Kinect Adventures Wallpaper



If you have playing Kinect Adventures, you may recognize the above art style and image. I was looking at it and thought it would make a nice wallpaper. I asked the Adventures team and they gave me this 1280 x 800 version to share with you. It makes a nice desktop wallpaper, but feel free to use it any way you’d like*


Update: A few of you asked for some Kinect related Wallpapers. Here ya go!


*Personal use only please


24 thoughts on “Kinect Adventures Wallpaper

  1. Seriously, who votes down free stuff? Major goes out of his way to do something nice and people still aren’t happy. I for one would like to say that this rocks… thanks Major!

  2. Misleading title is very misleading.

    I don’t see how this relates to Kinect Adven-

    >read the posting

    …well gee, that’s rather abstract, isn’t it? Could’ve just said “Xbox 360 Wallpaper” and I would’ve cared more. Nonetheless, I’m downloading it.

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