Show 373: Another one without Major Nelson


It happened again. I went out of town, and the crew kicks out a show. Here it is.

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)  
Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)
Co-host: Stepto (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)



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  • Radical Dylan

    Interesting; now we just need a podcast where it is one person talking to himself the whole time.


  • ruiner02970

    They did a super job…more of them please.


  • Major Nelson

    @Radical Dylan Did that already. Listen to my first 200 or so shows. It was just me.


  • chintu

    keep it up


  • Glenn ZA

    Busy downloading the show now. Started getting withdrawls from no shows…

    This also goes to show, Larry, you no longer have job security… 😉

    Thanks to the two guys and gal for the show. Will listen to it now once it downloads.


  • xLoCk 0nx

    @e: regarding the other game with an upcoming prequel, did you mean Dead Space: Ignition for Dead Space 2?

    Great podcast!


  • Hekate180

    @majornelson loving the audio levels, @Stepto was slightly quieter – still audible. but very good levels


  • Megamatman

    Nice work guys 🙂 but it just isn’t the same without @majornelson



    Mass Effect 2 came out at the end of January (there was a question about this in the podcast). Should be a leading candidate for GOTY.


  • DMZman

    Thank you for the Podcast, you did a great job with it, was a ton of fun to listen to 🙂


  • caballote

    This podcast was a complete yawnfest. Please come back Larry.


  • xLoCk 0nx

    @ All three podcasters: the building you work in (with the alternating staircases) sounds like a serious fire hazard. Are there special fire exits?

    “Oh no there’s a fire and we’re in the top floor!!”

    “Don’t worry, we can just take the stairs, run to the other side of the building, then the other side, and the other…”


  • The Gh0sts

    texas isn’t in the top 25 poll 😦


  • Son of Korah

    Listening to you all talk about Kinect and how revolutionary it is… I have to share… I was just watching my UK HD DVD import of “The Island” on my XBOX 360 HD DVD player last night, and was reminded of the game within that movie where the players use only their body to control their in-game character… AND it is labeled as an XBOX gaming platform. Wow… we’re actually there! (Well… soon to be….)


  • flamebroil link to Kat dancing at pax


  • SCT78

    Good show guys…one correction to e though: Enslaved was not developed by Platinum Games (or the guys who made Bayonetta). It was developed by Ninja Theory, who made Heavenly Sword which was the PS3 exclusive, good to have them onboard to the 360. “Vanquish”, which will be out next week, THAT game was made by Platinum Games. Personally I think Enslaved and Vanquish are the sleeper hits for this holiday…



    When they said GameStop sold out of Kinect I think it online sells not store sells becuase my GameStop manager told me that alot of people cancled there pre-orders (around 50 people down to 15) in the last 2-3 weeks.


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