Join us at the opening of the Microsoft Store in Bellevue




This week, Microsoft will open it’s first Seattle area store at the Bellevue Square. As part of the opening week festivities, I’ll be there this Friday with the rest of the podcast crew to record this weeks show. If you are in the area, why not come join in on the action. In addition to a normal show, we’ll also take Q&A and have some prizes to hand out as well.


Here are the details:


Who/What: Join me, e, lollip0p and Stepto as we record the show in front of your very eyes and ears

In addition to being part of the studio audience, we’ll also have some prizes to give away and you’ll be one of the first to see the new Microsoft Store.


Friday, November 19th from 11a-12n.


The brand new Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square


See you this Friday



  • Blaz0

    Your people should fix it’s billing issues instead of this. My Live is now silver because I can’t upgrade.


  • ElektroDragon

    What kind of prizes? 🙂


  • Sausage Villan

    Well knowing microsoft they will offer all kindsa prizes then decided to charge for them instead of giving them away for free


  • SeNiLe911

    Major, will you and the rest of the podcast crew be at the South Coast Plaza Grand Opening?


  • Dark Morford

    Ah, crud. I’ve got a class during that hour, otherwise I’d definitely show up! I’ll have to go down there some day soon to play with all the cool stuff, though.


  • chiruno99

    It’s like a regualr store except everyone complains about the price of everything. ESPECIALLY the discounted and cheaper items.



    Sure didnt take long for the complainers and bums looking for a freebie to show up here


  • tTankdogg

    Better be careful now, Apple might sue claiming they own the patent/rights to have a store.


  • Hoffer

    I went to the new MS Store at the Mall of America last week. It is directly across from an Apple Store. Looks exactly like the Apple Store too.

    The cool thing was they had a Kinect setup in a store window. People walking by would stop to play the raft game from Adventures.

    I didn’t buy anything as anything it sold I could get cheaper elsewhere.



    This website is getting boring Major?
    What happened to top 10 games played over xbox live????every week


  • The Bill Payer

    It will never be able to take on the Apple Store.


  • Dead General X

    Does Microsoft really need it’s own store? I could just walk into Best Buy and get everything they have there, a little cheaper. Somehow I doubt Microsoft offers nearly the same level of high customer service Apple does, actually I haven’t found any company with the same awesome customer service I’ve had with Apple, and the reps at the stores, which is a big difference from owning an Apple Macbook versus any PC on the market with Windows.


  • One Crazy Idiot

    Too bad this wasn’t in my Bellevue- Bellevue, Nebraska:(


  • AriesDog

    After this, open one in King of Prussia.


  • x ShaggyDoG x

    Does this blog have anything to do with xbox? If not… Can you tell me if there is a McDonald’s opening near me???


  • JohnnyDethmatch

    @Blaz0 – You do understand the difference between business units in a company right? Microsoft store people are not the same people who do your billing for xbox…?

    @x ShaggyDoG x – This post has a lot to do with XBox, the Microsoft stores have Kinect setups and game consoles for you to test games. You can also get in-person help (sort of like Apple care or Genius Bar) for your console depending on how deep the issue is.

    I am surprised how many people don’t “get it”. lol

    You guys know Major works for Microsoft, right?


  • Anonymous

    double nag, double nag, double nag, double nag, double nag, double nag. WHERE ARE THE GAMES!?!??!?!?!?! Games on demand you said on OCT 19 cabelas big game hunter would be out. WHERE IS IT?


  • MetalBoxFan

    Ha ha just noticed that it says ‘Comments’ are (required) lol. Well I’m not gonna be there cause WA is a bit of a drive from ME. wish i was though sounds fun


  • DG Bruin 08

    Dang! I’m actually in Bellvue now staying accross the street from the new microsoft store. Too bad I leave tomorrow night. It would have been pretty awesome to see the show.


  • x ShaggyDoG x

    @ JohnnyDethmatch: I suppose that I do and I dont get it. Microsoft is a big big company and the Xbox is just at the tail-end of it. And the post has no mention of it except in the company way of terms. So you can maybe see the point I am saying in my sarcastic way. It is also strange(but its the way the world works) that if you leave a postive comment on here you are a fanboy and liable to get a slating, and if you go in the other direction well,…just the same really!! Oh well, either way forgive me the “meds” are kicking in


  • tehSleepyPanda

    Wish I could go but have to work. Sucks not living close enough to Bellevue to take my lunch break to go. 🙂



    meh, no point shoppong at MS store when Best Buy prob has better prices.


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