Left 4 Dead 2 Game Add-on: The Passing


Left 4 Dead 2Content: The Passing
Price: 560 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Left 4 Dead 2’s “The Passing” brings the original Left 4 Dead Survivors down south for a meeting with the L4D2 cast, while delivering new single-player, multiplayer and co-operative gameplay. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.


Purchase The Passing and add it to your Xbox 360 download queue

Remember: You’ll need a full version of Left 4 Dead 2 to access this content.


32 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead 2 Game Add-on: The Passing

  1. Alright! I’ve been really looking forward to this! Can’t wait to get back in there and kill some zombies tonight. I’m assuming this will be a tighter campaign like Crash Course, which I loved.

  2. I don’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t allow developers to give away content for free. I’ll be sure to pick this up on PC and save my points for something else.

  3. Free on PC. Again.
    Last time the excuse was that MS only lets games get one free DLC, so what’s the explanation this time?
    You should be trying to make multiformat releases look more attractive on your platform, not less!

  4. I’m just confused to how these maps are priced, Major. If it’s free on Steam and seven dollars on X-Box Live… then shouldn’t there be a better transition? Traditionally map packs cost 800 points and include a set of at least three new maps. So how exactly is one map and a “new mode” cost 560 points? Let’s keep in mind that Street Fighter IV added a new online mode last year and it was free (while they were charging buyers four dollars for a pack of costumes that were already on the disc).

    So how exactly is DLC priced? Is it based solely off how popular a game is? DLC is already extremely profitable for Microsoft and the companies that make/produce these games… so would it kill anybody to throw loyal consumers a bone once in awhile?

  5. Wow didn’t take long for the negative comments about it being free. The way I see it is Steam = Valve and Left for Dead is published by Valve…I guess it is pretty easy to host your own stuff for free. I am not sure what goes on behind the scenes but the publishers make the prices for their content on the marketplace. Whether MS chargers them and ultimately forcing them to make up the chargers is the question but in the end the publisher sets the price for the content.

  6. @ Neo X5
    It’s not about how easy is to host your own content for free… for valve’s steam the passing is still taking server space so it costs money to valve but they decided to offer it free for their supporting costumers. We are supporting both valve and microsoft getting the game on 360 but MS won’t be ever so kind to us.
    Besides 560 is way too steep to say it’s for hosting services/publishing someone else’s content. Then what’s going on with third party games priced at 400 ? hosting cost is 560 so MS is loosing money? yeah…sure.
    Microsoft is greedy. Period. And I’m fine with that. They also have good points so I won’t complain but I won’t take this on Xbox Live anytime soon neither nor won’t try to make up the fact they just care about their wallets.

  7. I see it this way, Valve is the publisher of the game and developer of Valve. Also, you gotta figure that MS doesn’t work for free. I am sure it would be easier if Valve could just put their items on to the Live Servers and be done with it but the item has be tested by MS, I am sure they probably don’t work for free. I am not defending the price I am just showing that everyone is comparing first party to hosting to third party hosting and there are some extra steps in the process. Unfortunately, Valve is probably encountering some sort of fee that they need to make up for in the process.

  8. For all the hype, this DLC is somewhat anti-climactic. Yes, the originals are in it, I saw 3 alive and the body of the last one. They don’t serve as much function, and the banter between them is limited if you haven’t gotten it yet. I was one of the 1st to buy it this morning I am certain. At least it’s a nice short campaign for versus matches like Crash Course is.

  9. I just don’t know why Microsoft isn’t openly honest about these sort of pricing situations. We are legitimately interested in a standard pricing tier for DLC to come into effect at some point, Major. There shouldn’t be a reason why Activision can charge an extra five dollars from “traditionally priced” content. Just like there is a confusion to why Microsoft wouldn’t allow a company to offer additional content for games at a lower (or free) price. You give more and you get more in return, Microsoft. Just because we are all going to die eventually doesn’t mean we should be so quick to charge money for everything, right?

  10. Hey, I’m not complaining about the price, I’m even fine with MS being greedy (there’s also good stuff about MS) but hey, they aren’t hosting nor testing stuff for free; we already pay a monthly gold subscription so if depeloper says it should be free then it’s a MUST.
    I don’t pretend live gold to be free and such but at least If I’m paying a fee I want service like i.e. more offers and discounts, free goodies, maybe dedicated servers?
    It starts to feel ridiculous like if we entered a store and they wanted to charge for the time we spend being inside (hotel-like)

  11. Microsoft will keep doing what they’re doing until mouth-breathers stop buying into it. We vote with our wallets. I ‘voted’ for the PC version because Valve doesn’t nickel and dime its customers to death over Steam. They even accept US Dollars as monetary units and don’t make you buy into some bizarre confederate money scam with a lopsided conversion rate in an attempt to obfuscate the fact that 560 MS points is actually seven-freaking-dollars.

    But yeah, The Passing is pretty short. Glad I didn’t pay $7 for it.

  12. Played it on steam this morning. Only worth it if you play the game a lot on 360. Meeting the survivors isn’t as great as I thought. The new mode sounds pretty decent but probably can do the same thing on the PC without waiting to see what they do each week.

    I purchased it on PC after the whole fiasco with the first. That was also about the point I slowed down on purchasing 360 stuff.

    Also I really wish they would put the 3rd one on PS3 also and see if they would charge for the DLC.

  13. Considering how many other games get away with free DLC on Marketplace, I can’t help but wonder if this really is all about Microsoft making them charge or if there’s something more to it.

  14. +1 person that bought the PC version, rather than go down this road. Bought it in a 4-pack for $15.01.

    Bridge burned, boys. No more Valve games will be bought for the Xbox 360.

  15. Enough is enough I pay like 70$ for xbox live gold for what free demo and playing with my friends….hell no I want more contents for my money!!!!Playstation offert almost the same for free COme on give us something not an avatar item …MORE Free DLC please!

  16. Why do anyone care if it is not free? If there are still enough people willing to pay for such crap to earn the publishers and developers some profit, why would they even consider our complaints?

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