Arcade: Unbound Saga


Unbound SagaContent: Unbound Saga
Price: 800 Microsoft Points

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Dash Text: Unlock the full version of Unbound Saga to enjoy all 10 issues of madcap brawling adventure! Guide Rick and Lori through dozens upon dozens of environments filled with realtime physics, destructible objects, fearsome foes, and wicked bosses. Unlock a huge variety of super-skills and power moves on your journey through the wild comic world of Toxopolis! Break off a weapon and RAGE OFF THE PAGE!



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  • Gonin

    Intrigued by this one, anybody played it yet?


  • a peeking duck

    Yeah, last year on the PSP. LMAO 😛


  • ToothlessFrog

    Bah, how about a little more variety and more than one game to choose from?


  • ABRipperXX

    Where are all the other december games? Raskulls, World of Kefling, Bonk: Brink of Extinction, Rush’N Attack Ex Patriot and so on…where are they all?


  • Exu

    Well we’ve got Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest next week. Hudson was reluctant to state a price, but it’s rumoured to be 800.
    On the other hand, it looks exactly the same as Bomberman LIVE, and that costs half as much.

    Also on the Keflings page on Facebook, they teased “Holidays are great. I will have to make sure something really cool happens on the next major holiday.” so make of that what you will.



    At first when I saw the title of this, I was hoping it might be another game in the Square Enix Saga series of RPGs. But then I saw what it actually was. 😦


  • chiruno99

    It’s Comic Jumper but co-op.


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