Reminder: Xbox 360 Boston TweetUp


If you live in the Boston area or are in town for PAX East, I wanted to remind you that we’ll be having the official Xbox TweetUp on Friday March 26th from 9:30am – 11:30am at Microsoft’s New England Research & Development office (NERD.) I’ll be there along with my show co-hosts e, lollip0p and Stepto.  We’ll be there with other members of the Xbox LIVE team and community (like DMZilla and litheon.) The doors for PAX don’t open until 2pm on Friday so join us first before you head to the Hynes Convention Center for the rest of the weekend.

There is no registration or admission fee, and you DO NOT need a PAX pass to attend the TweetUp

When: Friday, March 26th from 9:30am to 11:30am
Where: Microsoft Nerd (Click for driving or directions via the T)
What: Meet members of the Xbox LIVE team and other members of the community
Why: We’ve got coffee, juice and sugar laced snacks to get your Friday started, plus the first 300 people who attend will walk away with an exclusive PAX East Hoodie for your Xbox LIVE Avatar -  complete with Crackdown orbs in place of the O’s in Boston. You’ll only be able to get one if you come to our Tweet-up on Friday or to the live recording of my podcast on Saturday at PAX. If you got shut out of getting your PAX tickets, then head to the Tweet up since you don’t need a pass to get in!


Come to the TweetUp and we’ll hook you and your Xbox LIVE Avatar up with these:



If you DO have PAX Passes, be sure to stop by the Xbox Booth (#811) where will have some of the newest games to show and for the first time anywhere you can have hands-on time with Crackdown 2.  In addition to Crackdown 2 we’ll also be showing the following games in our  booth:



Hydro Thunder Hurricane


Snoopy Flying Aces



See you this weekend!



  • TapouTime

    Cool but i live in Minnesota can you send me code Thanks.


  • aKa Seany D

    See you there Major! I’d wear my Twitter sneaks but they’re brand new so I don’t want to get them dirty =). I’ll be wearing a Blue Jays hat, short kid. @SeanyMD. gonna be awesome!!!



    Ok time to start up the office pool here for how much those hoodie codes will end up going for on eBay…


  • CryptoElite

    Hydro Thunder Hurricane?!?! AWESOME.

    Even better if it’s a port of H2Overdrive!


  • Anonymous

    too much work i couldn’t be there (T_T)
    i work in an airport and everyday i see the delta airlines flight taking off for boston that’s torture !!!
    if someone can send me a code or trade with another code thank you


  • L0RD R08

    It sucks i can’t get to PAX this year 😦 my avatar would have looked so cool! Can we not have some giveaways PLEASE!


  • davidkenobi

    I would love to see that kind of event in France, it really miss


  • TDiddy

    Why would you want one of these is you didn’t attend? I actually hope he doesn’t do online giveaways for these, because that would suck to attend and not receive one because he gave it to somebody not attending. If he has extras after the TweetUp, then they should just give them to people visiting the Xbox PAX booth.

    Oh, and I won’t be attending, as I am in Los Angeles, so I don’t deserve one, either.


  • Tiptoe Turtle

    Awesome thanks for the reminder I need to cancel my tweet account. Thanks Mr Nelson.


  • swyzak

    Boston, I think that is just a wee bit too far from Sweden. Maybe next time.


  • JugglerOfGeese

    I will be there on saturday for the recording, looking forward to meeting the crew.


  • SilentHunter382

    Why does Ireland have to be so far away from the US. 😦


  • Lucky 13 X

    I hope those of you at PAX East get a chance to try out the game Limbo. It is truly a stellar title. If you liked Braid or Lucidity, you’ll be amazed at Limbo. Don’t miss it.
    Which reminds me, I really need to post the pics I took at the Austin SXSW Meet-Up.


  • JorisTheWise

    I can’t wait to play Crackdown 2. If I would have had the time I would have loved to go to Boston :D.


  • GoldenRok

    Yet another event that would involve a plane ticket to attend….

    Surely it’s not impossible for the UK division to actually do something for a change. How can they say they represent our community when as far as most can see this country doesn’t have one.

    The US gets the Major, we get SuperKaylo and MrPointyHead – hardly seems an even deal.


  • TRICKY1976

    I live in UK any chance of sending me a code seen as i live to far away to attend!! which i would if i did live in Boston or closer!!


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