Demo: Summer Challenge


Content: Summer Challenge
Price: Free
Availability: Xbox LIVE regions in Europe
Dash Text: Summer Challenge – Athletics Tournament offers fun for all sports enthusiasts and the entire family. Immerse yourself in the most popular summer sports, alone or with friends. The realistic graphics and the fantastic sound backdrop will transform your living room into a virtual track-and-field stadium. Summer Challenge offers a variety of interesting sports with competitions for up to four players, a complex single player career mode, and online leaderboards that allow you to compete against athletes from all over the world.


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26 thoughts on “Demo: Summer Challenge

  1. I’m an American and I demand my Summer Challenge Demo. What has become of this world when America doesn’t get everything?

    Just kidding. Cheers!

  2. USA may get tons more than us but they pay for it 😛 they get way too many adverts. Least int he UK we just get gaming adverts WOOOOOOOO

  3. Oh don’t get me wrong I’m not having a pop, I don’t want this either! 😀
    Seriously Major, this gets a nod yet Alan Wake DLC doesn’t?

  4. why does not work under chrome linux? none of the content links ever work – and it’s impossible to sign in. works fine under firefox linux though

  5. I really hate missing out on everything…oh, wait, that’s you guys in the rest of the world! I love how most of what the US doesn’t get doesn’t seem to be all that great anyhow. Not missed, and I have Destination Arcade! SAVE CARMINE!!!!

  6. I have actually tried it tonight. The demo allows you to play archery and trampoline. Pretty good I thought – I’m amazed I’m saying that, coz this sort of game should be a bore-fest for me, but.. well.. it’s pretty well done, and a few of us here have enjoyed playing the demo through a few times.

  7. The US gets the better stuff than us, but hey, we get….erm, Summer Challenge demo!

    I do hope Destination Arcade makes it’s way across the pond though!

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