An Interview with Robert Bowling on the MW 2 Resurgence Package


Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)  

Interview: Robert Bowling (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter), Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Package  
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  • Blue Thunder28

    My little brother will like this one. He loves MW2


  • Lord Of Blah

    Meh. Just more rip offs from IW.


  • AnEternalEnigma

    Save yourself the time from listening to this garbage.

    Vacant & Strike are the maps coming back from MW2.

    And yes, you’re getting ripped off at $15 again. All the morons that bought the first pack can be thanked for this abomination.


  • Doh Ray Egon

    @AnEternalEnigma: So because some people have jobs and don’t think $15 is terrible…they’re morons? You know what is moronic…thinking 3 maps for Halo for 800 points is ok, but 5 MW2 maps for 1200 is a ripoff. It’s not really hard to understand…more maps = more money.


  • a peeking duck




    Hopefully they’ll fix the MANY issues MW2 has after the map pack hits. I hope by “resurgence”, IW means they’re going to try and redeem themselves by fixing the issues, but that’s highly unlikely.


  • AnEternalEnigma

    Bungie’s pricing scheme for DLC is just as horrible and insulting. I don’t defend that, nor did I purchase those map packs either.

    I came from a time when bonus content was free. Now on July 3, people will have paid HALF THE AMOUNT OF THE ACTUAL GAME to add-on SIX truly new maps (I don’t count the Call of Duty 4 copy/paste jobs that cost NOTHING to port over since the game is on the same engine) to a game that already came with 16 maps on the disc.

    That is absolutely disgusting. What Microsoft has encouraged everyone to do with DLC is gaming’s inoperable cancer.

    And the people that continually buy this crap are just as responsible. They are setting a very dark tone for gaming’s future. Have fun with a future where additional content costs just as much as the disc you bought.


  • mccalejk

    @AnEternalEnigma, if you feel it’s not worth $15, don’t buy it. Simple solution. Millions of people can’t be “morons”. Besides, people are paying $20 just to have a spinning emblem (way to go MS for doing little or nothing about this).

    Anywho, I’m a little surprised by Vacant. A lot of people voted to skip it in COD4.


  • The Mad Fiddler

    @AnEternalEnigma – Why’s it a rip off? Normal maps: 3 for $10; MW2: 5 for $15. Let’s say you spend $30 on maps, how many maps you get? Normal maps: 9; MW2 maps: 10. Do the math, MW is the better deal. MW2 is fun, I’ll be buying this, specially because of the Carnival map.


  • miDnIghtEr20C

    Can’t wait. I’m an idiot.. I’ll pay to enjoy again. 🙂


  • El Capitaine

    Agreed with the fact that it should be cheaper….yes 3 for $10 is a lot. But at least with Bungie, the ratio of new maps to remakes is better. And, the “remakes” simply use the same level design…often times only the same level IDEA. I honestly feel like the closest a remake was to its predecessor was the Heretic/Midship thing, and even that wasn’t so bad…plus it was free with ODST which I planned to get anyway. Blackout looks completely different, and pretty damn epic. Avalanche looks and plays INCREDIBLY differently form Sidewinder. I could go on and on with every Halo map. Plus they are all customizable even further with Forge, which is how I believe Bungie justifies its high pricetag.

    IW justifies their price tag by saying that it doesn’t matter what it’s priced at, the sheeple will buy it anyway cause its for MW2. Crash, Overgrown, Strike, Vacant…these are cut-and-paste jobs that cost ZERO for development. I used to love the good old days where if you played a game enough, you could UNLOCK for FREE some maps from previous games. Devs did this cause it didn’t cost them anything if they were running the same engine. I seriously doubt these ports took much effort at all.

    MW2…also just simply wasn’t as fun as the first. Balance has been thrown out the window in favor of ZOMG I HAS AWESOME AIRSTRIKES AND CHOPPERGUNNER pissing contests, which just aren’t fun. I passed on Stimulus Package (so many LOLs there…a Stimulus Package costing more than any map pack in history…curing you of ‘Mapathy’ by giving you maps from the first game)….I will pass on this as well. I need to get around to selling MW2…I have no urge to ever put that disc in my console again.


  • ADK Ic3mAnX

    Mw2 is Broken But im Still Getting it and They SHould Take out COMMANDO


  • Quaranj

    I feel like the American embargo on Cuban cigars, in other words, NOT buying it.


  • Shinji257

    I’ll consider the pack when it comes out. As far as the cheaters go Microsoft is working on it. XBox Live enforcement team members play the game too and cheaters (that includes boosters) do get reported/suspended.

    Oh and those color mods? While purely cosmetic they are still against the ToS.


  • L0rN

    How much money do you get for advertising this greedy fucktivision?


  • Atomicow

    Congrats to all that paid for the Stimulus. You’ve made $15 the new standard pricing. You only hurt yourselves and everyone else other than Activision in the end, not too bad.


  • xXNapsterManXx

    These New Maps are Fake and Gay and the Price is just a Fuck in the Ass Ill stick to playing Red Dead Redemption When it comes out and this Robert Fat Blow so much Shit out his Ass


  • DualCoreSTEVE

    Congratulations to all those who bought the previous map pack, you’ve basically told Activision “we’ll pay whatever you want”, and this is now the standard rip-off price.

    If they we’re all new original maps then it may not be so bad, but once again taking two maps from the original COD4 is again lazy and greedy DLC. In comparison, take a look at Gears of War 2. All their map packs where 800 points each, with each having four NEW maps. They even released one batch of 5 maps, the Flashback Pack, containing maps from Gears 1 for just 400 points. That’s the sort of value we should be expecting for DLC, not this Activision rip-off pricing policy. Epic even released all their map packs in one package for just 1600 points which contains an amazing 19 multiplayer maps. Now that’s the sort of value the gaming community should be expecting, especially when we have to pay so much for the original games.

    Just one more point, I’m an older gamer and in my younger days piracy was fairly simple and copies of games were easy to come by without paying for them. In those days everybody complained about the high price of games but the publishers just blamed piracy for the high price. Once internet based gaming services and more sophisticated hardware came along to successfully combat piracy (more or less!), it is almost impossible to play pirated games these days, especially when commecting to live services such as Xbox Live. So, I say congratulations to the gaming industry for making very significant steps to eradicating piracy over the last 10 years, I think they’ve done an excellent job. However, I would therfore like to ask, what’s the publisher’s excuse these days for keeping the prices of games and DLC so ridiculously high ?


  • MAOraNza

    Not again, thanks. I was just raped with the ridiculous Stimulus… I won’t buy the Analus Pack…


  • SAKY

    Never buying IW or COD again. I imagine this is the same as the last map pack interview, a sales pitch with Bowling telling us what a great deal this is. What garbage.


  • Atheist Primate

    Maoranza, you complained that you were “raped” with the Stimulus Package. You knew that it contained five maps, and I guess that you knew that two of them was from COD4. Some people like that, some people dislike that. You knew how much is costed, and how is it then that they TRICKED you into buying it? Did they force you? Do you have to buy it to play online? Did you want five new maps for free?
    The best thing you can do if you don’t like the price is to NOT buy it. You can complain all you want, but in the end, if it sells enough, they aren’t going to give a damn. And if you don’t like to spend money on such things, why have you bought an MW2 cap and t-shirt for you avatar? Or did they trick you into doing that as well?
    Major Nelson, thank you for that interview. It’s interesting to hear Robert Bowling talk about the maps, how they look like and how they play out. Can’t wait for June 3rd. I wouldn’t midn the maps being 800 MS points, but since I spend a huge amount of time playing MW2 online, those 100 kroners aren’t that much at all in the long run.
    Keep up the good work, Major. And to the haters, have fun with Paperboy =P


  • LeiChat

    There’s always going to be this friendly banter about the price of map packs.

    I personally have chosen not to buy the last MW2 pack as in my opinion it’s expensive and I will probably not pick this new one up for the same reason. 😦

    I appreciate that games these days have huge development budgets but how much does it cost to develop an add-on map pack? I wonder what percentage of Xbox Live MW2 gamers purchase these map packs? With reported figures of way over 4 million copies sold in the launch month alone, if only 20% went on to buy a $15 map pack that’s still $12,000,000.

    I don’t think the suggested “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” idea of voting with your wallet sends a message to anybody, they won’t know why we haven’t purchased their map packs.

    Then when DLC is later offered as deal of the day/week it might fall into the price bracket we feel comfortable to purchase at but often by then the next version of the franchise is out or due soon and we’d probably prefer to put our money towards that instead of picking up extra maps for a title that all our friends will soon be ignoring? I got caught out by this with Perfect Dark Zero, great map pack, but nobody was playing the game anymore, total waste of microsoft points. 😦


  • Exu

    No value, no fun. Fix the game first, then work on “new” content.


  • Atheist Primate

    Exu, how is it that the game is not working? I bought the game on day one, and are playing it to this day, enjoying it quite much. Yes, there are some issues like shield boosting, modified xbox’s, spawn boosting with the tactical insertion equipment in FFA. The game also had the Javelin and 1887’s glitch, and guess what? They got fixed and are no longer a problem. I really whish that IW would at least fix the shield boosing in HC S&D, but it’s not a major problem.
    If the game needed to be “fixed” then it wouldn’t be the most played game on Xbox Live week after week after week. Even now that the almighty Halo: Reach beta is out, MW2 is still numer one. It’s obviously not broken, but yes, I hope they fix a couple of exploits.


  • Kyaizen

    Enjoyed the interview. I expected a debate to go on in the comments. Waste of time people. Calling people who buy the map pack are stupid is just ignorant. Buy it, or don’t.


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