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  • DarkGin87

    I’m disappointed with this Major, you ain’t please alot of core gamers not even with the new console, i spent 8 hours on you’re chat room and everyone was so pissed, though it wasn’t as bad as what ubisoft did but it was shameful take alook at last years E3 and compare it to this years. you will see were it went wrong


  • Steve with OCD

    OH COME ON!!! Why thell is an AUDIO going up of a show KNOWN for its visuals?? Get the whole show up… Even though i saw it live i wanna show it off to the wife & kidderz!



    And so why did they shut off the original xbox live support? Weren’t we supposed to be finding out why today?


  • NEW P4TH

    Major, I thought the show was ok. Certainly not as great as last year, but still pretty good. The hardcore games you guys showed such as Metal Gear Rising, Gears of War 3, Halo Reach all looked great. The Halo Reach footage was amazing and perfectly timed. I’m disappointed Fable 3 wasn’t shown on stage and instead we got a lousy trailer for a game thats shipping this Holiday season. The Forza announcement left many confused. Was that Forza 4 or an update for Forza 3? You guys didn’t make it clear enough for anyone to understand.

    It seemed to me, you guys put all your awesome cool looking games in the front of the conference and had nothing at the end except a 360 Slim announcement, which most people on the Internet knew about. Kinect looks like it could be cool, but only 2 or 3 of the launch titles looked interesting enough to purchase. You guys didn’t even announce a price point for Kinect, which I though was pretty disappointing. Hopefully, you guys don’t price it higher than $149.99 or else not many people will buy it.

    I was also very disappointed to see you guys had Rare make you guys a sports title. One of my favorite developers of all time reduced to making a cheap sports game that only looks marginally better than Wii Sports. Overall, Id give your conference a C, down from the A- I gave you guys last year. Please, next year make it about hardcore games and don’t waste too much time on Xbox Live stuff such as ESPN news, Video Chat and other none game related news.


  • Thousand Cuts

    So we can’t download a video of the event? Half the audio is “As you can see… blah blah”.. Umm, I can’t see.


  • Huch

    Microsoft is truly a lumbering giant who has lost touch with those who made it what is was at its best… Sorry Major but it is clear that MS only cares about nickels ande dimes at this point. Very sad!


  • DiatomicMaster

    Hahaha, why post the audio? Why post this at all? This isn’t even a case of “it’s the thought that counts”. Maybe if this were a conference on music it’d be reasonable, but this is video games. It’s about as effective as a radio commercial for Halo. This is just embarrassing.


  • Mr FuZzYbOtToMz

    major you and MS suck


  • fastmode

    Not gonna lie. I want to play with the pet tiger game. So cute. And I want to see what my actual kitty thinks of him. I think their move to grab the casual is essential to the longterm health of the platform. They are going to sell 20 million + of just the three exclusives (Fable/Halo/Gears) and they have a crapload of 3rd party stuff coming that we can see elsewhere. Plus 8-10 million units of COD. They aren’t underserving the hardcore, but we have all made up our minds to buy 360 or PS3 (or both). There’s a limited userbase there, and to keep the console viable so we GET our hardcore games, they have to expand the base.

    Quit your whining everyone and embrace the fact that IF this works to any degree, your chosen system will be solidified for the rest of the cycle and beyond.

    If this were the launch of a new console or there were no games coming, you could be pissed. But it’s not the case. Put yourself in the shoes of the 5-14 market and tell me those games aren’t cracktastic for them. My nieces are going to thin I am the best uncle in the world for buying them that dance game. And the animals are super cute. NIntendogs sold like 100 million units or something ridiculous. And that kills Nintendogs. Same with the fitness games. That thing kicks WiiFit’s ass. And that’s healthy for the platform – – the same way having Castle Crashers or an RPG or sports game doesn’t hurt FPS development. Look at the big picture for a brief second before you complain that they showed something that you yourself don’t love. You can’t sell 100 million consoles on COD and Halo alone, just as PS2 didn’t sell all those on Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo alone. You have to broaden the appeal.


  • Anonymous

    I really didn’t like the way Kinect went since it seems that MS is trying to copy Nintendo. Kinect is too expensive. The slim 360 looks sick. I’m buying one ASAP since I have a 2007 model that broke down THREE times already. It sounds like a jet engine and has my ears ringing every time I shut it off, and I can fry bacon with the heat coming out the back. So yeah the MS press conference sucked but the slim looks pretty sick. Can’t wait for it!


  • Lucky 13 X

    Geez, what was with all the negative posts about the acting in the show?
    Yes, it was cheesy at times, even I must admit that, but it was not horrible. Y’all are such a hard group to please somtimes. They had to “sell” the product not just to you, but to folks like Good Morning America, various non-gaming news agencies, the Hollywood A & B List that turned out for Natal(now Kinect), and most importantly the various non-gamers families who hear about E3 through all those non-gaming channels I just mentioned.
    . And I guess our resident MN blogger lolipop is this year’s Felicia Day, who did the Twitter intro at E3 2009. A new to stage presence that was ultimately successful in selling the product they were promoting. It was funny to watch Felica D on the GameTrailers pre-show talk about her experience last year(& happiness to not be doing the same this year) and then see a similarly IMHO nervous performance from a community member the Xbox fans also know.
    Which got me thinking? Why has Major Nelson never done one of these product intros or Trixie even? They have certainly earned the gamer cred to do so, and they would resonate with the journalists in attendance? They’ve got people who can handle the behind the stage stuff if needed after all. 🙂
    Anyways, I like the evolution of the video chat, but I am still hopeful with the loss of the original Xbox’s LIVE, that we can get a chat room that contains both audio with gamerpictures & video via Natal or Vision camera with 16 people rooms. Something similar to the theather used in Zune with avatars, but for 8 to 16 party video chat. Let’s see it happen by 2011 MS. 🙂


  • TH3Hammer

    “A lot of the titles shown today are clearly not aimed at the people commenting…”

    Actually, they WERE aimed at us but we’ve seen it all before. Many of us are parents who also have a Wii and a PS3 and nothing that Microsoft showed today was original or groundbreaking. Kinectimals might have been cute if wasn’t so creepy with that little girl who seemed to be forcing herself to have fun but that’s a rip-off of EyePet anyway. None of these games would pull my son away from Little Big Planet, which Microsoft hasn’t even come close to touching in terms of creativity.

    Most of us already have Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, etc. We already have Mario Kart, Modnation Racers, Sonic & Sega All-Stars or one of many other kart racers and I wouldn’t want to play any of those without a controller. We already have Wii Fit or EA Active or one of the 50 others.

    Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 looked like just more of the same as what we’ve played before. Was Call of Duty: Black Ops and an announcement that we could pay $15-$20 for a map pack before anyone else really the best material they had to lead off the conference with? And then a big announcement that those of us who had just purchased a new elite to replace our last broken console could have purchased a better system if our console had broken just a bit later… awesome.

    I love my 360. I’ve been an XBOX Live member since the day it launched. I purchase most multi-console games on my 360. This year is the first year that I’ve felt like my PS3 will be getting played more than my 360, and I’m disappointed that Microsoft just couldn’t come up with anything better than bobbing back and forth in front of a camera, pretending you are really standing next to a fake Ferrari.


  • TH3Hammer

    Now I see why people have the periods in line breaks. They were all taken out of my post and now it’s just a wall of text =/



    Yeah I have to agree with a lot that was already mentioned. There were some great trailers and gameplay footage for some AAA titles, and the announcement that the ESPN content is going to be free for Gold members was a pleasant surprise, but when it came to Kinect, the ball was seriously dropped.
    All we got to see was a lot of mini-games and other copycats of what the Wii is already offering. The Kinect presentation seemed to be squarely aimed at the casual crowd, like MS was saying to them “Look, we have something just like the Wii has too!”
    So why wasn’t there any more advanced game usage for Kinect shown, like the Milo demo from Lionhead Studios when the device was first announced at E3 last year? I know that it’s still early in the tech’s development, but there needs to be an even mix of implementation in both casual and hardcore games, like what Sony showed at their first PlayStation Move presentation (even though a lot of what they showed was very similar to the Wii’s offerings too).
    If Kinect is going to be launched with nothing but Wii copycat games, then not only will the hardcore gamers be turned off, but the casual gamers will either just stick with the Wii or get a Wii instead, especially if the rumored price of Kinect is $149.99, which is only $50 cheaper than the whole Wii system itself. (… which reminds me, why exactly wasn’t the price announced yet?)


  • I1UglyMo

    Only Way To Get 250 Gig Hard Drive You have To Get The Call Of Duty Console. (Major Nelson) So I bought it. Short time later Major Nelson “Hey everyone 250 Gig hard drive available for purchase.” Everyone the N Wireless Adapter is out so go it. The only way to get connected with IS TO BUY the N adapter, so buy your console and pay another $100. NO mention of a console with Wi fi built in. So I bought the Adapter. I only bought my console because that was what was available and BECAUSE MAJOR NELSON AND MICROSOFT SAID THAT IT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THEM. NOW I PAID WAY MORE MONEY THAN I NEEDED TO. IF I KNOWN A CONSOLE WITH WIFI BUILT IN WAS COMING I COULD HAVE SAVED A LOT MONEY!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU MAJOR AND MICROSOFT. PLEASE MAJOR AND MICROSFT STOP SAYING ONE THING AND DOING ANOTHER. Today really tested my love of Xbox.



    I’m just glad to see I am not the only one feeling a little disappointed with today’s news and announcements. I may not be angry like some others, but still…


  • Njordall

    Sure would be nice for Major Nelson to join in and discuss Xbox 360 fans’ concerns and views on his own blog. Just saying.


  • kuroi albatross

    Rotfl, the audio file! You surely like jokes, Major.
    Now please tell me that the horrible conference was a big April fool too, because I can’t believe that M$ really think that we’re even a bit interested in mediocre casual games ripped off from the Wii.
    And what about Milo, the only thing that seemed somewhat original and not casual oriented? Vaporware, right?


  • yolarrydabomb

    yes this year E3 sucked but I cant wait to buy Gears and Halo AGAIN! really? that’s all the good games out. oh yeah I forgot…black ops but meh I could care less about call of duty anyway since MW2 was a disappointment.

    About the new xbox…what the hell are you thinking Microsoft? That is one ugly xbox I ever see. the original looks 10 times better then this one. What happen to detachable HDD? FANS? are you guys worried about RROD???

    whoever invest on this peace of crap good luck with overheating problems. I stick to my good ol 120GB elite or maybe trade it off to a PS3. If I really wanted to buy a wii I would of done it instead of this.


  • SGT Benton

    I understand why the keynote was so Kinect heavy, but what MS ending up doing was ingoring it’s core user base. How many Xbox gamers, the people keeping Halo and CoD etc at the top of the games played list, are really going to buy Kinect?

    IMO MS dropped the ball with this keynote.


  • The Gh0sts

    i’m up to lollip0p’s bit in the briefing and so far she’s doing well!

    I’m very much looking forward to the new 360 model cos then i can palm off my current one to someone else 🙂


  • Kroesis


    I can respect your opinions on the looks of the Xbox s although I would have to disagree, hard, but I would suggest you look up the specifics of the console before raging about it. It has a removable (still propriatory though) HDD and it has quiet fans.


  • HereWeGo

    Overall I hated todays press Conference. Microsoft is my main company of the trio, so I was fairly upset. Most of my games are on the Xbox360, and well…the show really left me feeling kinda empty. Nintendo’s going to be detailing a new console, and the Playstation Move is going to cater to CORE gamers unlike the piece of trash Kinect turned out to actually be…I had hoped and prayed for a CORE game for Kinect for those of us looking for some awesome gameplay, but instead…we got tiger cubs…and Wii Sports… What the hell kind of line up is that lol. Anyway, My purchase of Kinect will not be a day one purchase. I’ll be lucky to pick it up within it’s first year… I have a feeling that this is going to end up just like their HD DVD player. Kinect vs Playstation Move. Who’s going to win? It all seems oh too familiar… -.-.


  • wolfzero01

    the press conference was kind of bland. I liked the 360 slim, Gears, Halo Reach & Metal Gear looked cool. But Kinect is a big joke. Kinect Sports looks like Wii Sports just in HD. most of the other games look like stuff you would find on the Wii. there just wasn’t anything there that makes me want to rush right out & get one


  • Vulak Aerr

    I enjoyed the conference. It was maybe not quite as spectacular as previous ones but there were a lot of good games on show and some nice features from Kinect. Some of the Kinect games were dross (really, Rare? Is that all you have to show?) but some, particularly the Dancing game, Ubisoft’s fitness thing and Star Wars have me excited. I liked the cross-platform video chat Laura showed off, too. I’ll definitely be buying it.

    The acting is sometimes a bit weird though. Say what you will about ESPN, but those guys were professionals and they felt fairly unrehearsed.


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