Arcade: Dream Chronicles


Dream Chronicles™Content: Dream Chronicles
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Welcome to a realm where fantasy meets reality. In "Dream Chronicles™", help heroine Faye rescue her husband and reverse the enchanted sleeping spell that has enveloped the town of Hope. Travel through a magical world as you find hidden objects and solve puzzles to unravel the threads of the mystery. Enjoy "Dream Chronicles™" alone or invite a friend to join in Co-Op mode.


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10 thoughts on “Arcade: Dream Chronicles

  1. Nevermind its horrible. Don’t even think I would have spent 400 points for it. Its a port of a 2007 pc game which was ok but the hidden object games are much better now. Plus the controls suck.

  2. These kind of games only work on the PC. Since they use the mouse they give you time limit and it’s more fun. Using a controller takes 4 years to move the pointer around the screen. What seemed like a good assortment of arcade games was ruined by this one.

  3. Definetly on the Games fir Wifes cathegory.
    Still not worth 800 msp, they should cutt off the overpricing crap.
    I guess at starting pricetag of 400, achievement junkies would have considered this as purchase but 800 and on same release date as super meat boy ? haha good luck boys.

  4. Only if your wife is unusually attracted to shiny things and has the language capacity of a 5 year old. This game is EPIC FAIL. Tons of awesome games show up on PSN only that we hear did not meet XBLA “standards” yet then something like this gets released. Does not compute.

  5. I really enjoyed the demo. I migth get this later in the year, but with an upcoming sale, Super Meat Boy, Costume Quest, and possibly Hydrophobia, along with a fine selection of Indie games, I’m gonna have enough to play. Add Fable III on top of that and the rest of the year will be a good one.

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