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Dead Rising® 2: Case Zero

Price: 400 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Germany, Japan and Korea 
Dash Text: Get a taste of what Dead Rising 2 has to offer in this full-featured prologue! Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey have barely escaped the Las Vegas zombie outbreak with their lives. They arrive in the lonely desert town of Still Creek looking for some rest, but unfortunately there is no rest to be had as this sleepy town has become overrun with zombies. Chuck must kill zombies, rescue survivors and escape from the zombie nightmare that is Still Creek before time runs out. Any PP, clothing, and Combo Cards gained in CASE ZERO will carry over into your Dead Rising 2 game! There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see


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55 thoughts on “DEAD RISING 2: CASE ZERO

  1. Not showing up in the Australian Xbox site and when I try to download it (both the trial and paid for version) it tells me it isn’t available in this region although it should be….

  2. I live in Taiwan, so it should be available. Yet, when the download reaches 99% it has an error saying it can’t complete the download. Gotta be a region issue. At least state the correct regions in the posts so we don’t bother trying!!

    Really wanted to play this one too!!

  3. I played the first DR and I didn’t like it but I still went out and got DR2:C0 just to see what DR2 would be like and this does got me kinda excited it seems to play a little better than the first one so I am definitely sold and for 400 MS points it’s not bad at all.

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