DOTW: BioShock 2


This week, the Xbox LIVE Gold Member’s can save on select Bio Shock 2 content:


  Original Price Sale Price Save
Rapture Metro 800 400 50%
Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack 400 240 40%
Protector Trials 400 240 40%
Big Sister Outfit (Male) (Female) 320 240 25%
Watchface Big Daddy Doll 240 160 33%



These deals are available for Xbox LIVE Gold members until Monday, November 1st.


22 thoughts on “DOTW: BioShock 2

  1. Game is dull, can’t even be bothered to finish it and definitely don’t feel the need to pay extra for what is already on the disc. Shame because the first was amazing.

  2. @darkwonders

    Xbox support has stated several times that DotW DOES count. Then again they have stated a couple of times that it doesn’t. But more often than not, they say that it will work.

    I believe on similar deals in the past, people were getting their rebates by including DotW stuff.

  3. Bioshock 2 was definitely an awesome but I already traded it in. Unless they release a GOTY edition with all of the content in place, I don’t think I’ll be revisiting the world of Bioshock until Infinite comes out.

  4. Like others, would liked to see Minerva’s Den (since nobody’s playing multiplayer with newer AAA titles out), or more avatar content on sale (including the Big Sister helment & classic Big Daddy outfits). All in all, a DotW repeat seems like no thought or effort went into this one, whereas a simple phone call between Xbox & 2K Games could’ve expanded or enhanced it to make it “fresh”. A widescale sale on ALL Bioshock 2 content would’ve easily generated a better response.

    Looking forward to next week’s great offers, though!

  5. DOTW didn’t count but now it does. So does Super Meat Boy’s promo price.

    Also yeah sod this repeat CONtent. Wake me up when Sinclair Solutions is free (it’s on the disc you robbing gits) and Minerva’s Den is half off.

  6. This again already??? The only way this would have been worth it is if they had added Minerva’s Den, and of course that’s the only DLC that’s not on sale. grrrrr

    And yes for those of you wondering about using DotW offers for the thank-you 800 points, it specifically says in the fine print on the official page “…cannot be combined with any other offer” and that is exactly what the DotW deals are. So if you really want your 800-point refund, don’t risk it and only buy regularly-priced downloadable items with your points.

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