Hulu Plus coming to Xbox 360


We are happy to announce that Hulu will be coming to Xbox LIVE as part of their Hulu Plus experience. In the announcement today, Hulu announced a preview of their Plus service, along with a series of partners of which Xbox LIVE is one of them. We’re working hard on creating customized experience for Xbox LIVE members, which means that Hulu Plus will be coming to Xbox 360 in early 2011. We are taking the time to ensure that the Hulu Plus experience for Xbox 360 is the best on TV and like our other entertainment experiences it will not be a port, but rather a custom experience that leverages the Xbox LIVE community features.


Hulu Plus will be available for US Xbox LIVE Gold Members only.



148 thoughts on “Hulu Plus coming to Xbox 360

  1. @Jaysonguy – perhaps we (the rest of the friggin’ planet) are sick of Microsoft focusing on U.S.-only ventures while the rest of us have only games to play – and since Microsoft doesn’t crank out much in decent hardcore titles anymore, where DOES that leave us? hmmmm?

  2. Don’t care about Hulu, but I’d love to see at least and indie games marketplace here in Finland. It can’t be that difficult. Sucks to be second class citizen and pay the same price or more than my fellow Live members in US.

  3. $10 a month, plus commercials. Can I just have regular Hulu minus the fee?
    Netflix is going to keep my money, thankyouverymuch.

    Also, how will this work with the new Family Gold Accounts?

  4. is it free or $9.99 a month?

    If its free, then this is great news.
    If its $9.99 a month, then this news is another feature i dont need on my 360…. because i will never use it.

  5. We started streaming Netflix much more often when it came to xbox, so a paid Hulu account may be worth getting. It would be nice if the free version of Hulu could also be used on the 360, however my understanding is that Hulu needs to make more money to pay for programming and they probably wouldn’t get many paid subscribers if the free version could be streamed to consoles.

  6. @LittleBlueAlien
    US only ventures?
    You mean like the SkyTV deal?

    As far as games for the core Microsoft is delivering them at an amazing rate. This summer was one of the largest we’ve ever seen with titles both from retail and on Live.

  7. I would gladly pay for services like Last FM and Hulu, but alas, I cannot. People outside of the US are forced to download their media content illegally and spend our money on other things.

  8. Yeah, if I have to pay over and above Gold, it’s not going to happen. It would either bet Netflix or Hulu and not both. So far It sounds like even Hulu Plus would have commercials in it so No Thanks to that. If I’m paying I don’t want commercials. I’ll wait for it to go to Netflix.

  9. A) Netflix is ten a month and doesn’t cover as much (really both would be the best option)
    B) Again for the third time, Hulu Plus is not free on the internet.

  10. I know its $10 a month on PSN even if you have the new PSN+ service. I hope it will be free for Gold members though, because there is NO way I’d pay for Hulu!

  11. Its just starting to frustrate me that the rest of the world is paying as much for xbox live as America and getting less. I live in Canada its not like we are that far away yet we get nothing. I have a loyalty number of 6, so I have 6 consecutive years with XBL and now its feeling like 6 years of being a sucker. No netflix, no ESPN, no Hulu. I am more upset by this then angry and seriously looking to move to getting into the PS3 online instead.

  12. @Jaysonguy

    Is SkyTV for Xbox available to subscribers outside of the UK and Ireland? The only other similar service to another country I’ve heard of but don’t have details on is Foxtel for Australia.

    Seems to me that other countries, even those neighbouring the US are getting the short end of a very unequal stick when it comes to value for their subscription.

  13. And once again major goes all silent when the valid criticism appears.

    As others have said it simply stinks that other countries not just the uk are getting completely shafted when it comes to their subscription. We’ve asked before but what is the European arm of the xbox company doing to gain opportunities for the European Market and why aren’t you major, being a higher up making the divisions providing content for their territories? Does it concern you that we pay the same but get less and in certain countries get nothing. Of your role as a community person when will you start using your role for the good of all communities across the world. Surly you have the power and the clout within the xbox division to start altering the balance here.

  14. My point was I don’t need to pay to watch hulu on the internet. This sounds like you will HAVE to pay to watch hulu on the xbox, plus or no plus. I think that is just silly.

  15. I really hope that there is some region free, gaming related updates in the works. Even if I could get Hulu and ESPN I wouldn’t ever use them.

    Why did we shut down the original Xbox live again???

  16. I dont even need this feature just because of having to pay extra, and hearing that it still has commericals.
    And yes, i agree, other countries should get supported too, its nonsense.

  17. The only “experience” I need on my Xbox is great games. If I want to watch TV, or ESPN, I’ll turn on Cable. If I want to watch a movie, I’ve got a DVD/Blu-Ray player for that. If I want to listen to music, I’ve got an iPod for that. When I turn on my game console, all I want to do is play games. Period.

  18. Hi, I’m a gamer from the UK, please be gentle when you SHAFT us again. 🙁 Yet another USA only feature. Here in the UK there are loads of “non gaming” services that could/should be available on the console.

    BBC iPlayer
    ITV Player
    4 OD (On demand)
    Demand 5

    I’m sure it’s the same for gamers all over the world too and not just the UK. I cant help but think that the rest of the world always has to take it on the chin when the Xbox 360 gets additional features like ESPN, Hulu, Netflix etc.

  19. @Tyger Cheex
    The BBC won’t allow MS to use their iPlayer services due to MS wanting to make it accessible by gold members only, the BBC don’t want MS to restrict the service to gold when both gold and silver members (or their parents at least) already pay for it with the license fees. This is something that neither side are likely to budge on anytime soon.

    I presume that a similar issue occurs with ITV Player, 4OD etc.. not wanting to be seen to encourage people to pay MS a subscription to see a service which is already paid for. Although I suspect that there may be more leeway for negotiation with ITV and 4 than with the BBC.

    The UK and Ireland do have Sky TV available to them via Xbox which is a similar service to Hulu (although in my experience with it, it’s not a brilliant selection, but that’s not the point) the rest of the world (bar Australia with Foxtel I believe) that are getting the poor deal.

    Mind you, when ESPN arrives for US members (I’m pretty sure it’ll be another US only feature) then we’ll see the US pulling further away with getting the most value for their subscription.

  20. @JasonGuy – Yes, we have SkyTV which requires us to shell out for ‘Anytime’ and any subscribed channels.

    You guys got Netflix which kicks the crap out of SkyTV on Xbox. If Microsoft could give us BlinkBox – perhaps that’d be a start.

  21. yeah the UK has SKY TV which only works if you are already a member(i am on Virgin Cable so its useless to me)

    Aussies have Foxtel

    i think France has something to do with Canal+ channel

  22. while Hulu Plus sounds nice, the fact that you get access to full seasons of shows, I won’t get it. paying $10 for something that like the free version still has ads is ridiculous. add in the fact that it doesn’t have certain shows or any shows from CBS means I still need cable.

  23. @Kroesis,
    Thanks for the reply, I did actually know about the issues between BBC and Microsoft, it is a shame they couldn’t resolve them, but then I guess there is always the PS3 and Wii for iPlayer if I really need it!
    As for ITV Player, 4OD and Demand 5, I see no reason why this cant be done because it’s ad-based and sky player (which I have too) has adverts too. Mind you, an additional subscription is required for sky to work so it’s not that similar.
    While we are talking about it, Sky Player is completely rubbish… it was good that they added Sky 1 not long back but I’m rather disappointed that some shows are blocked from live transmission. My girlfriend was watching something on the lounge TV, her lad was watching something else in the bedroom (we have multi-room) and I wanted to watch something on Sky 1… I logged in to Sky Player on the 360 and it said “This Programme is not available for live viewing” RUBBISH!
    Thanks again for the reply!

  24. @Tyger Cheex
    I agree that it’s a shame they can’t sort out. Out of the lot, I use iPlayer most of all on my PC. Problem with that is my PC is fairly old now and it doesn’t like playing programs with a larger picture size and to top it off, I have a small monitor! I would love to be able to watch iPlayer programs on my TV via the Xbox.

    Not sure what the issue(s) with 4OD or ITV is/were but I have a feeling that MS have just settled with Sky, unfortunately.

  25. Xbox Live Gold Account = $50 /year
    Hulu Plus subscription = $120 /year
    Pissing away your money for something that’s free on the internet** = Priceless!

    **(I am fully convinced that very soon, the ‘free’ Hulu will limit it’s offerings in order to nudge consumers towards their Plus service.)

  26. I don’t get why you guys are complaining. Your paying for a service provided by someone else, just like Netflix was. $10 a month isn’t much if the product is good. I never used Hulu, but if they have a good selection of stuff I’ll signup in a heartbeat.

  27. Hulu, Netflix,, et cetera – These should be 1-time-payments of $1-5 on the marketplace and not part of XBL Gold. I do not use these services on Xbox 360 because I am not a Gold member. Microsoft has yet to convince me there’s something worth it and paying them to access services I already pay another company for does not jive well with me. – Don’t worry Sony’s PS+ isn’t really doing it for me either –

    When you look at how many other devices provide these same experiences for free it becomes clear that this is a slap in the face of every Xbox 360 consumer.

    If Microsoft wants to add value to the Gold package, they need to create unique experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. 1vs100 is a great example of this.

  28. I don’t think ESPN has liecences to broadcast over seas, but they have a channel on Sky, so I’m not sure. That said though they can easily get them, even though Radio Broadcasting liecences are much cheaper.

  29. I am from Holland . We have only Facebook and twitter on the Dutch Marketplace but we still pay the same fee. Please give us more services / regional services on Xbox Live. Uk has Skyplayer, US has all major services and we have nothing, zero ! .

  30. Yay.. another feature included in Free to the US populace that doesn’t affect their price on paying for XBox Live Gold.. and yet those of us across the boarder in Canada are still paying the same amount.. for less and less features as time goes on. Can’t wait to see what we get next! Er.. I mean.. what YOU get next! 😉

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