to try this one out.


  • MeS FEAR


    yes you are right…there is no release in germany…i wanted to try this demo cuz i wasnt sure about this game…i think there are better blockbuster games coming out. Even if i am an predator fan but i think that the movie is better than this game


  • Z4M0

    Truth to be said, it’s a horrible demo. Deathmatch instead of team deathmatch or campaign. The map is too dark and confusing no matter wich player you choose. Concerning to playability, it feels confusing for starters and lacking for AVP old fans. Having said that I can tell I will buy it at launching date. I wasn’t at first but once you dig deep you find the answer.

    The game has been made for consoles from the start. I won’t play this on a PC. You got the flashy console stuff like 1 button kills but you loose a enhaced view for the alien and other for predator. Destroying lights in this map is pointless… but again, if X-wing/ Tie fighter simulators were to be made on consoles they’d go simplified.

    Now an Alien CAN NOT see in the dark. Ridiculous!! well instead, you see silouettes thru walls, like in left for dead. Voila, you save to swappinh thru views with the alien. Predator has no pred-tech view… easy to see a human or an alien but another pred has no need to go invisible to kill you. Well, if you play enough you’ll find that it’s not so.

    The human flashlight is a joke, it doesn’t even thow convincing dynamig shadows, at least in the demo. Again, It’s a weapon aigainst you, to create fear. Focus on your sonar and you’ll get a kill even in pitch black situations.

    Predator teaches you how to locate enemies, when you learn you can go marine and kill some… then swap to alien play and learn to move efficiently.

    PC games were a blast, specially for fans of both movie series (comics too). I even played the super nes and the PS2/xbox strategy game so I recommend anyone who is edible to download the demo to play several times so you can scratch the surface. Theres something both for old fans and newcomers. Also try pre-spoken teammatching with people you know… it improves alot.

    Bottom line: There are horrible demos that don’t stand for good games and so far this seem the case. Hope to help people watching it from different point of view. Cheers!


  • Street Killaz

    For sure day one buy! I like it!


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