Deal of the Week: Battlefield 1943


boxbattlefield1943[1]Xbox LIVE Gold Members can purchase the Xbox LIVE Arcade title Battlefield 1943 for the special prince of 800 points until February 22nd.




Add Battlefield 1943 to your Xbox 360 download queue





  • MathGuy42

    Unfortunately a rerun from December. I’d still like to see a price reduction on Halo Wars DLC. The current pricing doesn’t make sense. Currently, the street price for Halo Wars + DLC is:
    GoD + DLC download = $50
    Standard + DLC download = $40
    Platinum Hits (free DLC) = $30
    For newcomers, the choice is clear. (Why would anyone buy the GoD?) But a price reduction on DLC for earlier adopters seems in order here.

    As others have pointed out, some other price reductions make sense. 2400 MSP for Samurai Warriors 2 DLC? Launch XBLA games from 2005 still at 800 MSP? It seems too high to me.


  • batkinson001

    yeah the whole Games on Demand thing is nice but not when they are charging nearly the original full retail price for the digital-only version of the game… especially for titles that have already been out for a few years and have dropped to as low as $20 for the disc-based version (Mass Effect 1), depending on where you shop.


  • Wiizpig

    No Banjo-Kazooie or Trials HD deal?


  • modemman11

    The special prince? 😛


  • Exu

    We’ve had this, and it was cheaper the first time. Come on Microsoft, you’ve got the best console of the two (yeah I went there) but you’re so greedy. New deals, please!


  • I DLord I

    Haven’t I seen this deal like twice already? Discounting a product is not a “deal” if you continually do it at seemingly random intervals.

    Can we get some permanent discounted DLC for older games please? I do not understand why you cannot do this. Not in a DotW either, like a permanent price reduction. That is standard fare for software. Older gen stuff gets cheaper. This is not the thread to do a full argument on, but c’mon. How is this idea a bad one?

    The bargain bin, everything goes there eventually. Just make a bargain bin. An online bargain bin. You would be able to cross sell older DLC with new products and services. I can see it now, in the game martketplace… “Bargain Bin, find old favorites you never knew about!”

    ….one can dream


  • Quaranj

    I was fortunate enough to get this over the holidays. Some new blood will breathe new life into this game though I am sure. I know I plan on doing some noob hunting.
    Count me among the people waiting on the Halo Wars DLC drop. I have my flaming warthog, I think that makes me an early adopter right there. I’d also like to see a drop on the Burnout Paradise DLC, I bought the Island at full price, and a car-pack, but would like to see Party mode permanently dropped since it’s now bundled in the last release of the game. Cops & Robbers has so few people currently with it that I fear I wouldn’t be able to get much done without hitting a forum and specifically looking for boosters. A Platinum Hits section of DLC for older titles would be welcomed. Maybe at that point we would finally see the end of the Horse armor statements. (Alright, probably not…)


  • AmusedBox

    yay what a deal, 800 was the price it should been at.


  • MathGuy42

    A further price drop on the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack would also be nice. Or even make it free like the Heroic Map Pack. Since Bungie dropped their DLC restrictions on most playlists, it’s rare to get a Legendary map in Matchmaking.


  • DarkGin87

    Bought this when it first came out, was brilliant online but since BC2 will be dropping soon people will only pick this up to have the extra guns perhaps, i think after block party major you should tell you’re guys to drop prices on a few titles permanently


  • MGc Major Shots

    Dont know whether to get this or not? (Hmm)



    I never did pick this up on the other deal period. It had some problems when it first came out. Does anyone recommend getting this , or do you think the server will be shut down soon?


  • Noodle of Death

    I bought the game.

    Sadly, it is nothing but a horrible lag-fest. I highly recommend you stay away from this one.

    And really, I’m usually pretty positive about all things Xbox. But this is a pretty bad situation. Avoid wasting the 800 points.


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