Demo: Skate 3


Skate™ 3Content: Skate 3 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Welcome to the SKATE™ 3 Demo which offers both a single and multiplayer experience. Learn the ins and outs of skating with the all-new Skate.School or team up and throw down in co-op or competitive gameplay. Featuring new challenge types like Own The Lot and Domination, the ability to save and upload clips using the Replay Editor, and to drop objects to personalize your demo experience, the SKATE 3 demo has a little something for everyone. SKATE 3 – Team Up. Throw Down.


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30 thoughts on “Demo: Skate 3

  1. Skate is the new Tony Hawk. Unless anyone is still playing Ride… No? Did not think so. I’m not even a skateboarder(I ride bmx) and this game is really fun.

  2. Oh my ****ing GOD YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Of course I dont have my xbox now, but when I get it back next week, this is the first thing I am downloading. Thanks mM

  3. After playing it for a while, I can say that its well done. I’m really enjoying the hardcore mode(?), the games it actually a challenge for me again. Its way more true to real life skating now. You’ve really got to make sure you line up everything you do, its a lot less forgiving thats for sure. Can’t wait til it comes out next month!

  4. @mccalejk

    I don’t know what this “troll” thing is you internet nerds keep talking about but, I bet it’s better to be a “troll” than a whining little b!tch who’s constantly crying on here (and you guys know who you are) or the biggest VAG of them all mccalejk who hides in a silver account thats not even his real account. I come here to read your sad lame comments and just laugh and laugh at how stupid they are. Skate “Its way more true to real life skating now” and when you play Splinter Cell is that way more true to real life secret agent. How about Modern Warfare is that like real life war. The ignorance of the 10 to 20 idiots who comment here (once again you guys know who you are)on a daily basis is truly COMIC RELIEF! …and I thank you

  5. Hey Major, cant you ban people like that here? We really dont need children like that here, and carnage if you’re actually adult I truly am sorry for you.

  6. Hey Major will you be saying anything about the 30 days of the undead of whatever that has been out for a while?
    Oh and thanks for the Zombie prop, probably the best one yet!

    You are being a troll, your comments add nothing to the discussion. Theres nothing wrong with drawing a comparision of a game with its real life counterpart; I credit GTA IV for teaching me how to get my money back from whores.

    What side of the bed did you get out on? Nobody said anything wrong, yet you act like you hate everyone. By what you typed, I’m guessing you are one of those 12 year olds who can’t use any other words than cursing and making racist comments, while playing your “precious” Modern Warfare and Halo. You are the one of the people gamers hate on Xbox Live.

  9. downloaded earlier but ain’t played it yet though i never played the other games so it will have to be epic to make me want to play it more.

    Major ain’t had you’re pay check this week ? 😛 first time i ever saw you’re account go Silver

  10. Sticking to the topic not to the crap we step by from time to time, I’m not sure about Skate 3 being a must for me. I love Skate games but already got skate 2 so I don’t feel like paying full price for some tweaked graphics and other aditions (same goes for soccer games).
    As someone else pointed out, it’s skate 1.3 wich is great if you don’t have any Skate game yet. This will make a great title when both it’s price and skate 2 servers drop (both sure happening in about a year or less considering its EA 😉

  11. Awesome demo!!! The animations are so nice!! The on-foot controls are so much better than in the second game. WAY less frustrating! Drop-Ins, Underflips and Darkslide are a great addition to the series! I can’t way until it comes out!

    @CARNAGE RULES : Did you ever play the game?

  12. @CARNAGE RULES, you sir are a God!, Ignore these prepubescent ramblings that ridicule your superior intelligence. At least I appreciate your valued input. and unlike the skating in Skate 3 at least your intelligence is real.

  13. I disagree with those calling it skate 1.3 . Skate 2 was a huge difference from its predecessor. I could see you maybe calling it 2.1 but it’s definitely not anything close to the first, which was good for it’s time. Skate 3 = awesome. Have had it pre-ordered for over a month now.

  14. I have never been into skating games, snow boarding games yes, skating no. Are the latest generation games a big improvement on the older ones and should i give it another go.?


  15. @CARNAGE RULES: Yeah…WE are the nerds even though you’re the one hanging out on a video game blog constantly. I know your mommy and daddy don’t pay attention to you so you have to come on the internet and get attention anyway you can.

    As for the demo…it was ok. (Although it did freeze on me once.) I did like the event where you had to keep bailing on purpose.

  16. I’d like to point out a gamertag that really needs to be banned from Live. “KILLUCRACKER” Aside from the racist name, look at the profile. This guy has to go. I reported his name when I played him in a match, and he’s still around. I guess I have to resort to these types of measures.

  17. I liked skate3 will buy it later though. I mostly ran around beating people with my board it was amusing for awhile. The last skate game I bought was thrasher skate and destroy for ps1 guess its time for another one by now.

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