This week on Arcade: Fret Nice


Fret Nice will be available this Wednesday for 1200 points.


Update: Greed Corp (800 points) and Lazy Raiders (800 points) will also be available on Wednesday.




  • Abe

    Hey Major, will Greed Corps still be out Wednesday for 800 points? That was in the developers press release.


  • a peeking duck

    Greed Corp and Lazy Raiders both say they were to be out this week. What gives, mr. director of programming for xbox live?


  • Anonymous

    ^^ I wonder the same thing because this one looks absolutely craptastic


  • PiMD

    I’d prefer to know what Add-ons are out, (Knoxx please) this week.


  • TaygetaVendetta

    ^Lazy Raiders’ gamepage says its coming out this week. There seems to be a disconnect between and MN or the other way around.


  • Major Nelson

    Fixed 🙂


  • Abe

    Thanks! This should be an interesting week. I am really looking forward to Greed Corp, and will give the others a try. Lazy Raiders previews remind me of the Chaos Emerald levels in Sonic the Hedgehog.


  • GoldenRok

    The links to Fret Nice and Lazy Raiders are useless here, neither game is on the UK list.


  • Perixon

    Major, your links don’t work for non-US users unless you specify the correct URL.

    In Sweden, “” will automatically convert to “” which is an invalid URL.

    Please link to “” instead. That way, the URL will work for anyone no matter his or her region settings.


  • Skunk175

    Don’t really care about those three.

    At least it’s a large amount.


  • z0rk

    Lazy Raiders actually looks like it could be interesting… I look forward to that demo.


  • rastansaga

    Lazy Raiders looks good, a sort of ‘rotate the screen’ puzzle


  • Mike Kelehan

    Fret Nice was recently released on the PS3. Reviews make it sound like it’s unnecessarily difficult to play with a guitar, and with a controller, it’s just a mediocre platformer.

    Fortunately, I love mediocre platformers. I’ll have to demo it to see if it’s worth dropping $15, but I loves me some 2D gaming.

    Greed Corp, we’ll see. Lazy Raiders sounds kind of fun; I’m looking forward to trying that.


  • Z4M0

    So lazy raiders will have avatar support.

    Nice, cause avatars are way nicer than Wii’s Mii and we got plenty of oportunities to customize them, but hardly any chance to play with them opposite of what Wii users can (in fact one of the few things cool about Wii).

    You know, there are avatars out there that worth as much as some arcades, point-wise speaking, just sitting on the buddy list doing nothing. It’s time to show off more often those gear we are supposed to buy 🙂

    Concerning to those titles, now I know the block party stuff going on I hold till I gave Perfect dark a try and then consider wether to have the whole block party offer or pick just PB winterbottom and the ones of those mentioned, based on demo experience.


  • SumHydroponic has a review of Lazy Raiders up right now. They scored it an 8.0, still I have to save my points for Perfect Dark and possibly Toy Soldiers.


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