PAX East Panel: Enforcement on Xbox LIVE: Tales from the Din Part 2


This is the full audio from Stepto’s panel at PAX East.

Recorded on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at PAX East in Boston, MASS



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  • GamingTailor

    Thank you very much, Major! Since I’ve heard your show live from PAX I wanted to hear this.


  • Mcmax3000

    Thanks a lot for posting this. I was at the Enforcement panel in Seattle last year and it was extremely entertaining. Looking forward to listening to part two tomorrow.


  • Lord Geoff

    Thanks! It will give me something to listen to while I am finishing up prep for tonight’s recording of our show!


  • Leoplureodon

    The helicopter?


  • Spargo CXVII

    Yeah, The Helicopter is just bad….Great Enforcement show…Thanks


  • AnarchismThreat

    that was so nice of you Stepto Thanks!


  • JOECOOL 76



  • swyzak

    Good stuff!


  • Halwende

    This was great – I bet Stepto & team never have a dull day at the office! Thanks 🙂


  • Scazza

    MN, you need to change your phone number ASAP, some idiot just posted it on youtube it would seem.



    Loved the show, very informative and entertaining. The mind just boggles at what this mysterious helicopter could be !!!

    All in all a really good show, thanks for putting it up major.


  • Tiptoe Turtle

    I had no idea that they really looked at the complaints you’ve submitted. I’ve always been told by other gamers that fileing a complaint was useless and a total waste of time, and had no effect other then just making you feel better when some one was a true jerk during a game. I do love the fact that you can completely cut someone off if you want to by subbmitting a negative player review and blocking them from sending you messges, oh and taking the time to mute you them from their profile just in case you come across them again later on.


  • L0rN

    Ok, so what about the thing “Don`t give away your email and password, because there is no other way to get an account stolen? I am really looking forward to an official Statement about this.

    “My Account was hacked. Can you help me MS?”
    “No, it was your own fault, don`t give away your email and password”
    THis was the way to handle those problems in the past.

    I bet you (MS) won`t be saying anything about this “issue”. Like always.


  • Shonk jr

    Glad you got your account back so quick major

    This has been something that has worried me for a while now
    as alot of people never get theyr accounts back
    as microsoft are unwilling to help

    but microsoft just presume people have been phished

    how ever you where hacked needs to be closed up asap

    and the guy who did it needs to be arrested and charged
    because if high profile accounts can be hacked with no comebacks
    its a bad sign to other xbox live users


  • Computerdude103

    Glad you got hacked major, too bad you got your account back.


  • Computerdude103

    Hopefully you change that email address before you get spammed! And that phone number!! hahhahahhhahahhahh


  • Anonymous

    Bungie forums tell me a certain Major Nelson has been hacked? No idea how in the world they did it.


  • DarkGin87

    @Computerdude103 – is there a need to gloat because he had his account modified(not hacked) by and idiot.

    Glad you got you’re account back hope the guy gets everything he deserves since his Real name is posted over the net he made him self a big bulleye on his back

    ill listen to the shows later


  • Mcmax3000

    @L0rN I don’t recall them ever saying it was the ONLY way that an account could get compromised, just that is was far and away the most common method.

    Listened to the panel & very much enjoyed it. If there’s a part 3 at PAX Prime this year, I’ll definitely be there again.


  • mccalejk

    What an idiot (the hacker). Posting it on YouTube gloating about it? Hopefully Microsoft goes after him HARD.


  • The Grim Heaper

    I know this isn’t the subject or anything, but I’m glad you got your account back!


  • Computerdude103

    We can argue terminology, but the fact is that he logged onto his account and changed stuff. I’m still LOLing at the “lawrence” name. Good thing he didn’t have his real address on there at least!!


  • CzarKill

    Glad everything got resolved with ur account Major.


  • Shadowed Ghost

    Stay classy Computerdude103


  • SilentStryk09

    i wish we could get an official statement on this matter. I feel it is owed in this situation since MS has always been so adamant on the “you got phished, it was your fault” thing.


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