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I like audio. I like audio a lot. I also like to share audio that I think you may enjoy as well. In the past, I’ve posted the Crackdown Agility Orb sound and the Achievement Unlocked sound, and now I am sharing sounds that the new Xbox 360 makes when you turn it on or press the disc eject button.


Direct from the master audio files, I’ve created two versions of each. One is the MP3 version and the other is an iPhone friendly ring tone version.


Xbox 360 power  (.MP3)  (.M4R)  iPhone ringtone format


Xbox 360 tray     (.MP3)  (.M4R)  iPhone ringtone format


Let me know how you plan to use these, we’d love to know.


We are releasing these under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.


I am also working on getting clearance for posting the audio from the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo Reach console. Look for that next week.


40 thoughts on “Xbox 360 console sounds

  1. I currently use the Achievement Unlocked sound on my mobile as my Text message alert.

    These two new sounds are crystal clear. <3
    Thank you for sharing this precious audio Major 😎

  2. Sweet!! Thanks alot Major!! I love having my Blackberry make XBox sounds!! I use these sounds for twitter, facebook, text and email messages!! Looking forward to getting the XBox Halo Reach sounds so I can add those as well!! Thanks again!

  3. I really don’t know why it was necessary to include these sounds in the console. When you open the tray it sounds like a microwave oven ready. Really cheap sounds and what’s more it’s really disturbing when you’d like to play in the evening, quietly. Isn’t there a way to disable these?

  4. Major Nelson, in between moving in your power circles, can you grab Steve Jobs and tell him that in order to get forgiveness for releasing a phone that does not work when you hold it, to allow custom text message alerts? Go on? You have the clout to make him listen to you, I am sure 🙂

  5. You know what would be awesome? If you could give your Xbox custom sounds. I have a few sound effects from my phone I wouldn’t mind using as my power-on sound.

  6. I like the ‘ping’ when you open the disc tray as well as the chime when you turn it on.

    But being perfectly honest, I LOVE the fact that they’re not forced. If I turn on the console via controller, I am not making any annoying noises late at night, however if I wanted to use the ps3, I have no choice but to hear a loud ass BEEEP whenever you turn the console on. Ugh.

    So MS was definitely in the right frame of mind when designing this.

  7. Ho about giving us a unique Achievement sound or a unique Friend Online sound first? I’m sick of 5 years of thinking I got an Achievement when its just a friend!!!!

  8. Right now they will be for txt, twitter, and facebook notifications. I use the Achievement ring tone for all that now I can use other xbox sounds for it all can’t wait for hte Halo and Crackdown sounds.

  9. Thanks Larry.. my use.. iPhone unlock and lock sound… via ummm a custom app that does this..Also REACH 360 will also be unlock and lock sounds too…

  10. Hm, interesting 8-bit callback to it. I dunno, I’m the guy that would disable my PC speaker once I put a sound card in it. But maybe I’m too attached to the whirrs and clicks of my 360 Classic. If the new one is as quiet as fabled, then some reaction to buttons is probably the right way to go.

  11. To be honest, I really dislike the disc tray sound; it’s too shrill. I do, however, love the power sound, enough so that I will make the effort to touch the power button rather than hold the guide button on the controller lying beside me. Wow, that’s sad…

  12. can we get the sound of the transition of blades like backing out of a blade, you use it for your podcast when you do transition to interviews.

  13. But these sounds are bland and are the suck. It’s great you found me another reason to avoid the new Xbox since I really hate high pitched bleeps. They sound like screeches to me.

  14. @Absyrtus You speak logic, friend. But you’re talking about gamers on the internet. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING will stop the whining about even the most trivial of things.

  15. I like the sounds of the new Xbox 360 S. They’re so happy and cheery. I think they sound different here than in person, despite being from the master. Maybe its the difference between the speakers on my macbook and the speaker on the 360 S? Either way, I have some new text notifications! Thanks!

  16. I’m going to throw these in a synth and make a cool little ringtone. That will be a fun story every time my phone rings. Sorry Autechre but Xbox 360 noises take precedence.

  17. Am I right in thinking that in the future some themes will be able to change the startup and eject ‘chime’ on the new console? Just a guess but if a premium was charged then people would buy it, and it could be set up in a way that if people with a non ‘slim’ 360 download the theme then it would just ignore the new sound setups

  18. Nice… but can we change the sounds from the new xbox slim ? I wish there follow a update like that…Or why we must skip a song and cant play it forward to the time 1.45 min when its on my HDD so many questions…..

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