Hulu Plus coming to Xbox 360


We are happy to announce that Hulu will be coming to Xbox LIVE as part of their Hulu Plus experience. In the announcement today, Hulu announced a preview of their Plus service, along with a series of partners of which Xbox LIVE is one of them. We’re working hard on creating customized experience for Xbox LIVE members, which means that Hulu Plus will be coming to Xbox 360 in early 2011. We are taking the time to ensure that the Hulu Plus experience for Xbox 360 is the best on TV and like our other entertainment experiences it will not be a port, but rather a custom experience that leverages the Xbox LIVE community features.


Hulu Plus will be available for US Xbox LIVE Gold Members only.




  • darkjester74

    At $10 a month forget it. The Netflix thing was palpable because I was already paying for Netflix anyway, so it was not real additional cost.

    Pro tip: If you want access to Hulu for free today, grab yourself a transcoder app and use Media Center to view it.


  • Osiriis

    Really, early 2011? That’s way far away. I’m sure something better will be out by then…


  • Doug DeJulio

    Alas, $9.99/month on *top* of paying for gold? I really wanted to like this, but no, I won’t be getting it at that price. If it didn’t require gold (so my wife could use it with her silver gamertag) it would be more tempting, but even then $10/month is hard to swallow.


  • IMLabman

    I would gladly pay twice as much if this was available in Canada…same for Netflix.


  • Major Nelson

    Xbox will get it in early 2011 so that we can work on the experience. We want to make sure it’s a solid experience like the one we have for Netflix. As far as pricing, availability etc…those are great questions to ask Hulu.


  • extrickster

    This is about the most retarded crap I’ve ever seen ‘if any’. Who in the right mind wants to pay $10 usd ‘monthly’ for something that they can simply go on there computer to watch for free… Sometimes I personally think they have kids working in the launch team myself…

    I’m about to sale my xbox 360 and go back to the day and age when games where good. Project Natal is one of the worst ideals I’ve ever heard of… its just hilarious watching someone bop around with no controller… it really makes them look like a idiot, if you know what I mean?


  • twisted poke

    Don’t think too many people here are going to buy that excuse major. Not sure why it isn’t available til 2011 (don’t care as I have no interest in the product) but please don’t insult our intelligence with lame PR speak. I’ll give you guys credit though, you are good at it. My personal favorite was when you all stated that you were doing us a favor by not including wifi when Sony dropped their price last year. That was classic.


  • ShadowNextGen

    This is great news Major! I do hope more details are released in the near future though.


  • chiruno99

    Once again, everywhere else gets bugger all. Nice going. -_- Dicks.


  • Onebitrocket

    Great! another USA only feature that rips off the rest if the world.

    1st Netflix, then EPSN and now Hulu!!!!

    Subscribers outside of the USA either need to see a vast reduction in cost of a live gold account or some features that justify the price for content compared to the USA service.

    Why the hell won’t Microsoft bring regional services to it’s Non-USA customers

    In the UK for instance, there are several tv catch up services, which would be a great addition to the live service, such as bbc’s iplayer. M$ has said that it currently has no plans to bring iplayer top the xbox live platform. I guessing it’s because it wouldn’t make M$ any more money.

    Seriously M$, pay some attention to your customers outside of the USA or reduce the cost of a gold live account!!!!!!


  • JeyNyce

    Not bashing on anybody, but it’s all about contract and $$. Why was NetFlix on Xbox first and you can download it? Because Microsoft made a deal with NetFlix to get the “app” first, before Sony & Nintendo. Sony probably did the same thing with Hulu and got hulu first and Xbox owners will have to wait until next year. It’s all business. Be thankful that it’s coming to the 360.


  • davidkenobi

    One more US Only new Xbox Live feature 😦 Really looking forward to see if the Gamescom will bring something here


  • Biff Tanner

    Nice feature for you guys in the US to join.

    Hey Major can you ask the guys at the UK office when we are going to get the iplayer on xbox?
    Oh thats right I forgot it has to be free to both silver and gold members so it wont be allowed on the dashboard anytime this decade.


  • rubernck21

    Im wondering about the ATT U-Verse is supposed to be coming? Atleast that would replace a cable box that I could use in another room.


  • NEW P4TH

    I would go for this if I wasn’t already paying for my Xbox Live Gold account.


  • Codename 76

    That’s just great. Another thing Canadians get screwed out of because of greedy content providers. Seriously I get all the channels on TV in Canada anyways we can’t Hulu be open to Canadians. Of course I pay full price for XBL – getting a subset of complete services to the U.S.


  • DarkGin87

    US only………………come on sort the deal out with BBCiplayer for us in the UK


  • RazzLee

    Man, I love Xbox so much but the competition is really turning up the heat. I have been waiting patiently for Hulu Plus for a while now and PS3 having it now really makes me want to trade in BOTH of my 360’s and stop paying for BOTH of my household’s Live accounts.

    Throw in the fact that Major’s friend Stepto can’t manage to give us a safe playing environment and the choice really becomes clear.

    Is there a reason to stay with Xbox anymore?


  • Onebitrocket

    M$ need to get over themselves and realise that iplayer is free in the UK already. And that they can’t charge for something that has already been paid for buy UK licence fee payers.

    I wish they’d get some of the other catch up services on as well, i wouldn’t mind if there were 2 mins (max) of ad’s before (and only before) an uninterrupted programme from ITV, Channel 4 and Five etc.


  • TheMovieMiguel

    if hulu plus is on the new windows phone i may consider it. beyond that i love that xbox it on top of things, in 2011. ps3 gets it next month.


  • Rinedog

    I agree with all the non-US gold members here. I price reduction for non-US gold needs to happen if all the add-ons are only ever going to be for US members.


  • Kroesis

    BBC iPlayer won’t be on Xbox Live due to the BBC not wanting MS to provide the service to Gold members only. iPlayer is paid for by the license fee and according to BBC should be made available to all Live subscribers or none at all. Ball’s in MS’s court I guess.

    Don’t see why ITV player/4OD can’t be included though.


  • TG kolz4ever


    Awww, go cry a river. Too damn bad for you. 🙂


  • Fire Shaman

    Over on the Consumerist they have the details of Hulu Plus. $9.99 a month + the privilege of viewing ads.


  • Doh Ray Egon

    So Hulu isn’t going to have a free alternative like they have right now on their website? Because I’m not paying $10 on top of what I am already paying for my gold membership. And we have to wait till 2011? I really hope this has nothing to do with Kinect.


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