Xbox LIVE being discontinued for Original Xbox consoles and games


I wanted to let you know that on April 15, 2010 Microsoft will discontinue Xbox LIVE service for original Xbox consoles and games, including Xbox 1 games playable on Xbox 360. Our first step in this process will be to turn off auto-renewals for those members who only use Xbox LIVE on a v1 Xbox. While I can’t comment on the specifics, this change will allow us to continue evolving the LIVE service with new features and experiences that fully harness the power of Xbox 360 and the Xbox LIVE community. We did not make this decision lightly, but after careful consideration and review we realize that this decision will allow us unprecedented flexibility for future features. 


Xbox LIVE general manager Marc Whitten (Gamertag Notwen) has posted this letter to the community which provides additional context.


The best is yet to come, and we look forward to sharing more details in the near future.




  • GuZ1977

    I really really hope you’ll all be as happy and cheerful when “Microsoft will discontinue Xbox LIVE service for Xbox 360 consoles and games” in a couple of years “to evolve the service with features and experiences that harness the full power of the Xbox 720/whatever” and you discover that all your DLC and Arcade games you bought for your now artificially obsoleted Xbox 360 won’t be available to download ever again!

    Not to mention the downloadable Title Updates that is needed to load your save files/DLC and isn’t stored on the HDD like on the old Xbox or PS3!

    “The best is yet to come”
    Yes, ironically that always seems to be the case with Microsoft Products!

    Good luck with that future RROD then!


  • Quaranj

    This is a blanket response to some flames I have been subjected to. Keep them coming, I love knowing I have essentially given you a cyber-wedgie to crank your undies in a bunch.

    Truth is if this same tactic was used with Windows, there would be lawsuits from all corners of the globe. They at least offer the patches on disc when announcing a product retirement.


  • Matu Flp Krawfe

    @ Quaranj

    No it wouldn’t for the plain and simple fact that this sort of thing does happen with windows, computer hardware, or any other form of obsolete tech. Take TV, for instance. Just a few months ago in the US we just had a big change over from analogue to digital broadcasts which, just as discontinuation does in this case, left quite a few people out in the cold who were on the lagging side of the tech in question. Except, there we didn’t have quite the same innane whining as we do here because we weren’t dealing with self rightous children viewing any act as a horrible betrayal deserving of lawsuits.

    Things get old and consiquently loose support. This is a fundamental aspect of our technological society and I’m sorry if this instance was the first you’ve ever really experienced (speaking generally here.) We’ve all dealt with some form of materialistic loss and the only thing you can do (apart from cry) is to move on and accept the plain and simple fact that your isolated niche and the things that occupy it won’t always be lovingly cared for by a motherly support base.

    Things change and the world moves on, even if you don’t.


  • tbs0



  • Louie

    @ Matu Flp Krawfe

    Analog tv was around for OVER 50 years. Xbox live has been around 9 years.

    Nice comparison. /fail


  • Misaki Ki

    It’s understandable why they’re doing this – the Xbox 1 is limiting how much they can do with the 360’s LIVE. Still, to take DLC off this early is just wrong.

    At least games with LAN will still be playable online, to an extent. Tunneling required though, which probably means any remaining community for these games just got smaller.


  • AnEternalEnigma

    @Louie: Xbox Live advanced at a much faster rate that television did. No fail in that statement. I agree with it 100%.



    I’m sure XBConnect and Xlink Kai are loving the extra attention and free advertising their services are getting now thanks to Microsoft!


  • OrganicNewt

    Who do I contact to get refunded for all the DLC that I bought on my original Xbox?




    Call customer service or someone to read for you when you buy DLC.


  • OrganicNewt

    Well if that is your smart way of dealing with things, beware the day when Digital Download is the only way to get your gaming fix. The carpet could be pulled out from under your feet at any moment! Thanks for the CASH!


  • ornery owl

    I know this really has nothing to do with Live restrictions due to the old console but, is the 360 ever going to get NTFS or at least exFAT device support? It sort of sucks being limited to FAT32 drives when everything comes NTFS these days. Windows 7 doesn’t even give you an easy option to format a drive in FAT32, just command line tricks.


  • Anonymous

    @Quaranj – I hate to point this out to you, but this happens with Windows ALL the time. The only difference is techs who support the OS are given considerable warning ahead of time. Every version of Windows has had an “end of support” time frame. After that time period, all Microsoft support for the OS ceases and existing updates are gradually phased out of Windows Update. Techs who still need to support legacy versions of Windows can’t get some magical free disk from Microsoft, they archive all of the up to final patches and keep them on hand.

    I should know, I’ve gone through EOS for more than one MS OS in my career.

    The only valid argument you have, which I agree with, is the very short notice they slammed everyone with. That is in poor taste, IMO. But to say this doesn’t happen in the world of Windows (or Office) is dead wrong.


  • Quaranj

    @Captiosus77 I meant without notice. I mean everyone had a chance to get all their Win2k, Win 95, 98, ME patches prior to an announced cut-off date. Sorry if I was unclear in my wording. Regardless, it’s all back up. I suspected that this had happened inadvertently somehow and posted such on the bungie forums. The lack of acknowledgment kinda spoke volumes. “Guys, who turfed the DLC?!?!” I don’t expect it to be there after the 15th due to how the xbox connects to Live to pull the content. They’d likely have to re-write part of the marketplace code to get the content in the right places on the drive. (Which I don’t see as impossible, but unlikely all the same.)

    Seeing as it IS back up, I’d like to thank the team for whatever they had to do, perhaps retrieve off-site backup. And to the fLamers who had nothing better to do than get all self-righteous and tell me and the other concerned customers off. I’m glad to have wrangled your panties over your head. I have a whole warehouse of cyber-wedgies for the likes of you.


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