Price change for Xbox LIVE Gold subscription


I wanted to let you know that as of November 1, 2010 we are increasing the price of an Xbox LIVE for some members. This price increase only affects Xbox LIVE Members in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom or the United States.




1M Gold:  $7.99

3M Gold:  $19.99

12M Gold:  $49.99

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  $9.99

3M Gold:  $24.99

12M Gold:  $59.99



1M Gold:  4.99 GBP

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  5.99 GBP



1M Gold:  $8.99 CAD

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  $9.99 CAD



12M Gold:  499 Pesos

Starting Nov 1, 2010

12M Gold:  599 Pesos


Unless listed above, there is no change in any other subscription packages.


Since launching Xbox LIVE in 2002 we have continually added more content and entertainment experiences for our members, while keeping the price the same. We’re confident that when the new pricing takes effect, an Xbox LIVE Gold membership will continue to offer the best value in the industry.


However, we do want to thank our loyal members and give you the opportunity to lock in your current price with an additional discount, so now would be a good time to renew your subscription.


Again, the only subscription packages impacted are those mentioned above. For instance, the 12m UK Price? Not affected since it is not mentioned above.


Edit: You can sign in and hit this page on to find out when your Xbox LIVE subscription expires.




  • x Obstruction x


    No, not really they need to come out with a system that doesn’t charge you for crap you don’t use..

    I don’t have a problem with the price since mah mommy pays for it 😀

    But, if you don’t use twitter, facebook, and all that other crap you should not be charged for it.


  • awp69

    Wow, I own all three major systems and the vast majority of the time, for multi-platform games, I get the 360 version. Well, I’m struggling to make ends meet now and am purchasing fewer games. Guess what, with this price increase, Xbox Live is history. If I get a multiplayer game that’s on 360 and PS3, you better bet that I’m going to get the PS3 version now. The “extra” features are all free on my PC and I can use my PS3 or Wii for Netflix. Honestly, the multi-player games I play on PS3 haven’t been any worse than on 360. So off goes a formerly loyal customer. Hope that this really comes back to bite MS in a big way.


  • JonnyDFandango

    So explain to us how Microsoft justifies having adverts ALL over our 360 dashes? As soon as we boot up annoying adverts WITH SOUND start playing and are on EVERY section, literally every other post on there is an ad… despite the fact that we pay a fairly large fee, and now with the up in price, how are you NOW justifying these ads? Pick one or the other guys, either it’s free and ad based, or we keep paying and you drop those ads. I doubt that Major or any other MS person will respond to this message, or any of the other messages sharing the same opinion. You already have 15+ PAGES of comments saying exactly what I’ve just said… doesn’t that tell you guys something? This is some slimy BS Major, you and the rest of MS should be ashamed of yourselves. With any luck, you’ll be regretting it in the near future.


  • Useless0ne

    Even with all the advertisements found in almost every nook and cranny of XBL, MSFT wants MORE money? I’ll pay $60, but it’d be a LOT easier to do so if I didn’t have to see what Old Spice, Dorritos, and the new Resident Evil movie were cooking up on every other page.


  • DacoiT

    This is just messed up. Make this Platinum membership for $60 with all the features. Make gold membership $40 with limited features. Why should I pay for facebook, twitter, netflix, zune, last fm. When I don’t even use them on my 360. At least give us the option to pay less when we don’t even want to use all those things.


  • RavageDiOxide

    This all in one is CRAP! Why cant I have my Xbox just play VIDEO GAMES!?!?! I twitter and facebook on my phone and what Netflix on DVDs or computer.

    What you should have done is had a Platinum Membership and take all the non-video game crap and dumped it in there and upped that by $15! It was the next logical step.

    Gold Member = Online Play Only

    Platinum Member = All Entertainment



    If it would get all the idiots off of live, I’d pay 100.00


  • Sausage Villan

    hey venom madness not every one can be a professional co*k sucker and earn a bunch of money some of us work regular jobs and have kids and stuff and even though we can afford the extra money it IS the principal because it never stops every time it’s just alittle more and just a little more more for arcade games more for dlc more for regular games and i know all your co*k sucking pays well now but eventually you may be sucking co*k just to pay for xbox and seriously how many co*ks are you willing to suck venom madness



    This is good news….for PSN.


  • Angry silverbul

    I’m not against a price hike if it’s justifiable, but if anything we deserve a price drop. What have we got lately that us hardcore gamers actually care about, give us more features like party chat and less lame apps I already have on my computer.

    Glad I’m not American, I have enough issues with the current price.


  • Velete

    My gold is up for renewal soon and i was already weighing up all the ‘features’ we actually get for our cash – then MS go and increase price a tiny bit ? seems less tempting to renew now.

    Even the americans are complaining about price and the content they get for it – its a lot worse in the UK and further east, where we are paying double and over for all points/subscriptions and getting a lot less features for it.

    MS could at least drop all the dashboard adverts at least, their is always usually at least one of them sitting their that auto-plays itself in the background (wtf)


  • Silvercube

    I am curious to see what the $10 increase will provide more for on Xbox LIVE.


  • Euphoric Fusion

    So let me get this right. The UK only has an increase on one month subs?
    If thats the case then it has no effect on me as I get my sub yearly.
    And I’m sorry to the US, but you deserve to pay more seeing as you get a vast amount more than we do.


  • I Timothy I

    For people that don’t know supply and demand, here’s a little lesson: As of February of this year, Xbox live has 23 million members. Now granted this doesn’t count the gold members, but the majority of the population has a gold subscription. Let’s go with an 19 million gold member estimate. At the current price of 49.99, Microsoft is making $949,810,000. With the $59.99 price hike, that number swells to $1,139,810,000. That’s an increase of $190,000,000!

    Xbox/Microsoft is a business that goes through the same business practices as any other company. If supply and demand is high, the price will increase. Lower demand means a price decrease. The Xbox live service is currently in high demand; especially since they’re betting on Halo: Reach to be the best selling Xbox 360 game to date. Add Kinect into that equation and you see why the price has increased after all these years. Long as people are renewing their subscription at the new rates, the price hike is justified. The moment that demand goes down, so too will the prices.

    As of right now, 12 month Xbox live cards/subscriptions is currently on sale (they’re advertising on my box that it’s 39.99). This method is to keep the current subscribers and allow them to make this announcement a little bit easier.


  • TheDarKnyht

    Tell the ‘team’ “No thanks”, I bought into the Gold membership for Netflix and 1 vs 100. Since you have killed 1 vs. 100, and I can just as easily move the PC into the Living Room I don’t really see any reason to continue paying $60.

    You can also pass the word that announcing jacking up membership fees without announcing the supposed “extra benefits” is asinine. A lot of us wouldn’t be as upset had Microsoft bothered to explain what extras we getting for the increased cost.

    [Just a hint: Allowing us to stream content that is free to stream elsewhere (including other consoles) is not a benefit. Nor is allowing game developers to blackmail us over online play when the membership supposedly includes it.]


  • examark

    I’d have no real issue (I spend WAY more than £39.00 a month on Sky let alone a year) with a small price increase, if we actually got the same benefits as our cousins across the pound in the US, as it is we don’t. Zune market place in the UK is a joke, we have no Netflix equivalent, even though we have Love Film in the UK (surely Microsoft are sorting something out on this by now), we won’t get ESPN and our inside Xbox is a joke (not even any of our dearly beloved M.N). So on second thoughts, before putting the price up MS, why not actually give us dear Brits a little more for our £ first.


  • Sausage Villan

    watch how quickly the cards sell out and go up in price


  • NoBullet78

    @Euphoric Fusion “And I’m sorry to the US, but you deserve to pay more seeing as you get a vast amount more than we do.”

    Are you not reading the US comments? We dont care about that stuff. Believe me youre not missing out.


  • Sticky Owens


    I am starting to feel REAL smug, that i got back into PC gaming around a year ago, as somebody else has already pointed out, i recently tried the Mafia 2 demo on both my home gaming rig, and the 360, and the 360 version was horrible.

    The 360 is an OLD machine, its struggling graphically now IMO

    Why would people want to pay more to play it online.

    I have 2 x 360 accounts, this one, and another i use in my 360 @ work (mainly for skyplayer), the work account ran out of gold a few weeks back and i never got around to re buying it, consider that one now silver only i hardly watch the skyplayer thing anyway, it was more for my staff when i am not around and they have nothing to do.

    My main home gold account is due for renewal in approx 8 months, good chance i will let that slide to silver as well to be honest.

    I would say that 70% of my gaming is now done on the PC anyway, Steam FTW!



    Wow. First let me say that I have been with xbox live since the first console and I love it. This is a major slap in the face to myself and others that have been loyal to xbox live and have shown it by purchasing live and also arcade contant and avatar gear. I have been waiting for a price decrease over the years. I have never thought about switching to ps3 until now. I still love xbox but what a sad busniess move.


  • HsitH

    Microsoft needs a 3 tier system:

    Same as always.

    Gold – $30/yr:
    Online multiplayer play
    Access to marketplace
    Voice chat
    Party access.

    Platinum – $60/yr:


  • SpartanSithlord

    Oh my God! Microsoft is taking $10 more from me for a service that I use daily with tons of features. How will I afford 83 cents more a month! Especially since with inflation, Live has been getting cheaper every single year, and is now just going back to its original price… Oh the Hubris of it all!! Why Microsoft!? Looks like I’m going to have to pay $300 to buy a PS3 to protest your $10 craziness, because that makes total sense.

    Its really a lot of fun. I can’t read any of these comments complaining about a price increase without laughing. Are you guys serious? $10?! Its just $10! Maybe its going to server upgrades that’ll make every service run faster… You don’t know.

    P.S. Also, you have to be crazy not to use Netflix instant streaming!


  • willow ve

    if you’re going to raise the price at least give us tiers so we can choose which “premium” services we want to pay for.


  • x Obstruction x

    Bungie is with Activision now, so that means they can make PS3 games.. Yes xbox will still have Halo but, bungie is the only thing that matters.


  • DoggyDaddyX

    So what does this mean to the family subscription that is also supposed to start in November?

    I agree with others who don’t really care about Last FM and Twitter on the console. I would like ESPN 3. Netflix can be viewed for FREE on my PS3 and Wiis (albeit with a disk). So what else is new and worth extra? P.S. I really hate the Zune video viewer/browser. Every time I click on a video it jumps to that app, without any context (doesn’t pass which video I was trying to see!).


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