Online Safety and Microsoft Beta programs


I’ve recently received a number of questions over Xbox LIVE and Twitter about beta or preview programs we occasionally run for Xbox. All Beta programs we run at Microsoft are run through our official portal Microsoft Connect, located at

If you receive an email (or see a website) claiming to invite you to be part of a beta and are unsure and don’t want to immediately click on any links (because you practice online safety) here is what you can do to help protect yourself: look closely at the link and make sure it points to

If you were invited to be a part of any preview or beta program, once you sign in to Connect with the Windows LIVE ID that received an email, you will see a survey that you’ll need to complete for the beta program you were invited to participate in. 

Once you do that you’ll be in a pending status for the program. If you don’t see a survey to complete, then you have no pending beta programs to participate in.

As always, do not give your email address or other information out to any web site claiming to offer you a chance to be part of a beta program.


Once again, we only use Connect


I hope this will help answer a few questions. Be safe.



  • NumberedJester

    It was went to be a bit of a joke, as to how we seem to be left out of everything. Though I think I should be invited. I could test it to see how it copes with a group of drunks from N.Ireland, lol.


  • Mikro

    There’s also a strict NDA Non discloser Agreement with and the Invited only Programs Agreement ussually in the Surveys for a Beta Program.


  • Iii Am Reptar

    Is it to late to try and join?


  • jasva

    Nice info.,

    this would be in mexico to ?? ,apply outside of US.

    hi everyone
    this is my first post :D.


  • Zacabeb

    Remember that if you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), the scope of the NDA usually extends some time into the future, including any further information shared about pretty much anything. At least that’s the way it’s been with all NDAs I’ve signed so far.

    So if you’ve signed an NDA with Microsoft in the past, they may share classified information with you only because the NDA still applies. Just a thought.


  • LegendaryMSN

    Funny how people in the UK automatically assume it’s US only just because they didn’t get a invite.


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