The countdown is on for Halo: Reach


We are a week away from the launch of Halo: Reach and we have some activities planned. If you are in the New York area, join me Monday at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square for what promises to be a pretty big deal.
In Seattle? We’ve got you covered there as well. We also have thousands of events across the country at various retailers. Hit this press release for more details.


Update: I’ll make another post when I have more details (time etc.) about the NYC event


Update 2: Here are a few details to get you started with your planning.



  • metallicorphan

    what’s Halo Reach? 😉


  • SeNiLe911

    @metallicorphan Don’t worry about it, Halo: Reach is SOLD OUT!!!

    LOL OK, maybe not all sold out, just the Legendary and Limited Edition of Halo: Reach at GameStop.


  • Phlanders

    Can’t wait!


  • Spargo CXVII

    Ohhhh, My bad… now I remember why I got sept. 14th off.


  • HugoStiglitzJr

    Hey Larry, why don’t the gamers on the west coast get the game at 9pm so the east coasters don’t get a 3 hour headstart on us!



    I will pass on this halo, waiting on Black Ops.


  • r3dreck



  • Pemalite

    I’ll have it at Midnight on Monday. – Which probably places me about 12 or so hours ahead of the Americans. 😛

    Can’t wait for Fable 3 and Black Ops either.


  • Boe2

    I’m a proud member of the gamergroup that LOVES xbox but couldn’t care less about the entire Halo franchise :p.

    It’s another shooter, whoo….sorry, I’ll stick with the good games that come out while the kids play their shooters 🙂


  • Pappy 247

    This news is as good as hunting boar…better even


  • Anonymous

    It’s like a freaking holiday… or disease. Actually by adding the timer, whenever I turn on my Xbox, I see it, and I’m immediately reminded that it’s coming out in a matter of days and it makes it seem like a longer wait =(


  • Xlrking

    If i dont get this game, ill probably be outcasted or something.
    Its the truth.


  • I DLord I

    $20 for pre-ordering? Please and thank you Amazon. Don’t really care about getting it RIGHT away, I’d rather have 20 bucks.


  • ThePurpleJoker

    I wanna go, although I will have to wait til payday to pick up an actual game. I hope the event will be good. I enjoyed the CoD:MW2 event.


  • dedtime

    If only Best Buy gave me everything (Gamestop Armor), I would move my legendary edition Pre order over to that best buy. This pre order gear stuff should stop. It’s limiting where I can purchase specific stuff without missing out on the complete game. And yea I know its just armor that I’m not even going to use after upgrading through the Credit system in halo haha, but the point is it’s content that’s part of the game and I want ALL of the content that goes with it, not some of it.


  • chiruno99

    You mean countdown before Live crashes because too many people rushed to Reach so fast the servers crashed?


  • Shawcross

    I live in Seattle and checked out the Hall of Fame in Seattle but it doesn’t show listing for a upcoming event on September 13th yet. I want to attend if I can but I doubt my girlfriend will let me go. I am not a big Halo fan but wouldn’t mind going just to see what all is happening at the place.



    A countdown intell me and my wife fites over the who gets to play the xbox.


  • xXNapsterManXx

    Cant Wait Getting My Legendary Edition and Console Edition on the morning of the 14th just before the yanks get it 😉 God i love Same DAte World Wide Releases Forge 2.0 FTW


  • MightyThor460

    I can’t ruddy wait. The all nighter my buddy and I are going to pull will be epic! With any luck, we won’t wake the wife!


  • Sneeches

    my gamestop is having a midnight launch next week… guess i know where i’ll be monday night and calling in sick to work on tuesday 🙂


  • Kroesis

    Can anyone else tell that this is one of Xbox’s few remaining exclusives?


  • Its A Mirage

    hope to see you all online


  • H e e r o

    I actually went to the best buy theater and they had no idea what I was talking about. Also the ad says midnight sales and pre order pick up. How can pre orders pick up the game if no products are actually sold there? There is no way to pre order there.Hopefully more information is released soon, I actually want to attend the event and need to know what the deal is before I cancel my amazon pre order.

    Good luck with getting everything set up though 🙂 , I’m sure it will be great.


  • NorthernEmperor

    awesome, can’t wait.


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