Show #353: Wil Wheaton, MW2 Stimulus Package and Supreme Commander


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Special Guest Star: Wil Wheaton

Interview: Chris Taylor, Supreme Commander 2 (37:01 – 48:49)
Interview: Robert Bowling, Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack (48:39 – 1:00:51)
Going to South By Southwest? We are too! Listen to find out about the Xbox LIVE Community event.

Name the Game

Xbox 101 and more

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Links to some of the things mentioned in this episode:

PAX East 2010

Battlefield- Bad Company 2

Supreme Commander 2

Final Fantasy XIII- Limited Edition Bundle

Going to South By Southwest- Come to the Xbox Party!

Xbox Engineering Blog


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  • ExplosiveJdog

    BF:BC2 or Modern Warfare 2


  • Doerzer

    Let’s see…. since November I’ve played (and enjoyed) for 136 hours according to my stats. So, at $60 for the game, that’s .44 per hour. What the last thing you did and enjoyed for .44 per hour? Yep, I’ll be buying the new map pack, $15 or not. Something tells me a few others will too!


  • x DeMoliti0n Zz

    You must be joking! 1200 M$ points?? I payed enough for the game in the first place, and now I cannot sell it as my 360 chewed it up! I’ll just play Battlefield Bad Company 2, they respect their fans by making the map packs free!


  • GreyWolf D35

    The map pack is a good deal. Sure most map packs are 800 Microsoft points, but then again most are also only 3 maps. That is $3.33 per map. At 1200 Microsoft points and 5 maps it is only $3 per map. It may not be much, but it is cheaper over all. Would you rather buy two different 3-map packs for $20 or one 5 map pack for $15?


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