This weeks Deal of the Week theme: Aliens


The following content has been specially priced for Xbox LIVE gold members until September 6, 2010:

Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition, 800 Microsoft Points

Aliens vs Predator Swarm Map Pack , 400 Microsoft Points
Alien Breed Episode 1, 400 Microsoft points

Galaga Legions, 400 Microsoft Points




  • a peeking duck



  • Electro Piku

    Agreed, meh. I’d rather see some more DotD’s please Major


  • bulat99

    Boring 😦



    Are any of the Arcade titles worth getting???


  • EDfromRED

    If anybody has not bought Zeno Clash yet, it’s an absolute steal at 800 ms points. It’s an intense, trippy, First Person Brawler/shooter, set in an extremely wonderfully strange world. Treat yourself and dive in, it’s one of the most –legal– trippy experience’s you’ll ever have.


  • chiruno99

    I didn’t like Zeno Clash, it felt too slow to be enjoyable, and Alien Breed isn’t anything too fancy since you can get Alien Swarm which is the same thing but free on Steam (No L4D referneces please in the following posts.) Galga Leigons is ok but I have it on the NAMCO Museum Arcade disc so I’ve no need to buy it, and it gets dull if you’ve no idea how to conserve lives. That only leaves the AvP maps and since I’m not a fan of it, nope.


  • Hugoku

    Galaga Legions is awesome. A very underrated title in my opinion.
    It’s a steal at 400.


  • SilentHunter382

    I really have been saving money since there isn’t anything I like on the DotW since the borderlands DLC.


  • I chex mix ho I

    not everybody who has a 360 plays games on steam as well so what you said about alien breed does not apply to everyone. speaking of alien breed, i played the trial version of the game and it seemed fun but i didn’t want to pay 800 points for it. however, at 400 it is looking a little more appealing. i will have to try it again and see if its worth it. at least this deal of the week is:
    1. actually starting on the monday of the week (bioshock 2).
    2. not lasting 2 weeks even though its called deal of the “WEEK” (dragon age).
    3. for more than just one game aka not all dlc for one game and no arcade games (bioshock 2).


  • metallicorphan

    major -has Dead Rising:case zero been delayed?(should of been released tomorrow),a lot of sites are saying it has been,but some are saying its just Japan….can we have some confirmation please,i have points ready


  • Anonymous

    From what I understand its only delayed in Japan


  • alex5523

    mmmmm hope the next week will have better deals.



    I would also like some confirmation on the status of Dead Rising:case zero.


  • Hauz20

    No delay for dead rising outside of Japan according to Joystiq


  • dirty whirlwind

    Probably picking up Galaga Legions. Remember liking the trial at the time of release, but had no points or whatever and forgot all about it since than. Might get Alien Breed as well, depending on what comes out this Wednesday. Case Zero is a given at least, whenever it releases.


  • Yukon Cornelius

    AvP map pack still shows 560 for me … though I wouldn’t buy MP-only maps for “anything” if there’s nobody in the lobbies to play. 😦


  • Echtzeit

    At first, I didn’t like the Alien Breed remake. But after the second look, I’m really enjoying it. You have to accept that it isn’t true to the original in terms of coop-play. But for this money you should seriously consider picking it up! It’s like Dead Space from above 😉


  • Exu

    More shit.


  • Silvercube

    I’ll try out Alien Breed again. Thought the demo was okay last time, maybe 400 points is worth it now. Or maybe not 🙂


  • xZ3XYxGR4NDP4x

    Can we get a picture please 🙂


  • wolfzero01

    meh, nothing worth getting & I already bought Galaga Legions when it came out


  • Pappy 247

    Legions is a solid game and at 400 its a steal.

    Still haven’t beaten that game…lol


  • Hoffer

    I tried Zeno Clash on the PC and didn’t like. Same story for the 360 version. I won’t be buying that at even 400 points.

    For 400, I think I’ll pick up Alien Breed. I have like some Konami disc that has Galaga Legions on it. So, I don’t need that one.


  • bullka LT

    I miss normal Arcade games on DOTW so much. I remember those ultimate spring-summer DOTWs (trials, shadow, chime, peggle etc. etc.) before the Summer of Arcade. Bring those old times back!!!

    Btw.. can we expect Lode Runner in DOTW? We had seen so many worthless repeats in DOTW. So I think it’s time to bring Lode Runner back to DOTW. What do you think?


  • PiNkEyE69

    Shame we didn’t get a full week of DOTW for the bioshock stuff 😦 I tried several times to buy the avatar gear over the weekend only to get a “cannot access marketplace content at this time” message, and now it’s back to full price.


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