The Xbox E32010 Tweetup



EDIT: I will have one of the new Xbox 360’s for you to look at come on down


Next week is full of game related activities in LA, and we have just added one more. This time you don’t need to work in the gaming industry, or know someone who knows someone. Anyone that would like to attend is welcome!


What: Xbox LIVE Tweetup, hosted by hosted by Major Nelson, e, lauralollip0p and Stepto. Plus, Xbox LIVE’s Notwen is scheduled to attend after he finishes his media briefing duties
Where: California Pizza Kitchen

735 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Corner of 7th Street and Figueroa

It’s about 4 blocks North of LA Convention Center.

vCard for CPK to add to your address book

When Monday, June 14th from 5 to 6:30PM
Why: Meet some of the Xbox team, plus we’ve got a few prizes to give away including the last set of tickets to Monday’s World Premiere of Project Natal for Xbox 360 experience as imagined by Cirque Du Soleil that will happen later that night.


Arrive early and hang out with us and help kick off E3 2010 week.


Special thanks to DMZilla who put this all together and will be there to keep us all in line.  

Click the map for directions



  • Exu

    I thought the Cirque du Soleil thing was the night before?

    Alas, matters not to me.


  • SuperDunners

    Is this Sunday or Monday night as the Natal event happens on Sunday? *head scratch*


  • e

    The Natal Cirque event premieres on Sunday night, but there’s another showing on Monday so that more people can experience it.

    See you there!


  • pkort


    Same time I’ll be at the Ubisoft briefing!

    Was really looking forward to meeting you guys too, been a listener for years, and first time at E3 😦


  • whodatcool1

    I thought the Cirque thing was on Tuesday. I’m all confused now.


  • ElektroDragon

    Will we get a cool meetup like this before the Seattle PAX, at say, the Cheesecake Factory across the road, or perhaps a local CPK?


  • stststststq

    It’s shown on MTV on Tuesday, but the show is on Sunday, the day before the main E3 press conference.


  • aceattorney

    Wait Zilla isn’t going to be there?


  • DHX

    The party of DHX shall attend.


  • Z4M0

    I’m looking forward xbox live coverage of this year’s E3… I’m not really into MTv ‘cept for MTv2 from time to time.
    Just hope someone attending will share hi/hers experience with the rest 🙂


  • chiruno99

    I’ll watch the live feed on Monday, naked.


  • Wiseguy



  • Arte Venture

    Have fun, guys!


  • SourNotHardcore

    That sounds sweet, too bad I won’t be there. You guys should host a tweetup for CES here in Vegas. Then I’ll make it. ;]


  • DMZilla

    I’ll be there! 🙂


  • Stoney0ne

    the red dead LA map is super sweet major


  • Mikerules868

    How did you get that map looking like that?


  • Aucard The 3rd

    Sweet, i will so be there with my girl friend and my best bro. i will be there, and to all of you coming to my home town. Welcome, and have a kick a@# time lol.


  • starz1984

    Man, if I lived in LA, Id be going. It looks fun to be there.


  • Dopefish

    A list of questions I compiled about the new hardware.

    1) Is the Arcade SKU getting this kind of stylish upgrade, too?

    2) Is the Arcade SKU just going to go away, leaving this new one as the only unit?

    3) Are all the USB slots in the back? If so, tthat makes it very inconvenient for someone who has a 360 in an Entertainment Center, especially since y’all are now pushing USB sticks as a way to move data around from console to console.

    4) Have the slots for the old memory cards been deleted from the hardware footprint?

    5) What is under that slot in the lower right hand corner of the front?

    6) Is the 802.11n a full 5Ghz, or a 2.4Ghz (lame) implementation?

    7) Are there still going to be detachable faceplates? Obviously the old ones are incompatible, but has that feature been done away with?

    8) Is the HD built in?

    9) Will you be able to transfer stuff from your current 360 hard drive to the new one?

    10) They claim it’s “whisper quiet”. What’s changed regarding that? Most of the noise came from the DVD drive, what is the DVD drive in use now?

    11) How will the reliability issue be regarding red rings? They seemed to have solved that with the last hardware footprint (Jasper).

    12) Will this new unit also come with the “built in memory card” like the last models did (had an on board 512Mb memory card that looked like an external memory unit to the OS)?


  • Dopefish

    Some answers.


  • MotorCitySarge

    Yeah, we’ll all be very envious. Not much going on in Detroit tonight other than rain.


  • Disco Ball

    Question: If the old hardware is going to be phased out what will happen to RROD’s? My 360 is currently on the way to Texas for yet another repair, but in the future if you don’t continue to make the MOBO’s how will they get repaired?


  • Grubish360

    @MotorCitySarge—Same in Wisconsin lol. I really love the look of the new Xbox, and I’ve been holding out on upgrading mine for awhile.(2006 version…) Looks like I will be upgrading, hopefully a Kinect bundle!



    Wish I could have made it to E3 but alas, Have fun for me.


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