New Xbox 360 Wireless controller featuring a transforming D-Pad


We’ve just made the Xbox 360 Wireless controller even better with a brand new version that includes a transforming D-pad.  The engineers have come up with an ingenious solution with a d-pad that can go from a plus to a disc with the twist of the wrist.


From this:

To this instantly:
dpad_up dpad_down


Here is a video that shows how it work:

In addition to the new d-pad, the matte silver controller also features concave analog sticks and gray A,B,X,Y buttons for added style. 


The controller will only be available with the new Play & Charge Kit that will launch on November 9th for US $64.99.


More photos on my flickr


If you are headed to PAX Prime this weekend in Seattle, drop by the recording of my LIVE Podcast on Sunday where I’ll have a few of these controllers to give away for free.


Edit: It’s now up on


Update: The Play & Charge Kit is now available for pre-order




  • AriesDog

    Unlike many, I have no problem that the controller is initially offered with the Play & Charge kit because I know it’ll eventually be released seperately. However, making the buttons grayscale instead of color is just wrong. The games themselves tell you which button to push based on color.


  • tozOL

    MS, I would seriously love to chat to your marketing department, in the last month alone, your extreme loyal customers have been hit with…
    New console:
    new controller:
    halo console:
    call of duty console:
    gold subs price increase:
    and then the just to funny for words pricing on Kinect..

    Answer me just one question, are you people living in the same place as the rest of us, there is a massive world economic problem, and yet you continuously seem to be just increasing or charging ridiculous prices for your products now, and worse still it shows no sign of stopping.

    We are currently in a time when everyone is tightening belts, I worry this fall, someone somewhere who has invested a lot of money is going to be extremely disappointed, and I thought I would never say it was going to be Microsoft, but I feel for the first time now Kinect is going to be a massive Failure, not on technology, but on price-point alone.

    You have to realize here, there are not just these things coming out as well, your competing with triple A titles across the board, and yet this fall all we see from MS is price increase….oh wait we see weekly arcade price reductions.

    Come on MS, it’s time to give your customers something back for there constant loyalty, because for the first time for me…the PS3 is becoming a far more easier choice of console, and I mean that on pricing again.
    And no I’m not a fan boy, i’m a UK podcast who for the very first time, is now playing My Ps3 far, more than the 360, and I may add, the move is pre ordered, the Kinect is way, way out of my budget.


  • Yukon Cornelius

    It’s as if Microsoft wants us to hate the current revision of Xbox 360, so when then 720 comes in 1-2 years, we’ll look upon it like it’s a savior to our woes of:
    * new console that doesn’t take faceplates, and still no user-replacable HDD
    * higher Xbox Live costs, when everyone knows costs should be going DOWN as a result of optimization and experience. Did moving up to 64kbps voice really drive up costs?
    * a gray controller with gray buttons, same crappy D-pad (only now it’s a “transformer”), and bundling a cheap USB’ish cable at the same price as if you bought controller & cable separately.
    * no MGS games on the horizon, save for Halo, Fable, Alan Wake, and Kinect bundleware.
    * no increased efforts or detection to get rid of cheating in the top 10 Live games.


  • dr oreos

    This and higher gold memberships = microsoft FAIL



    Wow thats an impressive Control, and i wish people would stop complaining about the price increase this means that live will increase in preformance and their should be far less lag


  • Kroesis

    @ThinkDIGGITYDAN I’ll believe it when I experience it.


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