Monday Night Combat Free Game Add-on


Premium Theme - Monday Night CombatContent: Spunky Cola Special
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Spunky Cola Special DLC: The first DLC for Monday Night Combat that is completely free. Play Crossfire mode online in the new Spunky Cola Arena. Bring yourself and your closest friends into the new Super Sudden Death Blitz mode played in the amazing Suvivitol Arena. This DLC also features expanded private match options, updates to existing arenas, and many more features to make your Monday Night Combat gaming even better. Spunky Cola Special now with more arenas, more ProTags, more explosions, more awesome and churros!


Add the free Spunky Cola game add-on to your Xbox 360 download queue


You’ll need the full version of Monday Night Combat to use this content




  • Mcmax3000

    Between this and VIP Map Pack 7 for Bad Company 2, it’s a damn good day for free DLC.


  • Xlrking

    I like that they finally fixed some problems, but newer ones arise from this.


  • Shonk

    Uh oh… that shouldn’t have happened.

    Yet another family gold problem no doubt


  • chiruno99

    Can’t complain about free content. Quite a rare word associated with Microsoft. Free.


  • EveofLight

    Don’t have the game but still downloaded it 😛


  • a1984darkboy

    Got it this morning, its’ great, there’s so much more pitgirl now and the new loading screens are pretty awesome as well. Honestly, the fact that there’s more pitgirl makes me an incrediblt happy camper!


  • Ganon MS

    I bought the game, but the free addon is not available in Spain :(, and the link for checking the region in this post doesn’t work for me.


  • Mr Weazle

    Its nice to see the word Spunk is not considered rude anymore, it was when it was in my gamer tag


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