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I was chatting with some people who work on Avatar Marketplace and they asked me what I thought the community would like to see added to the Avatar Marketplace. After a short discussion, I said let’s just ask ‘em….they’re not shy about telling us what they do and don’t like.  So here is your chance. Vote in the poll below, or leave your comments and tell us what you would like to see come to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace.




I’ll keep the poll open for about a week so let us know what you think and I’ll share the results with the Avatar Marketplace team.



  • bobbomo

    My wife was disappointed no engagement ring option. Only left-hand ring is a band for guys and girls. An idea for dashboard categories: games with unlockable content. Surely that would help push those titles… can’t find a list anywhere!


  • Angry silverbul

    Rottweiler pet avatar, would buy that in a heartbeat.


  • Chico DeBarge

    Well, I have a female Avatar and I must say that the clothing for female avatars should be increased across the board. Whether it is free or paid content, for example the Halo Reach and Gears 3 content for females is lacking. It’s frustrating to only have a few pieces to chose from. More female oriented stuff, like high heels, hair, expanded makeup section, nails maybe, and one piece outfits like dresses.


  • Monhegan

    Lower prices.
    Take a hint from Apple. Make everything 80 pts (or less!).
    All avatar gear needs impulse pricing.


  • Defrostmode

    how about some LOST/Dharma Initiative clothes and props?
    my favorites would be Dharma jumpsuits, Dharma food/drink containers, a smoke monster “pet”
    I would waste TONS of money on that stuff


  • Ted Supreme

    I’d like to see props that actually stay on your avatar at all times THEN do an animation.

    Seriously, people are buying 300+ point items for a few seconds of joy which only they will see. I don’t know anyone who goes through each person on their friends list to see their avatar props.



    Please add more hairstyle options to the men, but especially to the women. There simply aren’t enough female hairstyles. Specifically, add a few options for long hair (hair that reaches BELOW the bustline/shoulderblades and reaches the mid/lower back.) Even the current long hair is only shoulder length. My sister, mother and wife all have long hair and NONE of the current hairstyles even remotely look like theirs.

    Secondly, I wanna see MARVEL AND DC COMICS SUPERHEROES. I can’t tell you how fast I would purchase Nightwing avatar outfits and accessories to match my gamertag.


  • trickybuz93

    Soccer (football) jerseys!!!


  • Atomicow

    Anything free.


  • Supreme Entity


    I’m not trying to be selfish here as I hope you are open to everything everyone has said here, but the most important thing you people should do is:

    ADD MORE COLOR OPTIONS TO EXISTING CLOTHES AND FUTURE CLOTHES: That’s a huge plus for me. I’d like to be able to wear a default shirt, or something else that I already bought, but in another color!

    ADD (A LITTLE AT LEAST) MORE FREE CLOTHES TO THE DEFAULT CLOTHES: Why did MS stop this? Add something new and free every 2 weeks, even if it’s just 2 items.

    ADD MORE ANIMATIONS TO THE AVATARS THEMSELVES: With Kinect coming out, have them do more realistic things. Show them being bored, or even excited when you do stuff on the dashboard or when friends see your avatar in their friends list.

    LOWER THE PRICES: I’m going to say it… On Playstation Home, they have clothing bundles you can buy for like $5 (or XBL equivalent to 400 MSP) and you get like 4 to 8 pairs of jeans and shirts. We, on XBL get just one full outfit for $5 and that’s just crazy. Our cheapest shirts and pants are 80 MSP ($1) while you can get things like that on Playstation Home for as low as $0.25 (maybe as low as $0.15)

    MAKE AVATAR PROP ANIMATIONS LONGER: I hate it when an avatar pulls out a prop and it goes away in 5 seconds. One particular guitar prop comes to mind that is exceptionally short, but there are multiple guitar props and others last as long as 15 seconds.

    AS FAR AS THE VOTE: I’m going to have to say Anime outfits, simply because, as one poster already said that category is severely lacking.

    I’m in the Kinect Beta (about to end) and I would have loved to see a Kinect Avatar Prop, but that also reminds me of the more “realistic” clothing I’ve seen in Kinect Sports that your avatar wears. Clothes in THAT game need to either come to the Avatar Marketplace or be unlocked via Avatar Awards to wear.


  • Nex Antonius

    Just give us some more suits. I am tired of the default ones.


  • laserboyjc

    Some food items would be fun…taking a burger out of a bag, sitting at a table for a fancy pasta dinner and such.

    I know this is not an avatar item, but also how about changing their pose? Please? They just look weird and unnatural with the wide opened leg stance and hip leaning to the side, specially on the male avatars.


  • MastaSn1p3r

    I think all the above would be nice but one thing I’ve been hoping for is more Disney stuff. More specifically, some Pluto avatar items.


  • Doh Ray Egon

    I want a H.E.V. Suit and a crowbar prop. Is that too much to ask?


  • Quaranj

    Hey major, any idea why the DOTW page has NEXT weeks deals listed?


  • TymmeZinni

    One, no price tags.

    Two, more (free) content from games.

    Micropurchases really hafta stop.


  • I DLord I

    Remember when there were free items periodically added to the marketplace? Yea, my vote is for that.


  • Jman284

    NHL jerseys! That would be great.


  • Grimoire

    I want black shorts.

    That is all.


  • The Grim Heaper

    Anime outfits or Animations, please.

    Sports props would be kind of cool, but we already have lots of them… and I would much rather have a New York Rangers jersey.

    More Dogs and Cats breeds would be alright, I guess… as long as each one has a unique animation.

    Dinosaurs would be awesome… but I’m not sure how they would work without devouring your avatar(awesome) or running around(boring).

    Xbox 360 Gaming Accessories would be sort of cool in its own way… I liked that Xbox 360 controller your avatar holds in the Game style marketplace, so I would totally pay for that.

    Animations, depending on what they are, could be AWESOME. Seeing my avatar fail at kung-fu moves, teabagging, and other stuff would be pretty cool.

    I voted for Anime outfits, mostly because I’m an Anime fag… and I would LOVE to dress my Avatar up as Usopp.


  • MrHaru

    MORE Sports? Don’t you think the marketplace is littered with it ENOUGH?

    How about actually having anime outfits and whatnot for ONCE? I mean come on. I’d buy almost ANY anime outfit that comes out.


  • Anonymous

    I wish you could speak with EA Sports and see if it’s possible to bring some NHL sweaters. We used to have Madden and we still have 3 NBA titles offering jerseys. I want a Blackhawks sweater! 😀


  • Speed24Racer

    NHL jerseys! That would be great.


  • Aberfoyle

    Let’s get shirts with the gamerpics on them. I mean, I spent money on gamer pics but now no one sees them. Put them on tees! You’d think we could even pick our own gamer pic to show up there without having to have tees developed.


  • Lukard

    I want something I can “spend” achievement points on like a special shirt or pet that you can only “buy” with 10,000 gamerscore. something in that vein.


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