Xbox 360 250 GB Hard Drive now available



It’s official: Starting today, you can now get more storage for your Xbox 360. A stand alone 250 GB HDD is now available for purchase at your favorite retailers.  Here is the official press release and the page on



129 thoughts on “Xbox 360 250 GB Hard Drive now available

  1. OK so for this 250GB hard drive for £80 I can get a 500GB one for the same price. So Im paying just so it will fit in my console. Until the hard drives are good value Ill stick with my 20GB one thanks.

  2. @ Apharmed Battler

    I believe the one time transfer was because after you copy you info from the 60 to the 120, it wipes the 60 clear. I think the one time they’re referring to is FROM the 60. Not the info that’s now on the 120. Also, you can only transfer UP. From a 20 to 60 or 60 to 120 etc.. At the time the 120 was the biggest HDD so you couldn’t transfer it if you wanted to anyway. I’ve copied stuff from my 120 to a MU. And that was originally on a 20 but transferred. I would assume the 250 would work the same way.

    @Carnage Rules

    Your example doesn’t hold water for one reason. You think the Ferrari is overpriced, you get the Porche. Or the Lambo, or the TVR, or the Aston Martin. You have other options. Microsoft doesn’t allow 3rd party storage options. You don’t HAVE a choice. Except to overpay for even less storage. That’s my only complaint. The 360 at launch was touted as the console with options. That’s why they had so many SKUs. And faceplates. And HDDs and wireless were add-ons. For a console that’s supposed to be about options, they don’t give you one when it comes to storage.


    Does the transfer cable that comes with the 250 work with the 120? I’d like to upgrade my kids HDD. O figured I’d get the 250 and give them my 120. I know the one that came with the 120 doesn’t work for transferring to the 250. But could I use the one from the 250 to transfer from a 20 to a 120? Or do I need the 120 transfer kit?

  3. @Submarinex1
    This is the hard fact. It is what it is.

    Why are you still here? bootlicker??? I lick NO man’s boot, a woman’s, maybe.

  4. Major, could you please clarify when posting news like this which territories it concerns? Here in Sweden, where everything Xbox experience is constantly delayed or ignored, nobody seems to know of any release date. A concurrent worldwide release would of course be too much to ask.

    What color is the HDD by the way? Gray or black? Who’s getting stuck with the patchwork look, those with a Core/Arcade/Pro or those with an Elite?

  5. @MeS FEAR: Bill Gates isn’t the evil genius anymore, since he’s devoted himself to giving money away (gasp!). Now the evil genius up on the throne is Gates’ cronie and Microsoft co-founder $teve Ballmer (the guy who thinks that everyone who voluntarily uses Linux is a communist).

    Unfortunately, after Ballmer nearly ruined his vocal cords after shouting “developers, developers, developers, developers” at a developer’s conferance some years ago, he recovered well enough to keep shouting and instill fear into all Microsoft employees.

    The problem with the management at Microsoft is that they don’t realize that not everyone shares their mega-inflated salaries. When I buy stuff for my Xbox I feel like I’m in the organ trade. It’s kinda funny how deranged the pricing is. It’s sort of like a refused Leno opening joke dug out of the NBC trashbins and made practical, just waiting to be called.

  6. Nice to see that Microsoft is releasing a 250 GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360. But I still think they should have done it the Sony-way, and let you upgrade the HDD to your favourite size.

    In Norway the 120GB cost in the range of (equal to) US$200-250, I won’t think about what the 250GB will retail at.

  7. @Bawitdaba1337 – True, but your link really highlights the disparity. That link shows a 2.5″ WD SATA1 HDD for 49.00. Which means if we can get the bare drive for $49.00, we’re being charged $80 for a proprietary interface. And that’s where the anger comes in.

    Personally I think the anger is justified. Honestly, I think Microsoft should make a bare shell that they sell for $29.99 which would allow people to use their own 2.5″ drives and package it with a bootable DVD that formats and implements the security lock on the drive before it could be used. But they won’t because it’s all about control, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t considering a PS3 simply because Sony at least took a much more user-friendly approach towards user managed storage.

    Of course, I also think Microsoft should give us a free utility in a future dashboard update that lets us defragment our drives. There’s no way the 360 has good “automatic” file system optimization.

  8. its £75 on amazon – seeing as it was £69.99 when the 20gb HDD first came out, and the price the 120gb was….this is good value

    for me people who don’t have the knowledge or whatever to put their own HDD in, this is good to have

    and also @Carnage Rules – agree with your original post

  9. Will there be a black cased one for Elite owners?
    Not putting the grey one on my Elite.

    For UK people, Amazon and Shopto are allowing pre-ordering for £74.99.

  10. Just consider this folks – the lack of low-priced HD’s for the 360 (and the inability to put your own in) means that Microsoft is missing an opportunity to pass the PS3 for larger games. I was shocked when Mass Effect 2 asked me to swap discs despite both being installed to HD (opportunity missed). Studios should be able to release much larger games and require HD installs – but they can only do this if Microsoft stops pricing them like a gluttoneous sack of crap. There’s nothing to defend here – the only thing that is happening is the erosion of our chosen console as the lead choice for developers.

  11. oh – @carnage_rules – I am still here for two reasons, I still own a 360 (just not a gold membership thank god) and there is obviously a deep need for voices of reason within this blog to offset the fecel matter that hapless fanboys such as yourself see fit to spew.

  12. Time for another insult-the-consumer’s-intelligence 360 hard drive release I see? I think Microsoft is still partying like it’s 1999 when it comes to these HDDs.

  13. Their laughable HDD pricing and insulting space-bucks system is exactly why I get all multi-plat downloadable games on PlayStation 3 now. Microsoft, are you ever going to listen? You’re starting to look more and more like Congress than a business that cares about it’s customers.

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