Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack now available


You can now get four 12-month Gold memberships for less than the price of 2 with the Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack which is now available*

In addition to being a great deal on Gold, Family Pack members enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Family Center: an easy-to-use destination accessible on Dash and to manage your family’s memberships and online settings
  • Gift Microsoft Points Allowances: give an allowance of Microsoft Points to family members
  • Activity Reports: sign into to view reports on your family’s activity on Xbox LIVE
  • Family Pack Deal: enjoy discounts on family-friendly games and more

Swing by to see how Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack compares to Free Xbox LIVE memberships and Xbox LIVE Gold memberships. You can then upgrade your existing membership via the Account Management section of or the Xbox 360 dashboard.


* In US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand

Update: has just posted this FAQ


  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    To help some people out…I ran into the issue of multiple error codes (on the console and internet) and found the problem was that while I had been renewing with pre-paid cards, my account still had an expired credit card tied to it. Removing that card made everything work smoothly. Where is this info about the ms points and extra month? after signing up my points balance was the same, and my expiration date was 12 months from yesterday (extended a bit when I added my family’s Gold profiles).


  • Kinectamaniac

    Um…is there gonna be a write up on this weeks arcade releases?


  • aStrangeDisease

    CAPP3SIXTY already asked,
    When do we get the Family Pack in retail stores, Major?
    Kinect is released today and my account expires in 3 weeks.


  • Wulf684

    Yay! Now my whole family can enjoy the Family Pack.

    Oh …. wait….

    Nope, not available in my country. Thanks Microsoft!



    @KP ScuzzyBunny – I did have that problem. Although I was on prepaid cards, the “active” card on my account had expired (I lost it and had to have it replaced). So I went in and removed that one and added the new one in, but still no luck. I’ll try again later – maybe it takes a while for those types of changes to “take” …


  • Sneltje

    Nice but will it be available within the Netherlands as well?
    It’s nice that we see all those good idea’s comming from Xbox but unfortunatly I think they are not trying that hard enough in Europe. I know we have a lot off different countries here with different law’s etc. but still Apple get there stuff here what about Microsoft?

    So I hope this family pack will be released here as well.

    What is MS statement about this?


  • Anonymous

    It has now been oficialy almost 4 weeks(1 freaking month). Where are the games that were supposed to be there? 2 to 3 weeks ago? ever since you guys updated the site my website broken link finder thingy says the site has more than 30 broken links. WHEN will the madness end!?!?!?!?[u]


  • Bob Strogg USA

    Some words of caution about adding existing Gamertags (don’t do what I did): 🙂


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