New Xbox 360 Wireless controller featuring a transforming D-Pad


We’ve just made the Xbox 360 Wireless controller even better with a brand new version that includes a transforming D-pad.  The engineers have come up with an ingenious solution with a d-pad that can go from a plus to a disc with the twist of the wrist.


From this:

To this instantly:
dpad_up dpad_down


Here is a video that shows how it work:

In addition to the new d-pad, the matte silver controller also features concave analog sticks and gray A,B,X,Y buttons for added style. 


The controller will only be available with the new Play & Charge Kit that will launch on November 9th for US $64.99.


More photos on my flickr


If you are headed to PAX Prime this weekend in Seattle, drop by the recording of my LIVE Podcast on Sunday where I’ll have a few of these controllers to give away for free.


Edit: It’s now up on


Update: The Play & Charge Kit is now available for pre-order




  • Punisher138

    Really no reason to only bundle with Play and Charge kit other than to force people to spend more money. M$ is not looking good this week.


  • ageha stg

    no just no


  • uzivatel

    “The color change is for this controller only. We’re not removing the color from the buttons on other controllers.”

    Glad to hear that.


  • jechtshot78

    No thanks. WAY too little, and about 4 years too late.

    You guys are batting a thousand this week. Do you even realize that the gaming community is sitting back and laughing at you right now?


  • Licantropo

    Thumb up for the improved D-Pad (finally…), but thumb down for the grayscale buttons.
    Colors are too characteristic, a lot of games walk you through with colored buttons. Now how you are supposed to quickly tell a newbie what button to hit? You have to look down for a letter while a color can be seen from the corner of your eye.
    It’s much easier to yell, “hit the green button!” than “hit the button with the letter A on it”


  • technofranki

    So there is a new Play & Charge Kit? Which won’t work with old controllers? The new Xbox can’t use the old HDD. Why Microsoft?

    (Answer is probably for us to buy everything all over again).



    To all the non-gamers complaining about colored buttons

    Please leave xbox because you must truly suck if you need to look at the buttons to play.


  • waldo15

    Custom controller design with improved D-pad? Great idea and long needed.

    Change of colors on the buttons? When you let the ID guys win the battle bad stuff happens. The colors are deeply embedded in the Xbox experience so getting rid of them breaks that flow.

    Overpriced peripheral with unnecessary components? That’s the MS way. I’d be happy if the finally sell rechargeable batteries without the sync & charge.


  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    Did you bother to actually read any of the responses? Like I said, if I were planning on getting this controllers, which I am certainly not, the lack of colors wouldn’t affect me at all. I know what I’m doing. But Microsoft is pushing the casual stuff hard. New gamers, kids, casual gamers… you know, that huge group that MS is going after… look down at their hands a lot when they are playing. I have siblings who do it. When I got my original Xbox, I memorized the colors of the buttons weeks before memorizing the letters.
    But that’s okay. I see that you’ve got Pro as your gamer zone setting. You’re more hardcore than the rest of us.


  • Licantropo

    @Venom Madness: it’s not a problem for us. It is “obvious” we exactly know where A, B, X, Y buttons are without looking.
    It’s a problem for the non-gamers, newbies, and those can’t yet read (4-5 years old).
    So what? Why removing colors? It’s a nonsense and inconsistent with the past and with those games that empathize button colors instead of letters.


  • CDN Crockett

    I really like the grayscale buttons!

    @Goon360 – From page 1
    LOL that would be wicked!!!!!


  • StaticFree

    Really like the dpad improvement but I don’t think I can get over the price. Much too high.


  • ShaggyB

    I like it but will it come with a regular battery pack backing?


  • Alpha NLD

    And everybody gets one free?


  • Altis1

    I wish you guys would of mentioned this during E3. I would of bought this instead of the new 360S black controller.


  • weakwill

    looks nice but they must stand a test before there are beather as other joypads droppt for many years.
    the d pad wasnt good for fighting games.
    i think it look not realy beather.
    i hope for an test.


  • tabicat

    $65 == too expensive
    Play-n-charge == sucks
    Rotating D-Pad == cute, but useless
    Monochrome buttons == really bad idea

    I think I’ll pass


  • Xenokai 360

    Changing the DPad finally is great but i dont this this is any kinda of real improvement. The mechanism inside the controller that handles the inputs is whats wrong with the dpad. This is still the same exact dpad inside and is still going to wrongly detect the inputs. Also i have to say it, the gray ABXY buttons are very ugly and will actually confuse people, I think it makes the controller look cheap. The joysticks seem like they might be a real improvement in making them keep grip longer. But the dpad is the main focus here and i think its done really wrong.

    A dpad where each side feels like a separate buttons is the best way to do it. People’s complaint with the dpad is that you can easily push down when you wanna push left. This change wont fix that. The Grat button just look bad. Hoepfully your team reads this and understands why the dpad is hated in the first place.


  • SteamPunkJin

    Can we get a wired version? I know they’re not as popular but I can’t stand having my wireless stuff crap out during an online match, for that reason alone I will used a wired controller until the day I die. Make it happen Major!


  • SaberJ

    Make a black version with the colored buttons, and I’m in. Otherwise, no. Just no.


  • N8Vosburgh

    This should have been included with the 360 Slim. not happy




    It’s one controller, get over it. I also think you’re not giving enough credit to young kids. They’re smarter than you think. The comment about me be “pro” is pretty lame. Who even thinks about that? I just want to play with people that can kind of keep up.


  • H377BR1NG3R

    Gray buttons! WHY? Thanks for making “quicktime events” more difficult. If they are the same internally at least that’s an easy mod to fix. MS, “Hey guys we finally FIXED the D-PAD!” Gamer community, “Hurray!” MS sheepishly adds, “We broke the skittle buttons though. We needed to hobble it so it’s actually not a better product.” GC unsurprised, “BOO!”

    Forced bundling with the play-n-charge to make it $65? Good thing I already have 4 P’N’Ces and the damn “quick charger” to boot. With the subscription increase this is another slap in our faces, buy us dinner first next time.

    At least I found out in time to cancel my Halo Reach Edition 250″s” console pre-order… I certainly don’t want to pay a premium for two “dated” controllers in the bundle.


  • AnEternalEnigma

    Only took you guys nearly 5 years to realize what a piece of garbage your original d-pad was. No problem, though. I made a ton of money locally upgrading them for people in a process that only took about 20 minutes.


  • skullivan

    Is this “Hose Xbox Users” week? I just got the new 360 a month ago and *now* they’re gonna release a controller with an improved D-pad after 5 years of people complaining? Why was this thing not bundled with the new system?

    Anyone who owns a 360 at this point already has a Play and Charge kit or doesn’t want one. Forcing an extra $15 accessory you don’t need down your throat is only going to piss people off even more. Especially when lots of first time 360 owners probably just shelled out over $100 for extra controllers with their 360 S. At the very least this should have been announced alongside the new system. Is it too much to ask to have some respect for your customers?

    Between this and “Let’s Raise the Price of Live for No Reason” it’s a crappy week to be an Xbox owner. Can we get some good news like, “First-party titles will be $50 going forward”?


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