Where to watch the Xbox E32010 Action


We have a lot of things going on at next weeks E3 Show. If you can’t attend, allow me to do a run down of a few of the places you’ll be able to jack in and keep track of what’s going on.


Xbox 360 Media Briefing

Monday, June 14th at 1:30p ET/10:30a PT/1730 GMT tune into to SPIKE TV to watch the Xbox 360 Media Briefing. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, it’s is set to air live and commercial-free in high-definition. Also, the Media Briefing will be live streamed on Xbox.com and Facebook in UK, FRANCE, SPAIN and ITALY at 1830 UK time (BST)/ 1930 Central European Time (CET.)

If you don’t have access to Spike TV at that time (due to say, work or school) then I’ll be live blogging the briefing directly from backstage at the briefing.


PLUS: If you are If you’re in New York City on Monday June 14th, watch the Xbox E3 briefing LIVE in Times Square on the MTV Billboard at 44th and Broadway. (note: I’d love to see some high quality pix of the briefing on the big screen…any one up for that challenge?)


World Premier of the “Project Natal Experience”, imagined by Cirque du Soleil.

Tuesday, June 15th at 3:30 PM on MTV, and at 9:00 PM on Nick at Nite, MTVu, MTV Hits, and Logo.


If you are in France, Italy Spain or the US, hit up Xbox.com where they’ll be streaming the Media Briefing from LA.


Plus, I’ll be in LA all week covering all of the action for Inside Xbox as well as Xbox.com so follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up on all the latest Xbox and gaming news.


Whether you’ll be watching live or following the live blog, be sure to drop by our chat to speak your mind about all the E3 news. For the best experience be sure to register or login prior to the event, and be sure to read our chat FAQ if you have any questions.


Edit: Xbox.com, in conjunction with MTV Networks/GameTrailers.com, will be streaming the Xbox E3 Media Briefing live in HD from 10:30 am until 12 pm Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, June 14. Visit www.xbox.com/E3inHD during that time to see the future of Xbox 360 gaming.



  • TH3Hammer

    I agree with Lex. Did you guys even try this year? That was absolutely horrible.


  • Devastator

    I went to the Times SQ one during lunch – Got some pics here:

    There was no sound from the tv (obviously) but here’s some videos here:


    Wish I was @ the REAL E3 launch to get that new 360!!!!!


  • Beitamax

    I Saw some cool stuff on the conference but I don’t think it’s that revolutionary, Kinect I mean. My girlfriend is going to love all those fitness games 🙂


  • kuroi albatross

    Worst E3 conference ever (maybe even worse than Nintendo 2008). Shame on you, M$.


  • NaturlBrnKlr

    ESPN interests me…but I doubt it will be available outside the US anyway. Other than that the whole show was Kinect without revealing the determining factor of its success – the price.



    I agree NaturlBrnKlr it’s unlikely that we will get the ESPN “App” and again makes our subs outside the US less and less value for money. The Kinect stuff bored me to tears and was even Cringeworthy in places.

    As for the free giveaway that was just shameless


  • JAMS77

    Pure fact is that the company has never made it this far into a generation. Massive failure, hope all land on there feet in the coming years.


  • Kroesis

    No comment on the about turn of Joyride going from free XBLA to Kinect retail, just some rather enthusiastic woman spinning in front of the gaming world!

    Most of it was either predicted (Halo, GoW, CoD) or a mass of Kinect blah. ESPN was a pretty smart move, shame I don’t have much interest in sports… or live in the US. The only notes of interest for myself was the MGS Rising and the unveiling of the new 360, despite the Italian MS site jumping the gun and letting it out of the bag!


  • Exu

    Too much focus on games where women and children can move about a bit, not enough for manly men like me. Stop trying to poach the Wii market and start giving a toss about the proper games that got the Xbox to where it is today in the first place.


  • Exu

    I meant to say “proper gamers”, but what I typed before holds true too.


  • Anonymous

    I’d like the hour I wasted back. The only parts worth watching was the beginning and the last 5 minutes.

    Kinect made me want to vomit, especially Kinectimals. Before anyone calls me a cold-hearted bastard, know that I have a real cat so I don’t need a virtual one, and I thought the Tamagachi craze died years ago. Everything else was a pure Wii knockoff. Kinect Sports? Kinect Adventure could be named Kinect Sports Resort. Not only that, but watching what is obviously close to a final build of Ubi’s YourShape fitness program revealed Kinect has an input delay (hey, just like the EyeToy did) which doesn’t bode well when you’re talking about games that judge you based on synchronization. Kinect is absolutely embarassing and, judging by the PPT slide of launch titles, I have zero interest in it.

    Nothing about the future of Xbox Live Arcade. Nothing about Summer of Arcade 2010. Nothing about last year’s big “arcade” announcement, that has, so far, fallen flat on its face, Game Room. Not enough details on the new system. If it’s shipping today, I’d like to know what’s under the hood and why I should consider it.

    This press conference was so bad, all Nintendo and Sony have to do is show up and unveil at least one solid new title, and they beat Microsoft by a mile.


  • Jonners117

    Having to say ‘Xbox do this, Xbox do that’ is going to get old fast. The man who said it’s easier than a remote control because “you don’t know which is the pause button and which is the fast forward button” put me off instantly! Give me a remote control every time; it’s so much more precise for playback control.

    The tiger petting ‘game’ was appauling, it belongs in a zoo or natural history museum to keep kids entertained for the two minutes that they’re waiting in line. Everything else was classic Wii fare. I didn’t have a clue what was going on in the GoW demo. The only good thing was the Halo first person footage.


  • Mr FuZzYbOtToMz

    looks sexy…but ill stick with my launch console,hasnt messed up on me yet(cause i take really good care of it) and its going strong


  • SP Dark Killer

    So was the thing at Galen Center with Cirque Du Soleil on the 13th because I got an invitation but it says on the 14th at 7:00.


  • Kroesis

    Wait for the update which will allow you to specify your own name for your console!


  • SpiralGray

    I set my DVR to record it and got 90 minutes of CSI. 😦


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