Deal of the Week: Dragon Age: Origins content


Dragon Age: Origins

Xbox LIVE Gold members can save on the following Dragon Age: Origins content until August 22nd:

Awakening, 1600 Microsoft Points 

Return to Ostagar, 240 Microsoft Points

Warden’s Keep, 400 Microsoft Points

Blood Dragon Red Avatar T-shirt , 40 Microsoft Points (Male) (Female)

40 thoughts on “Deal of the Week: Dragon Age: Origins content

  1. Good to see the Awakening download is cheaper than previously projected, now it’s equal to £13.60 in real money. Although the disc is still cheaper, the difference is now miniscule.

    DLC deals are a whole load of meh and the avatar shirt is a ripoff because it still has a price.

    Now Major, can you clarify something for us? Do we still get a DotW on the week beginning August 16th?
    Because if we’re now getting meh deals lasting two weeks before a new one then that’s a new low, but if we’re getting new deals every week that last two weeks then that’s a step in the right direction.

  2. I managed to get a dirt cheap retail copy of Awakening last week, and it’s great. I will be picking up Return to Ostagar & Warden’s Keep when the marketplace is updated with the DotW prices.

  3. @PIMD It is definitely 1600, take a look at the MP. Maybe they actually took on board that 2400 was still a crap price.

    I already bought it on-disc but had I known it would have been 1600 in advance then I’d have been more likely to consider the convenience of Awakening in download form…

    …and then bought the disc anyway.

  4. Very COOL price. I’ll definitely buy everything but the shirt.
    Here the game is still 40 Euro. Cheapest price I found was the one on the Hut. 17 Euro but the game is english only (I have no problems with it but I don’t know if saves are recognised and… Come on, I can’t play a game half italian and the other half english. :D).
    1600 MS Points for the price I bought my last card are equal to anbout 13 Euro.

    40 Euro Italian Retail
    20-25 Euro PreOwned Italian Retail (if Lucky to find it… No lucky for now!)
    17 Euro UK Retail without my native language
    13 Euro DLC

    Sounds pretty to me. 🙂

  5. Still not a deal but close enough to retail price
    to buy it if you dont mind loosing 2gb
    though i suspect it will be 2400 points as soon as somebody notices

  6. Awakening has had an MSRP drop to $30 US for the disk. It looks like EA has carried that over to the digital version, and now this sale is still $10 off, but $10 off the new price so the sale price is $20.

    $20 is the perfect price for Awakening. You’ll get 15-20 hours of gameplay and up to 250 gamerscore with this download (it requires 2 playthroughs as you have a choice at the end and can only get 1 of 2 achievements per playthrough.)

  7. Guess the shirt isn’t coming down. Only thing I was gonna get as well.

    Tweeted MN to see if it was a bug, but no reply. He did post a funny article about a man quitting his job though. Which is nice.

  8. It’s good to see that the marketing dept got wise and dropped the Awakening deal price further below the current market price. I was planning on passing on this deal and getting the disc version instead since they were the same price, but now that this is $10 cheaper, I’m sold! I’ll also get this other DLC I’ve been holding out on too. Any chance we can get some deals on the rest of the DLC anytime soon?

  9. Cheers for updating the shirts MN.

    It’d be really handy if you could confirm/deny whether this is a 2 week deal or not? It helps us out, so we know what to do with our points.

    You know the answer, so pass it on!

  10. Last few DotW has been a letdown. The last good DotW was when they had Afterburner and Mega Man on there.

    This DotW is terrible. 1 star. I would give this 0 stars if I could.

  11. Just because you don’t own a game/want the DLC, doesn’t make it a bad DotW. Every DotW is 5 star. Because it’s stuff at a cut down price which we have no right to expect.

    All I got this week was the T-shirt. Last week I got nothing. Both are still great Deals of the Week.

  12. I’d just like to say that because of this deal I’ve decided to go ahead and order Dragon Age for $30 from Amazon and I’m going to be getting Awakening from the marketplace and maybe the other discounted DLC as well. 🙂 I bought the PC version (don’t have expansion or any DLC though) at launch but I was looking for another reason to play through this game again and couldn’t find a better one than being able to play through it on my HDTV.

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