Can’t make it to E3? Tune in to MTV to see all the action


Even if you are not going to E3 next month, we’ve got you covered.  This year, we’re teaming up with MTV Networks to provide end to end coverage of our Media Briefing and our special ‘World Premiere of Project Natal’ event.  Both events are shaping up to be pretty solid. We’re going to try and keep you entertained, we have some of the worlds most creative minds involved in putting on the Project Natal show. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned.


Xbox 360 E3 Media Briefing:
Microsoft’s E3 media briefing will air live on Spike TV on Monday, June 14 at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT. Both events can also be viewed live on


The World Premiere of ‘Project Natal’ for Xbox 360:
As imagined by Cirque du Soleil airs commercial-free on MTV, Tuesday, June 15 at 3:30 p.m. EDT, and on Nick at Nite, mtvU, MTV Hits and Logo, Tuesday, June 15, at 9 p.m. EDT.


More details in the official press release


Edit: Added Spike TV info.




  • II Fr0zen lI

    Is there going to be any live stream events of the Project Natal reveal online?


  • f1LbSteR0oNiE

    Is this US only or will it be aired in other countries too? I.E. UK


  • CyberKnight

    Will they have a live stream? I don’t have MTV…


  • Gonzo345

    Huh, 1 month to go…

    I’ll see that through streaming, sure.


  • chiruno99

    If it’s on MTV, I’ll be able to record it on Sky Plus and watch it later, or atleast on a sofa uninterupted.


  • warlost

    Is G4 still air this? (Or G4Tech TV in my case)


  • AriesDog

    PLease do’t make the mistake G4TV made one year and interrupt coverage for commercials. Stream ads at the bottom if you need to.


  • Jonah Falcon

    If you need to perform like Cirque du Soliel to use Natal…


  • Maini8000

    will it be shown on UK MTV aswell?


  • CyberKnight

    @Jonah Falcon: Haven’t you seen the videos? It practically puts you in the game! So, if you’re playing Street Fighter and you want to do an uppercut, you actually do an uppercut! You want to block, you throw your arms up and block!

    You want to do Chun Li’s spinning bird kick? You learn to flip upside down and spin your legs like a helicopter. Cirque du Soleil acrobats will show you how! 😀



    Mtv??? Really??? What does Mtv have in common with video games??? Mtv only shows reality shows, it doesn’t even show music videos anymore…why are they still even called “Mtv”? This should be on G4 and be live and uninterrupted. Or Microsoft could also stream it online…via Xbox Live would be even more bad ass!!!


  • Surly x Duff

    @SGT C SLAUGHTER: The Xbox 360 was unveiled on MTV, and the event was quite successful. MTV’s target demographic is exactly what Microsoft is trying to connect to with their products. Its a match that makes complete sense.

    I’ll probably tune in to the Natal stuff, just to see what its about, and how much it will cost, but I honestly am not anticipating this thing. Perhaps it’ll be cool to see Cirque de Soleil do something. I personally am most interested in the media briefing for their core franchises and fall release dates, as well as unannounced games that I WILL be playing.



    Yes, G4 is also airing this and all the other press conferences, including individual publisher ones, uninterrupted and commercial-free (yeah they learned their lesson after how they screwed it up trying that the first time).


  • Perixon

    Major, what MTV network are you referring to? EU and/or US? You may want to consider updating your post.


  • Tronn4

    i want to see this thru xbox live on my xbox. doesnt have to be live as i have a fear of them cirque clowns, but i remember when having an xbox live gold status meant you get to see things like this on your xbox.


  • ElektroDragon

    I think on MTV there will be a commercial with hop hop in it every 2 minutes. You are probably best off with G4’s UNINTERRUPTED coverage. Not sure why Microsoft is bothering with MTV when there is G4? I don’t think the demographic that actually watches MTV has any interest in video games, Natal-based or not. Now SPIKE, I can understand, barely, but MTV?

    Unfortunately, I think the marketing team at Microsoft thought that the last MTV launch special they had in 2005 was somehow a contributing factor to the success of the 360. That is not true. The real reason was the awesome internet viral video released where that revealed the specs and other info. That video resulted in many dropped jaws, including mine. The MTV special? A big yawn, aside from the charismatic J Allard and The Killers.


  • Mcmax3000

    I’ll have to try and catch the live stream of the press conference this year since I’ll be at work (can’t remember why but I was off last year when it happened)…

    Hopefully they won’t mind me watching the Xbox press briefing while doing my Sony sales job…

    < .< >.>


  • TwistedLeondre

    Ms does it agAin I know they got gwap on deck foreal


  • DeviseUSA

    I’m excited to see this. But thank goodness you have another presentation for the [hard]core fans! Best decision eva!


  • xXNapsterManXx

    Ive Tried To use Spike alot Say VGA 2009 and Alot of world Prems but its always been a pain to navigate to the stream so im just going to use Live Stream


  • DarkGin87

    Stream it to the Xbox Major or is that the plan for next year ?
    ill be looking forward to this


  • Xlrking

    I dont really watch MTV and yes G4 is the better choice.
    But as usual, the internet and its streaming is easier.


  • mccalejk

    @Perixon, I think it’s pretty obvious that he means US.

    Good thing this is on a channel I never watch. I wouldn’t want it interupting something I actually want to watch. 🙂


  • NEW P4TH

    Sounds cool Major. I don’t really watch MTV, but Ill tune in just for the Natal and Press Conference coverage. I just hope MTV doesn’t end up doing commercial breaks during the Press Conference. I dont mind if its on the bottom, but I would hate to have it interrupt the conference when its airing Live. I really hope Rare makes a big splash at E3. I miss playing a Rare game and Nuts & Bolts came out in 2008.


  • Logic Squirrel

    How can it be a “The World Premiere of ‘Project Natal’” when there has been media on it in the past so it can’t be the first showing / performance, lmao.


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