Xbox 360 2010 Holiday Bundle


Xbox 360 2010 Holiday Bundle



Today we announced the Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle. This bundle includes:


Xbox 360 250GB Console

Copy of Forza 3

A token for Alan Wake full game download from Xbox LIVE


The bundle will be appearing at retailers over the next few weeks, and will retail for
US $299.99






This is in addition to all of the 4GB and 250 GB Kinect bundles that are available.


Update: The 2010 Holiday Bundle is now starting to appear at retailers.




  • floris112

    I’m not impressed by this offer… And all the people who follow this website had already an Xbox.



    Forza 3 is a hardcopy, but Alan Wake is a download? Seems a bit backwards. Oh well if it gets the vastly underrated Alan Wake into more hands, then so be it!


  • Hauz20

    Really? I follow this blog and I don’t already had an xbox …


  • RavenousLou

    Hey, Microsoft, I just got a brand new, shiny, 250 GB Xbox 360 S on Thursday. If you want to send me one of those Alan Wake redemption codes to keep me from feeling sad, I won’t complain. 🙂


  • Jonners117

    I hope it also comes with dark glasses so you can look at the dashboard for more than 2 minutes. I’m guessing this is the core gamer bundle then as it doesn’t include Kinect.


  • chiruno99

    Who hasn’t got Forza 3? That’s the question. Practically anyone with an Xbox got it at some point. If they didn’t they’re some kind of, freak child, or a Call of Duty fan.


  • Ramstein

    I too just bought an XBox360 S not 3 weeks ago. Where’s the extra love for people like us? 😛 Voucher codes! 😀


  • SilentHunter382

    I’ve read and seen these images 2 weeks ago. Old news major.


  • r3dreck

    Alan Wake was just ok (repetitive and kinda dull, story was good), it would be a better deal if it had both DLC in it as well… Forza 3, haha, score $5 sell back at GS.


  • SeNiLe911

    I think it’s a huge mistake for Microsoft and Sony to be selling consoles without the motion controller added. Every console sold from here on out should have it.

    Kinect (and Move) COULD fail because of this.

    More on this here:


  • Waffle Slayer

    I don’t understand why you guys are complaining.

    1.) Thousands of people follow this blog or follow Major Nelson on Twitter. They might not own an Xbox. Major Nelson does other things where people might enjoy him sans owning a 360.

    2.) Its a holiday bundle packed with 2 critically acclaimed games from Microsoft. Holiday bundles aren’t necessarily targeted towards people who already own a 360. Its for people buying 360s for other people and it comes with 2 critically acclaimed games for free. Since you follow this blog you should’ve known that MS was going to do a holiday bundle and shouldn’t have bought a 360 in late October. Common sense. That’s like the people buying old 360s the same day MS announced the new one. Who’s fault is it really?

    3.) As to this being old news. This is the official MS announcement. Not a rumor you read from Joystiq.

    Let Major do his thing and stop trolling.


  • AutomaticOcelot

    @Waffle Slayer: Stop making sense! 🙂


  • sho220

    I think this is a great deal. Both are games I want, I want a new Xbox and, the price isn’t any higher.


  • Veive257

    If it will play Halo Reach without multiple ejects, I’m in.


  • Anonymous

    I’m still waiting for the games on demand promised three weeks ago! i really want cabela’s big game hunter 2010!!!!


  • Major Nelson

    Right….many of you already have a console. I am posting this so you are informed when you are talking to friends/family who may be making a purchase.


  • The Grim Heaper

    How come Alan Wake isn’t a hard copy of the game, like Forza 3?


  • RavenousLou


    Sure, it’s also a good upgrade for people who have old 20 GB consoles that sound like jet engines when they spin discs. That’s why I got the S model even though my white one was working.

    Let me tell you, people, this thing is so quiet I can hear the external hard drive spinning that’s hooked up to it. It was totally worth it.


  • trickybuz93

    Wait Alan Wake’s a download?
    Does that mean it’s gonna be on Games on Demand soon because that game deserved to sell a lot more copies than it did!


  • Oatmeal25

    Microsoft probably wanted to include download tokens for both games but that’s a lot of data.

    Too bad there’s no cash for clunkers upgrade program. I’d love to replace the arcade console in my living room with one that doesn’t interfere with watching a movie since that’s the main reason I bought it.


  • krisxx

    Getting a new console, so glad I waited to get 2 free games. I rented Alan Wake and loved it and I never played Forza 3, so win win!


  • Quicksilver4648

    This is a nice bundle. I want the new Xbox to replace my older one but I am still waiting on a price drop. But, including two games is a good start. And Alan Wake needs all the attention it can get.



    I haven’t gotten one of the new Xbox’s yet nor do I have Forza 3. Other than Alan Wake, this is a good bundle. Really, how are you gonna pass up a 250gb Xbox with Kinect for 300.


  • DonP97

    Awwwwww mannnnnn!!!!!!!!!! Shouldve waited!!!!!!
    Bought a 3Sexy in week 1 and have been feeling chop blocked ever since!


  • efficaxor

    Thinking of getting this only because of the disc-free version of Alan Wake.

    As a bonus, the extra console and the extra copy of Forza 3 could be useful for future LAN-purposes!


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