Deal of the Week: Forza 3 Cars and Track Packs


Xbox LIVE Gold members can now save 40% on Forza 3 Car and track packs:


Forza Motorsport® 3


AutoWeek Car Show Pack, 240 Microsoft Points

Hot Holidays Car Pack, 240 Microsoft Points

Jalopnik Car Pack, 240 Microsoft Points

Nürburgring GP Track Pack, 240 Microsoft Points

The Road & Track Car Pack, 240 Microsoft Points




Remember the deal pricing will only be in affect until Sunday, August 8th



  • Axcalibur

    When is Microsoft going to stop ripping Canadian consumers off with these Microsoft points? We pay $20 for 1400 points, and our American neighbors pay $20 for 1600 points. Doesn’t seem fair when our dollar is near parity. Sony doesn’t do this, anything that’s $5 in US is $5 in Canada. Nintendo doesn’t do this, if you buy a 2000 points card in store, it’s $20 in the US and $20 in Canada (save for various deals from retailers). It’s time Microsoft stopped ripping Canadian consumers off!


  • SilentHunter382

    I bought the Hot Holidays Car Pack and Nürburgring GP Track Pack when they came out.

    I don’t know if I will get the other packs, even at the reduced price.


  • JoeCool314

    man do I really look forward to DOTW…….until it is a game I do not own. Awwww Hamburgers!!!


  • SCS 85



  • Exu

    The only one I’d be interested in, the Exotic car pack, isn’t on offer.

    Why would I be interested? Because I want the car that is the fastest, doesn’t matter what that is.

    Might get the Nurburgring though.


  • twisted poke

    Will be glad when arcade games return for DOTW when the overpriced summer arcade promotion is over.


  • Ultima22

    6 comments in, and people are already complaining about something or other.


  • Ozzpot

    Are we allowed to request DOTW offers?

    These are the things I’m still holding off buying until there’s a discount:

    Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond
    Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island DLC
    The Warriors
    Tomb Raider Underworld DLC
    Scene It! DLC
    Stranglehold DLC – I know literally no-one plays this any more because the MP sucks, but I want the achievements. This has been out nearly 3 years, no-one bought it, and it’s still 1200MSP. Should be free by now!


  • Master Mudora

    Ozzpot, if it is on sale, I will play for I also need the achievement points and don’t mind playing crappy multiplayer. I am still looking for someone to play Beat ‘n’ Groovy with me =(


  • Pappy 247

    I think Microsoft needs to lure away someone from Valve. Then maybe someone could show them how to offer REAL deals…lol… Whaddya think??


  • ABRipperXX

    i gotta agree with Axcalibur, im from canada and i think its bull that we only get 1400 points instead of 1600 and the dollor has been on par for a while. I hope you guys change this or i wont buy them anymore.


  • Lavindathar

    Good deal I guess if your a real Forza fanatic. I don’t get why you expect the deal to be awesome for you every week though.

    Anyway, as much as I love Forza, I won’t be picking any of these up I don’t think.


  • Io ACE oI


    Right now the Canadian $ is $.94 to the American $. Which makes your 1400 card about $18.80. If you divide the cost buy the points you can get the price by point. Here in the US it costs about $.013 per point and in Canada your paying about $.014. So really, we are paying the same, really no need to worry about the $.001. Once the American dollar gains ground I’m sure we will be the ones paying more.

    Anyway, back to the DLC. For me, it’s still a little overpriced. I would pay 200 points per or 1000 for all. But I don’t play enough to justify the cost of this DLC.



    Forza 3…….. Serious


  • BigDog969

    Awesome…. Instant buy


  • ElektroDragon

    Talk about LIMITED appeal, even to those of us who own Forza 3. How about more discounts on the rest of the old 1200 point games?!


  • Lohengriehn

    Im not unhappy about saving money third time in a row 🙂


  • Av0cad0

    This isn’t so bad. I was spending way too much money on arcade games for a while. These deals on extra content, combined with the overpriced Summer of Arcade are giving me an opportunity to catch up on a huge backlog of games.


  • Exu

    These deals aren’t bad, they’re just limited in their appeal, which we’ve been getting a lot of lately.
    I can’t want for this SoA rubbish to pass so we go back to more than one new arcade and multiple deals per week. I can’t be the only one who, because of the lack of promos and well-priced Arcade games, is spending LESS than I normally would.


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