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Just Cause 2™Content: Just Cause 2 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Prepare yourself for some extreme chaos creation in this non-stop adrenalin-fuelled demo of Just Cause 2. Whether freefalling from thousands of feet, hijacking enemy fighters in mid-air or simply blasting your way through military compounds on the ground, as agent Rico Rodriguez you’re guaranteed to leave your mark on the tropical island of Panau. With literally hundreds of weapons, vehicles and collectables to discover and near unlimited possibilities for creative fun, you’ll soon find this vast playground is only a tiny portion of what the full game has to offer. Grab a parachute and ready your grapple… it’s time to cause some chaos!


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32 thoughts on “Demo: Just Cause 2

  1. Looking forward to trying this out. Never got around to aging the first game, hopefully I can make some time for this one. Looks very promising

  2. Kick @$$ i liked the first one for the original xbox ,never played 360 version, and this one has been on my radar for awhile can’t wait to try it out

  3. “sorry but this demo blows hard jus like toy soldiers”

    Obviously you haven’t played either. The JC 2 demo is awesome and Toy Soldiers is a BLAST!!

  4. I was never a fan of the original game. I was very hyped up about it until I played the demo.. everything about it felt so automated, the sky diving, the grappling hook, the driving. Just wasn’t natural in the slightest. I haven’t played this demo yet, but I get the feeling it’s going to end up much the same. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the things you can do in the game, but once again I expect it to be all style with little substance.

  5. It may have its flaws but gives you enough posibilities to make the time you spent with it utterly fun, up to what your ill mind can scheme (hop from a bike to another while driving, tie an enemy to a moving car using the grappling hook, use fying gas bottles…)

    The demo itself feels like the full game just with a time limit of 30 minutes. Nice to try out some stuff in the game.

    Anyone that liked mercenaries 2 (!?) should check this out.

  6. loved this demo,i was prolly gonna get the game anyway…definitely gonna get it now

    shame there is only 30 minute limit for the demo as there is so much to do,so i have played through it about 4 times now,going off in different directions each time(i love flying the plane)

  7. LOVED the demo!!! I’ve played through it several times and will do it more again tomorrow.. I was planning on getting this game anyway but this makes the wait a little more sweeter.

  8. The list:

    Complete Race Challenge – 2 minutes
    Complete Faction Mission – 1 minute
    Discover 10 Locations – 30 seconds
    100% Complete 3 Locations – 30 seconds
    50 Kills – 30 seconds
    5 Melee Kills – 30 seconds
    5 Fall Kills – 30 seconds
    5 Juggle Kills – 30 seconds
    1 Drag Kill – 30 seconds
    5 Piñata Kills – 30 seconds
    5 Hang Kills – 30 seconds
    5 Road Kills – 30 seconds
    10 Headshots – 30 seconds
    1 Wrecking Ball – 30 seconds
    BASE Jump 300m – 30 seconds
    Parachute Climb 150m – 30 seconds
    10 Unique Vehicles Driven – 30 seconds
    5 Stunt Driver Points – 30 seconds
    5 Hijackings – 30 seconds
    Low Flyer for 15 seconds – 30 second

    Complete that and it will add more seconds to your playthrough on the demo 🙂

  9. this is quite a big demo that’s hampered by the 30 minute time limit ,despite that you can play multiple times, you can level up a few times and the action’s pretty fun …. i think my holy SH** moment came when i blew up a gas station with a flying canister/tank and brought it crashing down on the soldiers around it. i can see that when it comes out i am going to enjoy playing this one just for the mayhem you can cause if nothing else

  10. @ Gonzo345

    Gracias tio!

    So we got the chance of getting a total of 12 extra minutes of demo gameplay providing you complete all those perks. 🙂

  11. Played the demo and I liked it. Loved the first one but the second one doesn’t have the same wow effect as the first one. Will be getting but not day one.

  12. I played the first one which came out on Xbox and Xbox360, it was decent. This one is also decent, they’ve really amped up the grappling hook and updated the graphics some. But it really looks like more of the same to me and I kinda got bored of the repetitiveness of the first one. So i’m going to take a pass on the sequel, might pick it up later in the bargain bin.

  13. I found I was bored after a few minutes with it, not a big enough change from the first game to warrant buying it. I wasnt that impressed with the first.

    Though I did have a laugh shooting the vertical gas tanks then timing the grapple just right to launch myself into the air. 🙂

  14. I actually enjoyed this demo quite a bit. However, I thought there were some weird quirks with the AI and the graphics at times. I also felt the controls were a little clunky.

    With all that being said, I still found myself having fun creating chaos. I’d rate the demo 4 out of 5 stars.

  15. After seeing the trailer where the guy shoots the gas canister, grapples to it, and then rides it into the air, this game jumped into my #1 watch spot. I look forward to trying out the demo tonight.

  16. @major, why do you like the purchase price to Amazon? Are you encouraging people not buy at stores, besides I can buy this for $40US incl postage elsewhere

  17. Much like the first game, everything about it feels very artificial, it’s all very automated. If you have a wanted level, you can simply hijack incoming helicopters with little more effort than a single button press.

    There were a few things in the game I did chuckle at (besides the story) but the amusement factor wore off very quickly. I think I’ll be waiting for Red Dead Redemption and Crackdown 2 in terms of sandbox games this year.

  18. @VEGEMITE 98 Major is racking up commission on Amazon Sales that are re-directed via

    Nothing wrong with that but that is why the Amazon deals.

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