Will Carmine live or Die? His fate is now in your hands


As announced last week, you now have a chance to decide the fate of Gears of War 3 character Clayton Carmine.
Head over to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace and register your vote by purchasing your choice of shirts:


Decide the fate of Carmine T-Shirts





He’s the last one…he can’t die! SAVE CARMINE (Male) (Female)




Screw it…he’s outta here: CARMINE MUST DIE (Male) (Female)









The proceeds from the sales of the Save Carmine and Carmine Must Die avatar gear will go to Child’s Play, so cast your vote, donate to charity, and have your say in the future of the oldest member of the Carmine Clan.



  • Killanon

    Save Carmine! 🙂


  • Hugoku

    Carmine Must Diet!

    But it has to be a glorious death. It has to be really epic to make up for Anthony’s stupid death, and Ben’s really tragic (and gruesome) one.


  • SeeUInTheFuture

    Kill the bastard!


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