Show 378: The one we recorded at the grand opening of the Seattle area Microsoft Store

This show was recorded in front of a studio audience at the grand opening of the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, WA on November 19, 2010


Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)  
Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)  
Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)
Co-Host: Stepto (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)

Gadget talk and a few things more

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  • krisxx

    any chance you can start posting the games for windows deals?


  • Thief000

    What happened to your gamertag Major? It’s all Asian…


  • ushman360

    I will say Ducks are good when they play against a ranked team until then they are just average….sorry


  • Anonymous

    Major, what is that Assassin’s Creed HD game you have on your gamercard? Some sort of Arcade game maybe?


  • Anonymous

    Nevermind, I just found out its a windows phone game


  • QualityJeverage

    Just a quick note for Stepto, when he’s talking about AC Brotherhood near the beginning, he makes a little mistake. Your target in multiplayer is NEVER an AI character. The AI are just there for you to blend into, they’re never hunting you, and you never have to kill them.


  • SekondaHuet

    One of the least tinniest sounding podcasts ever and it’s done infront of a mall.


  • LawdaddyCO

    Everyone needs to hop on the windows live deal going on right now. Age of Empires 3 complete package for 10 cents! Insane Microsoft. I don’t know if this was a mistake…but you beat out steam for once!


  • e

    @ushman360 said “I will say Ducks are good when they play against a ranked team until then they are just average….sorry”

    We beat the #6 team in the country 52-31 – does that count?


  • Glenn ZA

    Thanks for the show in advance Major, E, Stepto and Laura. Always looking out for your shows and well done on the LIVE performance. Busy downloading now to have listen…

    Congratulations to Microsoft for their store opening. On my list to visit when I come on over to the US.


  • Number 01

    Major anyway you could suggest that they open a Microsoft Store in Los Angeles at The Grove or Beverly Center or Century City Mall would love to see one in Los Angeles.


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