Xbox LIVE Arcade Inventory Blowout Sale


Starting today, April 1st,  through April 7th, we are discounting 10 Xbox LIVE Arcade titles in the first ever ‘Inventory Blowout Sale.’ The sale prices are available to both Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members:



Regular Price

Discounted Price


South Park 800 400 50%
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix 1200 560 53%
Defense Grid 800 400 50%
Rocket Riot 800 400 50%
Mad Tracks 800 400 50%
Track & Field 400 240 40%
Lumines Live 800 400 50%
Age of Booty 800 400 50%
Schizoid 800 400 50%
Wallace & Gromit episode 1 800 400 50%



Remember, the discounted prices will only be available until April 7th.



  • Oh baby 1994

    Track and Field is awesome at that price, still allot of fun!!

    I was hoping fir Trials HD….Oh well.

    Definitely get Geo Wars 2 next week!! Best arcade game ever!!


  • Shadow0810

    NICE PRICES. Tell the guys who run these sales that THIS is what we’re looking for! Steam-esque sales and deal of the weeks. We don’t care about 30% discounts on avatar stuff. This kind of stuff is awesome, I’ll be picking up 2 or 3 games for sure.


  • DeviseUSA

    big thumbs up for this promotion! please do more of these!


  • Quaranj

    Nice! I have a number of these already, but will certainly pick up some more. If you’re on the fence, Age of Booty, South Park, and Defense Grid would make excellent additions to your collection even at full price, so get ’em while they’re hot.


  • PAT2K9

    Great sale. I just got Street Fighter from Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until I get home this afternoon to play it.



    In response to your Twitter post, I think these sales are a good idea because it might encourage more people to buy full games and cause those who are unsure about something to finally buy it. I’m not a fan of premium DLC, but am more likely to purchase things if they are reduced, like the overpriced MW2 Stimulus Map Pack, which should have started off at 800 MSP at the most.


  • Obscho

    Wow, finally great deals. Got South Park, Rocket Riot and Defense Grid. 🙂


  • kingbet123

    Sales like these are an excellent idea. I’m gonna scoop up South Park and possibly Defense Grid. If you haven’t already, Lumines and Street Fighter are the steals of the sale – buy immediately. 🙂


  • AutomaticOcelot

    Looks great, and I agree with many comments here. “Inventory” is too wink-wink for DLC, I don’t think it fools anybody unless you’re announcing a delisting. “Price” or “Points” is better, maybe. Using Points Blowout makes me think about spending/saving MS points, and getting a slew of games to earn Gamerscore in return.

    Maybe next time round it will have titles I wish to buy. Haven’t bought any of these and don’t want to.


  • OrganicNewt

    Sweet. I can grab a couple I’ve been holding out on. 🙂


  • darkjester74

    Excellent sale! Thanks Major! Been waiting to pick up both Rocket Riot and Age of Booty, and now I have them! 😀


  • twisted poke

    Great. Tell the marketing folks we appreciate the deals. Hope to see more sales like this in the future.


  • Spilner1001

    Just need the other wallace and gromits to be reduced too now


  • rob18

    Games I can actually afford and are in my price range! Thank you. ❤


  • sleepydumbdude

    Great sale. I do hope they do more like this. Having a sale like once a month in addition to the deal of the week would be awesome. Would love if they did some on DLC also.


  • polymeric

    Great sale, wanted to echo everyone else’s comments. Picked up several titles I wouldn’t have considered at full price. Everyone wins!


  • loopingstar

    I just picked up Rocket Riot – I must have missed that one when it was first released – what a great game – simple but very fun and addictive – the Live servers for it seem to be a ghost town though – shame .


  • matrikzHH

    Good bargains but none of them are actually interesting for me. But it’s not a problem of the sale but of my personal preferences. 🙂


  • peejam

    mehhh… would have preferred a blowout sale on REZ HD, CASTLEVANIA SOTN, 1942, COMMANDOS 3, TURTLES 1989, both BANJO’s and GAROU (plus SHADOW COMPLEX & ALIEN BREED, but those are still recent additions to Live, so im not really expecting them)

    i’ll keep dreaming 😛


  • jameswoo

    Great sale! Already have South Park, Street Fighter and Lumines, so I grabbed Defense Grid, Mad Tracks, Age of Booty and Wallace & Gromit! 50% off is the way to go, making them impulse buys! 🙂


  • Exu

    Need more points for this, and money for the Valkyria DLC over on that other console.
    Speaking of which, PSN has deals on a rotations of two to four weeks. Not all are great but they’re there. I think it’s time Microsoft responded to that in kind, this is a good start.


  • Surly x Duff

    I’ll have to pick up something with the 1200 points I saved by not buying the Activision Stimulus Pack. Heck, I can buy THREE things!


  • RidinSlow

    FINALLY! Some deals for Silver members!… too bad there aren’t any games I’m interested in spending money on… 😦


  • CyberKnight

    Defense Grid was a bargain at the original price — more levels & features than the $15 PC version. 400MSP is an absolute STEAL.


  • Spargo CXVII

    Age of Booty is a must buy….Methinks


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